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  1. SWSE: Picking Destinies
  2. [SW:SE] How to counter the counter?
  3. [nWoD] First-Time GM - What to Do?
  4. [L5R 4E] Shugenja help
  5. First time nWoD player
  6. So who is getting the 1st ed AD&D books in July?
  7. Pokémon Tabletop Adventures Question!
  8. Shadowrun? What edition? What books?
  9. Star Wars d20 Vulture Droid Stats
  10. Scion: Combat tweaking
  11. Which Retro Clone?
  12. [1st ed AD&D] So, how does weapon to hit bonus by amour type work?
  13. 2e Animate Dead Ambiguity...
  14. [Moldvay Old-School Play] Mappers and Callers
  15. Rogue Trader?
  16. (NWoD) Variant Firearms rule
  17. The Veil?
  18. Legend of the Five Rings 4th: ? on Stances
  19. A running review of L5R 4E
  20. Gaming in the wastes of Barsoom
  21. FRCS AD&D 2E Map Font
  22. Mage: The Ascension Help
  23. Exalted: Eclipse Caste Help
  24. 2nd Edition ADND - Items to boost dex
  25. Dark Heresy: Evicerator
  26. NWOD/Mage: Help me design a Thyrsus rote!
  27. Green Lantern, but not quite. *M&M 3rd edition.*
  28. [SR] Possession in non-Possession Traditions
  29. Deadlands [classic] Fannin'
  30. Character builds by order(PF, SWSE,SR 4E)
  31. Exalted General Exalted Discussion Thread X: Playground Cosmic Principle
  32. Building a sin-eater!
  33. A few Shadowrun questions-
  34. [1ed] So I just pre-ordered the rerelase of the 1ed AD&D core books...
  35. [SR4] Mystic Adept Improved Ability
  36. Help with Setting! It will be appreciated!
  37. Against the grain
  38. Metro 2033 RPG system recommendations
  39. GURPS Gun combat streamlining/balancing
  40. Exalted Webcomic?
  41. [TRoS] What do I need to solve The Riddle of Steel?
  42. DH: Between Full Flak and Carapace
  43. AD&D 1e Cleric/Magic-User question
  44. [Exalted] Dragon-Blooded (wood) - anything I should know?
  45. [1ed] Wow, I wasn't even close!
  46. [deadlands revised] Where terror meets humor.
  47. Action-Horror/Urban Fantasy [NWoD/Others]
  48. going to play in a Deathwatch game...
  49. Dang You Original Shadowrun!!!!!!
  50. [SR3] SINful Living
  51. I want AD&D 2nd Edition with cleaned up math
  52. OD&D books - pricecheck
  53. So if you were a superpower what creative powers would you have?
  54. Deadlands HoE: Whatever Happened to Throckmorton?
  55. Making a new WoD character sheet (Oblivion, Now Complete)
  56. Psuedo-Star Wars GURPS campaign
  57. My Review of Mouseguard RPG
  58. Roleplaying amnesia?
  59. "Favorite" Bad Advice from the 2E DMG?
  60. Iron Heroes hype
  61. [SR3] A GM's Error Log
  62. Warhammer 40,000 Supercampaign
  63. [nWoD] - Sooooo who wants to build me a viking?
  64. [AD&D] Stances? Maneuvers?
  65. An attempt at a game log (Exalted)
  66. [L5R 4E] Just how good is the meishodo shugenja?
  67. Heroes Unlimited Beginner/Stage Magician Tips
  68. [D20 Modern] Do non-proficiency penalties stack?
  69. [Multiple systems] I need horrific alien beasties.
  70. My Review of GURPS
  71. The Various Lovecraft Roleplaying Games: a Comparison
  72. Dragonlance (War of the Lance)
  73. Mutants and masterminds 3e
  74. WoD - Vampire: Koldunic Sorcery Fix
  75. Fatescape! FATE meets D&D
  76. Gantz RPG?
  77. 2e Tomb of Horrors
  78. How might one play BW PbP?
  79. How might one play BW PbP?
  80. Stars Without Number
  81. [MERP] Winter in the Shire, T.A. 1640
  82. Help with 4e L5R Character
  83. A robot, an octopus, and a thought walk into a bar...[Eclipse Phase]
  84. Freelancer FATE system
  85. Deadlands Questions, Again.
  86. [Exalted] Is my character to strong for my group
  87. [Dark Heresy/Black Crusade] Prototype, 40k-style
  88. 3e L5R Character Help
  89. [Star Wars d20] I need help creating an Ewok
  90. OSRIC Question, 400 Goblins!?
  91. NWOD Mage the Awakening Merits help
  92. Want to try to get into 2e
  93. [DH] Unique "Blessed Tattoo" ideas?
  94. Can someone explain this to me?
  95. [BX/Lab Lord] Catching a Will o Wisp with Web
  96. Blackmoor 3.5 vs. Blackmoor-the differences if they exist?
  97. SW Saga mixed party: how to handle it
  98. Shadowrun 3e Questions
  99. [Everway] A Planescape Campaign
  100. [SW Saga] Rodian Soldier optimization
  101. [Rogue Trader] Navigator Optimization
  102. [SW Saga] Equipment Customization Questions
  103. [SW SAGA] Anti-Jedi build thread
  104. nWoD Hunter: SCP Foundation
  105. Mage: the Awakening Encounters
  106. [WFRPG 2nd] Creation Questions
  107. Shadowrun 4: A Load of Questions
  108. [nWoD Genius/Hunter] Stealing from Task Force: VALKYRIE
  109. A Query regarding M&M 3e/DC Adventures Campaign Idea
  110. NWOD: Any advice for Spirit Mage
  111. [Black Crusade] Summer Campaign - critique and advise please!
  112. [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] Pretty cool.
  113. How to play Genius the Transgression?
  114. D20 Future
  115. RPG Review Sites
  116. Getting into nWOD, does it matter where?
  117. [Exalted] My first/greatest limitbreak
  118. Don't Rest Your Head
  119. Deadlands Classic Question
  120. SR4 Bow question
  121. Desperate to play a Wild West RPG...
  122. Favorite Dungeon Magazine Adventures
  123. SAGA Jedi Class question
  124. Traveller 2300AD
  125. nwod buildign scar from fma
  126. old runequest secnario wanted
  127. [Star Wars SAGA] Need Help for Five Builds
  128. Question about the various headquarters merits in the nWoD...
  129. [V:TM] Playing a Giovanni.
  130. [Exalted+] Outcastes of the East
  131. M&M 2nd edition: Alternate Powers and Power Feats
  132. [Exalted+] Talk to me of running a God-Blooded game
  133. AD&D 2E sixth level spell help needed
  134. Forsooth! the Shakesperean RPG is now available!
  135. 7th Sea Toughness & Large
  136. so... I read some shadowrun novels and..
  137. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: 2nd or 3rd edition?
  138. nWoD Dream/Oneiros
  139. Shadowrun 4e vehicles: bus fort
  140. Graceful Nobilis Discussion Thread
  141. [Savage Worlds] Real World Disease Related Hinderance
  142. If you could generate a character for a Prometheus-like game?
  143. A new GURPS app for Android
  144. Scion Character Aid Request
  145. Shadowrun 4th ed. Questions
  146. M&M 2nd edition: Need a Leigon
  147. nWoD Vampire with oWoD Clans
  148. Magical Weapons and Monsters
  149. Shadowrun 4E Chemistry skill question
  150. Is there an OGL skill-based system out there?
  151. [nWoD] Blood Tenebrous - What can I do with it?
  152. Duplicate thread - Please delete...
  153. [Rogue Trader] Balancing Psykers
  154. Paranoia for the first time
  155. Preparing for new Genius: The Transgression chronicle, need rules help
  156. Mongoose Traveller Mass Effect
  157. Anima: Beyond Fantasy
  158. Looking for ADEva tips
  159. Playing hybrid D&D - hoping for help or advice
  160. Curious...
  161. Can someone explain sidereals to me please?
  162. Vampire the Masquerade "20th Anniversary" edition" Question
  163. Please delete
  164. Valley of Eternity
  165. M&M 2nd edition: Made of Energy
  166. M&M 3e/Icons/Silver Age Sentinels, etc.. Your Avengers team
  167. Shadows of Esteren
  168. DC Adventures/M&M 3e
  169. Marvel Heroic RPG: Civil War
  170. Map revealing program
  171. Stupid 1E D&D question
  172. Birthright/Sigil question
  173. Eclipse Phase "Hard Sci-Fi" Question
  174. Men in Black RPG - Pretty simple and Easy
  175. AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet?
  176. A 2nd ed Fire wall use.
  177. Star Wars Saga - Scoundrel Equipment/ Ship Advice?
  178. So I went to a thrift store yesterday..
  179. Uh...whoops.
  180. GURPS vs FATE or FUDGE
  181. [2E] Destroy Water on Acid
  182. 2e Question: Loot for characters starting beyond level 1
  183. HELP - Mutants and Masterminds Hero
  184. Gestalt Characters for D20 Modern/Besm Supers
  185. Mutants and Masterminds 3e Regeneration issu
  186. White Wolf?
  187. GMing my first Shadowrun 4e campaign....help!
  188. [Saga]Did Pit Droids get published?
  189. New to Exalted
  190. nWoD Fighting Styles
  191. Flaw like trade offs in 2nd edition?
  192. Many Mechanized Devices
  193. Star Wars (Saga Edition) - durable Protocol Droid
  194. Historical tactical combat module... for FATE
  195. Running an unfamiliar system--help!
  196. Six Sided DnD?
  197. Mutants and Masterminds 3e Attack vs Damage
  198. Good systems for Rocketship Empires 1936
  199. TSR's Marvel Super Heroes
  200. [VtM]Help a newbie
  201. A walk in the sun. (Vampire: Requiem)
  202. If you could build your own Justice League from both Dc & Marvel who would you pick?
  203. Story help for Changeling: the Lost
  204. General WoD Discussion #2: Its time to Celebrate!
  205. [Exalted] Heresy: I prefer Creation without Solaroids (or Alchemicals)
  206. Exalted General Exalted Discussion Thread XI: Great Job, You Broke the Scale.
  207. Restoration-energy Drain
  208. SWSE MUSH seeking volunteers
  209. [VTM-V20 skype game] Wants new players
  210. M&M 3e Vehicles Question
  211. [Exalted] Third Edition announced
  212. SR3: Using Nightingale Security as Villains?
  213. Star Wars Saga - Starship Design Help (Rogue Shadow)
  214. Older D&D systems questions.
  215. Pokethulhu
  216. [Deathwatch] Building a wolf scout
  217. [EXALTED] Help an Eclipse pick up some Sidereal charms!
  218. SWSE: Rival Squadron
  219. Help making a Shadowrun character
  220. I don't like Exalted
  221. Ars Magica
  222. [NWoD] Changelings in Disney World
  223. [Dungeon World] - Reviews & Opinions
  224. Palladium character generator
  225. EXALTED: Please help me make a Night Caste as Min Maxxed as possible. Details Inside.
  226. AD&D - Triple-Class Fluff Question.
  227. D&D Reprints or Lamentations of the Flame Princess?
  228. Where's my GURPS? [GURPS Thread]
  229. Shadowrun
  230. Monte Cook's new game
  231. cWoD Merits & Flaws
  232. The games of D. Vincent Baker discussion
  233. Dragon Age RPG: Contacts Talent
  234. Planescape Game Idea I Had
  235. Looking for a buy point system
  236. Hackmaster Basic is now Free!
  237. Thoughtless Choice in RPGs: First Session
  238. [Dark Heresy] Help me build a more lighthearted world!
  239. Scion help.
  240. Warrior, Rogue and Mage?
  241. What do you think about the dresden Files rpg?
  242. Paranoia: Debriefing Questions
  243. New to GURPS
  244. Houserules [2e]
  245. Exalted First Time
  246. Valley of Eternity: A Game About Heroes, Outcasts and Penguins
  247. Ikrpg
  248. New to AD&D, where to look?
  249. Codex Alera - How the heck do I do this?
  250. Edge of the Empire: What are your thoughts on this?