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  1. AD&D: 1st and 2nd Edition
  2. Yuyake Koyake is getting a translation!
  3. [Witchcraft, or other unisystem] Magic sys?
  4. L5R - How to deal with this?
  5. Help with Exalted? (pretty please)
  6. Ideas of World of Darkness/Vampire/Mage?
  7. Program to play Shadowrun online?
  8. 2E Fourth Level Spell Help Needed
  9. Dark Heresy: Side-Missions
  10. Looking for a 2.5E D&D type system
  11. Oh those nasty Kobolds! (2E AD&D)
  12. L5R Question
  13. Rogue Trader? Dark Heresy?
  14. 2e Intelligent Weapon Design! Help!
  15. [Star Wars: Saga Edition] Punch Vader
  16. [Star Wars: Saga] Optimized Jedi
  17. [Star Wars Saga] What's up with ion damage?
  18. What would you assume from a system that did this?
  19. Star Wars Revised
  20. Star Wars Saga - Making a Face?
  21. [oWoD - V:TM] Question about Humanity, Killing, and Siring.
  22. Silver Age Sentinels Vs. Mutants & Masterminds?
  23. Some issues regarding Castles and Crusades - help!
  24. L5R 4e Shugenja Spells
  25. Shadowrun 4E - Need Build Critique for Mystic Adept
  26. [oWoD] Making Mages, Werewolves and Ghosts More Compelling
  27. Pokemon... with zombies.
  28. Shadowrun 4th Healing Question
  29. [Star Wars: Saga] Sniper
  30. [AD&D 1/2e]: Dragon Article Help ("Teleport Mishaps"?)
  31. [OWoD Vampire] Character help
  32. Need help explaining the wounds system of Lot5r
  33. You Wake Up With Powers... Now What? [M&M 3e]
  34. Ok, What is My Problem? [Exalted]
  35. [Star-wars Saga] How would my character fare?
  36. Needing help with creating a W40k Tech-Priest in M&M
  37. Shadowrun 4E: best measures for countering mind control?
  38. Mutants and Masterminds Power list
  39. AD&D 1st ed: Why on earth did anyone play an illusionist?
  40. Exalted General Exalted Discussion Thread VIII: Ten Thousand Playgrounders Post As One!
  41. Fragarach
  42. Star Wars roleplaying
  43. Star Wars Saga: Snowtrooper armor?
  44. monsters and polymorph 1/2e
  45. Dark Heresy: Malal
  46. (OWoD V:tM) Achieving Elysium Status
  47. New Mutants & Masterminds SRD Site
  48. Paranoia - how do I make my player's lives more complicated?
  49. New to PTTA: Still have good ideas (But mostly new)
  50. Rogue Trader Queries
  51. WoD: Vampires -The Dark Ages. How many dots does the average human have?
  52. Changeling: The Lost character help
  53. Scroll of the Monk: A quick question
  54. SW Saga Questions
  55. So I'm running a Scion: Hero game over break set in the Wild West
  56. Shadowrun 4th question
  57. (M&M3e/DCA) Transformers
  58. (M&M3e/DCA) Transformers
  59. Can you guys help me with a Pathfinder build???
  60. What do you think of this scenario?
  61. Tell me about Anima and Anima Tactics please!
  62. So, I'm gonna play Shadowrun
  63. Warhammer Fantasy: What do I need to know?
  64. Trouble with a DM
  65. V:tM vs. V:tR
  66. fun with dementation!
  67. SW Saga: Force Grip
  68. Legacy of the Dragons [Exalted campaign journal]
  69. Scion Fatebinding Question
  70. M&M 3rd or 2nd ed?
  71. Mystery of the Crim Dell-HERO System One Shot
  72. L5R 4th ed: strange things are afoot at Daidoji Castle
  73. WoD Vampire Vitae
  74. VtR:Making a Social Engineering Vampire.
  75. affect normal fires
  76. Problem player
  77. New System to Liven Up a Dying Group with a Steampunk Flavor
  78. Vampire issues
  79. Kakaroto in M&M3
  80. Battletech: advice for a potential player/gamemaster.
  81. D20 Modern / Future
  82. [AP] DFRPG - Manhattan
  83. In a Wicked Age
  84. Changeling: The Lost Campaign Help <NWoD>
  85. [SR] December 21st, 2011
  86. Elder Scrolls PnP?
  87. T'was the Night Before One Day
  88. AD&D Recruitment Problems
  89. Mutants and Masterminds 3e Campaign: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
  90. [Exalted] How Would You Write Infernals Chapter One?
  91. Serenity: We "acquired" a police car. What should we find inside?
  92. Spell Preparation in GURPS?
  93. One more player for Dark Heresy campaign.
  94. Recently Awakened to Mage
  95. Scion - Fight With Your Head
  96. Serenity: looking for inspiration
  97. Looking 4 help maximizing a pathfinder build
  98. [SR] Sleep Madness and Simsense
  99. [SR] Rickrolling
  100. Why no love for Trinity?
  101. [nWoD] Vampire Melee Optimization?
  102. A New Synnibarr is coming soon!
  103. I Think I'm a Burning Head (Burning Wheel Gold)
  104. [NWoD] Breaking Bad Roleplaying Habits in Changeling: The Lost
  105. nWoD Werewolf advice
  106. Deckplan creation guidelines [Mongoose Traveller]
  107. Sidewinder: Recoiled, anyone tried it?
  108. Star Wars Revised: Troublesome PC's
  109. AD&D: How long did it take to regain spells?
  110. Let's talk Heresy, of the Dark variety
  111. Mage:Ascencion help
  112. OD&D/AD&D: Fun/Iconic, Short, Published Adventures
  113. That time when ...
  114. Murderous Ghosts
  115. The One Ring (Tolkien, The Hobbit & LOTR RPG)
  116. Matrix-based game?
  117. Playtesters Needed!
  118. Advice for someone new to ADnD
  119. Dark Heresy: Semi-auto and scatter
  120. [Mage: The Awakening] Artifacts vs Other stuff
  121. Mouseguard: What should a newb know?
  122. Radiation in Vampire : The Masquerade
  123. [SR4ed] What to make to fill in a good party?
  124. New to Vampire: The Masquerade
  125. Paranoia: Ultraviolets only! Have a few very secret questions
  126. Anyone ever tried Warrior, Rogue, and Mage?
  127. Scion - Hero, story help needed.
  128. [Arcana Evolved] Winter Witch
  129. Math and nWoD
  130. Building a ST PC {Changeling: The Lost}
  131. Hey, Is There a Tier System for d20 Modern?
  132. [Mage: The Awakening] Wizards Kidnapped My Daughter!
  133. Easy to learn rpgs?
  134. Earthdawn build help :)
  135. Castles & Crusades: Whats the deal with it?
  136. mutants and masterminds 2e qestion
  137. oMage Rules Questions
  138. [FATE 3.0/DFRPG] Warlords of Alexander
  139. [DFRPG] 101 Plot hooks!
  140. AD&D Total noob
  141. Warforged in Hackmaster (Among other races)
  142. Deadlands: Hell on Earth augmentations
  143. Shadowrun questions
  144. Call of Cthulhu Campaigns
  145. BESM 3rd Ed computer questions
  146. Hellboy: The RPG [GURPs]
  147. Soooo.... some lucky rolls in Osric.
  148. [Exalted] Infernal Idea: Radiolari Borg King
  149. Help with Vampire: The Requiem Concept- Vampire Priest???
  150. Help with a Problem (VtR, Dark Ages)
  151. [Scion] Soak, how to calculate; two options
  152. [Advice] Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Weird Fantasy Roleplaying
  153. [Exalted] What would you do?
  154. [SWSE] Getting the PCs to get off the ship
  155. [SR4E] Boosting Intuition?
  156. 2nd Edition AD&D Fifth level spell help needed
  157. Hit Points - Why were they designed to be incoherent?
  158. A question about how to convert a campaign
  159. Building a Chatelaine in changeling the Lost
  160. Stuck with Vampire: The Masquerade
  161. Help me understand Nobilis 3rd edition
  162. SWSE: Lightsaber with two crystals?
  163. Steampulp
  164. [GURPS] blind archer help.
  165. Aberrant converted to Savage Worlds
  166. Getting started with Exalted
  167. Any King Arthur RPGs Out There?
  168. Legend of the five rings?
  169. Mistborn RPG has anyone tried it?
  170. 2nd Try Mistborn RPG has anyone tried it?
  171. NWoD: Immortal Southern Gentleman
  172. [Freestar Games] The Starfarer's Kit returns
  173. [Freestar Games] The Starfarer's Kit returns
  174. Fleshing out an Eclipse Phase scenario[Grant and Tony stay out!]
  175. [SR4]A few questions
  176. Random Rifts Thought
  177. 2nd Ed priest Spells.
  178. Changeling the Lost trouble
  179. The Mouth Of The Void, An Exalted Campaign (with history!)
  180. Paranoia: Giving Players enough rope
  181. Help with a tricky jellyfish race [GURPS 4]
  182. Dark heresy: Righteous Fury and Multiple Tens
  183. X-Com?
  184. please delete
  185. Exalted General Exalted Discussion Thread IX: Errata is Combo-Ok!
  186. Questions about 1st Edition AD&D
  187. In which I read to you The Burning Wheel
  188. [nWoD] - Help me!
  189. [SWSE] Star Wars 'Monk'
  190. please delete
  191. GM advice for Rifts, and other general questions
  192. Roleplaying a Courtier when you aren't one (L5R)
  193. Dresden Files Larp
  194. The Lord of the Rings RPG by Decipher
  195. [HMB} If He'd Failed the Trauma Check, He May Have Lived
  196. Burning Wheel - initial impressions
  197. Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG?
  198. [M&M 2e] Running encounters with many Heroes
  199. (AD&D 1e/OSRIC) Good starter modules?
  200. Star Wars Saga Edition: KOTOR cover art?
  201. A little help?
  202. [Exalted] Artifact 5
  203. Anyone Familiar with Earthdawn 2nd Edition?
  204. FR: What's so great about the Grey Box?
  205. [exalted][rant] i don't "get" abyssal games
  206. L5R First Edition Shugenja questions
  207. Recommend me a system for a campaign!
  208. Star Gate RPG?
  209. Any racing themed RPGs?
  210. mortal to werewolf
  211. Suitable system for Battle Royale?
  212. [nWoD] 1001 Rejected Changeling Concepts
  213. Labyrinth Lord
  214. Shugenja Courtier? (L5R 4E)
  215. New World of Darkness Question
  216. Dragon Age Character
  217. Ironclaw Probabilities
  218. 7th Sea Glamour Question
  219. SWSE: Kinetic Combat Force power
  220. Zodiac Final Fantasy RPG
  221. Cortex-Other Supporters?
  222. Gurps 4th >>>> D&D (3.5ish)
  223. SWSE: Force Slam vs. AT-ST
  224. Curious about all things Deadlands
  225. [Exalted, Modern] Life Aboard An Infernal-Ruled Space Station
  226. oWoD Middle Ages NPCs
  227. DM Help: Destructive Characters [Rifts]
  228. [SWSE] Gm questions
  229. Nobilis, or how blankets will kill you in your sleep
  230. Star Wars Revised Edition Combat Question
  231. X-Com RPG?
  232. So, Dungeon World.
  233. Star Thugs
  234. [oWoD] Merging Worlds
  235. [nWOD] Campaign advice
  236. Echo Base [SAGA]
  237. Where do I start creating a character? Vampire the Masquerade
  238. Exalted Adventure idea, Sidereal Illuminatis
  239. First time Scion player tips?
  240. All Flesh Must Be Eaten? Do tell!
  241. Temple of Elemental Evil Nostalgia
  242. [1e AD&D]Is there any way to beat the level cap?
  243. To Rokugan! (L5R 4th Edition)
  244. [SWSE Optimization Help]Light-Whip User!
  245. Dragon Age RPG
  246. (OWoD) a combined discipline I cannot find... Not sure if Hombrewed or not
  247. Does Sigil have sewers? (Planescape)
  248. NWoD Question for STs
  249. Aspect, Healing Question
  250. DMing Pokemon Tabletop Adventures...for a party of one?