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  1. SR4 HMHVV stuff
  2. [Mutants & Masterminds 2e] New Character idea, asking for feedback and nemesis
  3. [nWoD] Promethean optimization?
  4. GURPS campaign idea
  5. Quick nWoD Question: Cities
  6. Animal friend
  7. SR4 Basilisk
  8. [H:tV] Need help with an antagonist (Players keep out).
  9. Mutants and Masterminds-A Puella Mage Campaign Journal (spoilers for the show)
  10. NWoD weapons.
  11. How Would You Run The Sixth Sense as a RPG scenario?
  12. General WoD Discussion #1: Assemble
  13. New York - Y U NO like me!? [V:TM]
  14. [SR/ED] Crossover Disciplines
  15. Good Sci-Fi RPG recommendation
  16. Naruto D20...Dealing with MAD...
  17. Anime system request
  18. Thesummoner's FE system.
  19. Dark Ages: Vampire/Vampire: The Dark Ages
  20. Fireborn RPG - Thoughts?
  21. Sr4 Force for Analyze device.
  22. Explain World of Darkness to Me
  23. Ease of transition [nWoD]
  24. Oh my god, I need help! [SerenityRPG]
  25. Haunted Memories
  26. Taltos in WoD
  27. [C:tL] Optimizing for the Hedge
  28. Werewolf Wild West
  29. Learning about Lone Wolf
  30. AD&D, Adventure log of Adrian, magic-user...
  31. [nWoD] Combat Marksmanship
  32. Sound Life: A Promethean Chronicle
  33. SW Saga: Jedi Marksman?
  34. One piece and Pokemon d20?
  35. Questions about Burning wheel
  36. LFM Maptools and Skype [Call of Cthulhu, Exalted and Serenity]
  37. Shadowrun 4e: Anthroforms?
  38. [DFRPG] Critique my character build
  39. Silly AD&D or Hackmaster Modules?
  40. [oWoD] The Highlander supplement
  41. Eureka, California (A nWoD log/notes)
  42. Exalted, question about dragon kings
  43. Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader Concept: Tau Spy
  44. [Exalted] An Infernal Devil-Tiger Reflects: An Apology to the Yozis
  45. Star Wars SAGA Optimization Tips
  46. Owlbear Question [ADnD]
  47. AD&D PC Lycans?
  48. Getting started on Call of Cthulhu
  49. Twilight 2000- Seeking a Clue
  50. Need help building an odd Jedi - Star Wars Saga Edition
  51. Solo Campaign
  52. [WoD]Changeling, the Lost
  53. Tips for a first time ST (nWoD)
  54. [WOD - Mage] Legacy that brings back the dead
  55. SWRPG Saga Bounty hunting
  56. [oWoD] Alternate Protean 2
  57. Legend of the Five Rings GMing advice
  58. Mind Control Help
  59. Fantasycraft - Reviews? Tips?
  60. Cortex system has a Marvel licence
  61. WoD: Immortality in Games
  62. The One Ring RPG (Cubicle 7)
  63. Shadowrun Game Ideas
  64. [GURPS] how to make mr. immortal in gurps
  65. Exploit [nWoD]
  66. GURPS 4th ed -- Ships of the Line
  67. [nWoD] Buffy the Vampire Slayer - can it be done?
  68. 7th Sea - rules questions
  69. Savage Worlds Pokemon move trappings
  70. Cortex vs Savage Worlds
  71. What do ya'll think of Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG?
  72. What Exalted Books Should I Get?
  73. [Deadlands CL Log] Pocket Jacks and a suicide King
  74. Why can't I enjoy it? [OWoD]
  75. Monte Cook's World of Darkness: Totally Broken Mages?
  76. Mutants and Masterminds Plot Help.
  77. Ranger Mage and familiars?
  78. Star Wars d20 Rebellion/Old Republic Era Adventure Help?
  79. Genius: The Transgression; emotional player (Rant, need advice)
  80. 1E AD&D Bard?
  81. Looking for CoC Character Advice
  82. Anybody know a good 1e AD&D Necromancer?
  83. NWoD Refluffed
  84. AD&D 1e, blending adventures. Advice?
  85. Nevermind
  86. Getting my group to play bunnies and burrows
  87. [CoC] Getting the investigators together at the start of the game.
  88. [SAGA] Move Object shenanigans
  89. [SWSE] Move Object Damage
  90. Cthulhutech: Tager power level too high?
  91. AD&D 2 - Best/Optimized Spells?
  92. Maps & Combat - Call of Cthulhu, Eclipse Phase, World of Darkness
  93. Battle maps - Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, Eclipse Phase, etc.
  94. [nWoD/H:tV] Chargen/combat-related questions
  95. [L5R] Campaign Ideas
  96. [oWoD] Quick question on Lupines...
  97. Requiem of San Francisco
  98. [Review] AA9 The Lost Pyramid of Imhotep
  99. [Shadowrun 3] Rigger and Pools (Control + Combat)
  100. Scion: How different is it from exalted?
  101. Help Designing a Dual-Kith Changeling (nWoD)
  102. Intro/How to play to AD&D 1e
  103. [OWOD] Hunter: The Reckoning. Replace Computer skill with something era appropriate
  104. Low-threat 2e monster stats?
  105. New to World of Darkness
  106. D&D 0 BECMI: Character Advice
  107. Tell me all about Rogue Trader
  108. Aberrant help
  109. Harnmaster: Sell me on it.
  110. DFRPG Questions
  111. Gurps!?
  112. [Exalted 2ed] Commited motes questions
  113. Need Tips to Stay Alive in Mage:Awakening
  114. nWoD Salubri?
  115. [Exalted] Solar Charms use
  116. V:tR - Dark Ages
  117. Optimizing Force Lightning? SWd20
  118. D20 Modern....Does anybody even play this anymore?
  119. Save or Die Poisons
  120. WtA: so, a player took True Love and Vampire Companion...
  121. [oWoD] Inbred Werewolves
  122. [oWoD] Diablerie problems.
  123. SW Saga Edition: Codru-Ji Jedi
  124. Starcraft 2-Rifts
  125. V:TR Spreading rumours about my character
  126. Grippli (D&D)
  127. [AD&D] Half-elf math
  128. nWoD: Changeling: others w Contracts
  129. RIFTS Cybernetics conundrum.
  130. Cuthulluech help
  131. Dark Heresy Universe Introduction Questions....
  132. [Mutants and masterminds 2e] In want of advice on my first character
  133. So...Dragon Age. Anyone Played it?
  134. SR4 - Bear Shaman Advantage
  135. Help me exploit one of my PC's weaknesses...
  136. Double Stagger [2e M&M]
  137. Is it broken?
  138. Brand-new Exalted Storyteller needs help!
  139. Burning Wheel detective one shot
  140. [Classic World of Darkness] Mage becoming Vampire
  141. SR4 Technomancers, Drones and Sprites
  142. Who's Scarier? [nWoD]
  143. (Rules Cyclopedia) Warforged Class
  144. Cat
  145. An intro to nWoD
  146. Vampire: Next Ed?
  147. Title Pending-A CuthulhuTech Journal
  148. [oWoD] Ghoulish Ignorance
  149. [oWoD] Hedge Magic
  150. The Riddle of Steel
  151. Gun beats Sword beats Magic
  152. [DFRPG] Faris al-Farik, Scion of Vlad Drakul
  153. Supah Creepah CoC Module?
  154. [WH40kRPG]Tech-Priest or Psyker?
  155. Good systems for sky piracy
  156. V:tR [Dark Ages] BBEG
  157. DOOM Runner (DOOM/Shadowrun hybrid)
  158. Mutants and Masterminds 3E character
  159. Maus Guard
  160. Rifts, new player
  161. Star Wars Saga Ed: Question on XP
  162. Need suggestions for unnerving an undead magician [DL Classic]
  163. V:tR-how to run
  164. SR4 Hacking
  165. Looking for advice for running WoD as a medieval fantasy
  166. (GURPS 4E) The Doctor is In! Space.
  167. Please delete
  168. {Dresden Files RPG} Help with Character?
  169. Burning Wheel
  170. Please delete. Double post.
  171. [Seeking advice] Running Continuum RPG as PbP?
  172. General Shadowrun Discussion: Welcome to the Shadows.
  173. I think I am slightly insane...considering a Paranoia LARP
  174. Top Secret
  175. Cosmic Patrol - Anyone try it?
  176. [Saga] Ship design question
  177. [Saga] My GM Is In Trouble
  178. Rules-heavy Collaborative Storytelling?
  179. [Exalted] Making "Malfeas x She Who Lives in Her Name" A Plot Point
  180. AD&D 2nd Edition Question
  181. Exalted General Exalted Discussion Thread VII: Playground Eternal Essence
  182. How Do People Feel About Action-Point Based Systems: Do They Convert Well to P&P
  183. [nWoD] Blink and You're Dead...My Poor Players...
  184. War...War Never Changes...(Looking for a Fallout RPG)
  185. Wushu + Mystery Men = ???
  186. SW Saga: Ship repair question
  187. [Saga] Profits of the force
  188. I seem to have made a dual thread by accident. Please Delete.
  189. [D20 Modern] Coup de Grace Question
  190. [M&M.2e]: Getting more attacks.
  191. [nWoD] So I'm running a Cross Campaign...
  192. [wod] redundant attributes
  193. Advice for Aberrant
  194. [DCA/M&M3e] Help a newbie.
  195. Dark Heresy: Armor Penetration
  196. Burning Wheel Houserules?
  197. [NWoD] Changeling Without True Fae...But Still With Keepers
  198. Shadowrun Games?
  199. Alternate AD&D2E classes
  200. [NWoD] Playing an Ex-Military Chicago Poilice Changeling
  201. Bleach d20 Optimisation
  202. [2e]: Githyanki with Skills & Powers?
  203. Dark heresy: Insanity and Experience
  204. Advice on DMing New World of Darkness
  205. [Star Wars: SAGA Edition] Creating credible threats to Jedi
  206. Dark Heresy: Tau and Gue'la
  207. Star Wars Saga Jet Packs
  208. Rogue Trader Character Creation Question
  209. Shadowrun (4e) Vampire
  210. [IronClaw] Reviews?
  211. [2e] Wizard Help
  212. Darker Dungeons is Released!
  213. [Exalted, Malfeas Charm] By Flames Remade
  214. [Cortex] Running Bleach with the Cortex system
  215. [Mouse Guard] Analyzing my first session
  216. Mutants and Masterminds: which edition?
  217. Mage (oWoD): Canon UK Setting Info?
  218. [Hell on Earth] [Deadlands] Making the transition
  219. AFMBE: Scenario ideas
  220. Joining the 1%...How to get really rich without being wis-based in D20 Modern?
  221. Help with Psy in Dark Heresy
  222. White Wolf Help
  223. Touch spells in Baldurs Gate DnD
  224. Help designing M&M Power for 2E
  225. Shadowrun 4e Most Un-Elf Elf Ever!
  226. [SW saga] need some help (heavy weapons/autofire stuff mostly)
  227. [DFRPG] Help with character Aspects
  228. 7th Sea Optimization
  229. [oWoD/Mage] Killing Werewolves as a Mage.
  230. AD&D 2e: Minionmaster Necromancer Wizard...is it possible?
  231. Dark Heresy: Inteligence Bonus and Unnatural Intelligence
  232. AD&D 2e Wizard spellcasting question.
  233. All flesh must be eaten
  234. [M&M 3e] Help with a powerhouse build?
  235. Dungeons: The Dragoning Book 2 is out!
  236. How balanced was ye olde dnde?
  237. [SWSE]EWP for 100 credits?
  238. Looking for a wild west system.
  239. Looking for crunchy rules heavy "realistic" game system
  240. Evening out the "tiers" in Dark Heresy
  241. [Capes] Has anybody experience with it?
  242. Looking for advice on developing an unique Quarian backstroy,
  243. Exploiting SR4s Counterspelling
  244. This may break reality
  245. (oWoD) Running a Vampire game
  246. [nWoD] Making A Great Supernatural Conspiracy...That Is Also Complete Hogwash
  247. [Star Wars Saga Ed.] Mirialan species traits
  248. Type X demons
  249. DND without Divines
  250. Dnd Converted To Spacemaster