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  1. Star Wars Saga: House rule question? (Multiclassing option)
  2. Help me out with a super hero system.
  3. [Exalted] Premises/scenarios for a short God-Blooded game
  4. how good or bad is mage the awakening?
  5. Cool nWoD campaigns
  6. Twilght Caste!
  7. Song of Ice and Fire RPG
  8. Don't Rest Your Head newbie advice thread
  9. [Starship Troopers] Command Points
  10. 40k RT (DH) A Tech Priest character
  11. Black Crusade, dealing with corruption
  12. Saga Edition: Improviser prestige class, Excellent Kit talent
  13. Dread: Sorority Massacre
  14. Please explain THAC0 for me.
  15. M&M 2nd edition question
  16. Saga Edition: B'Omarr monks?
  17. Runequest 6th Edition
  18. Supplement V: Carcosa
  19. A War in L5R
  20. L5r 1st ed question
  21. L5r 1st ed question
  22. Help with an L5R character [L5R 4th ed]
  23. Calibas
  24. Materials I should use for a d20 Delta Greenish/Cthululike/Nightbaney sort of thing?
  25. Looking for Star Wars RPG system
  26. Bunnies and Barrows optimization
  27. In the year 40000, there is a newb
  28. Awesome GURPs Campaigns
  29. Etherscope plot advice? :S
  30. Crossovers in the OWoD
  31. [Dresden Files] Our World
  32. Warhammer 40k RPGs General (Warhammer Fantasy RPG can come too)
  33. Help me build a Lunar!
  34. [SR4] Classic Optimization Builds
  35. Iron Kingdoms 2d6
  36. [SW Saga Edition] Character build assistance, please
  37. DC Adventures Hero's Handbook
  38. Good AD&D 1st Ed. Module
  39. Monte Cook's Numenera
  40. DCA M&M3e: How would you deal with Earth#2?
  41. Making tabletop RPGs easier and quicker to play...
  42. Need Help Making Him Unique
  43. [SW: Saga] Help me build a Droid Commander
  44. Part-Time Gods: Any players here?
  45. [SW:SAGA] Dueling Pest Jedi
  46. GURPS: group hated my sci-fi idea switched it to fantasy
  47. Call of Cthulhu Fantasy.
  48. JAGS Wonderland: Just Wonderland
  49. 7th Sea help
  50. Dragon Age RPG Campaign Log
  51. [SW SAGA] Jedi Duelist for Actual Game Help
  52. Martial Arts Fighting Styles and Armor
  53. So I'm new to M&M. . . .
  54. Lo5R, 4E, Ronin
  55. D20 Modern
  56. I need a little help with my L5R character
  57. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta (FFG)
  58. AD&D2, Leomund's tiny hut
  59. Rookie GM starting Shadowrun: oneshots and other advice, please
  60. Shadowrun Elf
  61. Shadowrun Combat Magician
  62. [13th Age] New game/Kickstarter - like D&D4e-lite
  63. I want to join a M&M Campaign.
  64. [VtM OWOD] Tell me about your evil plans...
  65. Savage Worlds Mass Effect
  66. [PTTA] How to make a character with high int and high cha not suck?
  67. Simple sci-fi system?
  68. [SW:SAGA] mounted character help.
  69. VtM: Surviving as a Prince
  70. [Exalted] What makes it "bronze age fantasy"?
  71. L5R - 3rd vs 4th
  72. Changeling: The Lost Questions
  73. [oWod Dark Ages Mage] Character building help
  74. Running Straight Paranoia: How do?
  75. The One Ring
  76. [SW:Saga] Running First game in ages
  77. 2nd edition AD&D: Question about spells with multiple schools
  78. [SW: Saga] Melee Noble build, need help
  79. Simple mass combat system?
  80. [Exalted] Disco Panther??
  81. I Need Help With Marvel Heroic Character Creation
  82. Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beta: Character Creation Query
  83. Thinking of running a Legend game soon.
  84. Kickstarter for ComputerRPG using new mechanics [Project Eternity]
  85. [SW: Saga] Character help
  86. Savage Worlds one shot
  87. AFMBE ideas
  88. Witch: Road to Lindisfarne
  89. Starting a Shadowrun campaign
  90. Double Post, Please Delete
  91. [SAGA] The Red Knights [PEACH]
  92. [1e/2e] Initiative, ho!
  93. Warhammer 40k 'Fallen Angel' Space Marine character
  94. Exalted General Exalted Discussion XII: One More and Get a Free Deathlord
  95. Exalts and Excellencies-- playing Exalted using Mutants and Masterminds rules
  96. Looking for a legend of five rings rpg group! (To play with over the internet)
  97. Help a Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition Noob build some characters!
  98. Mortasheen the RPG!
  99. Tephra
  100. Werewolf Optimization
  101. Help with series of epic challenges
  102. [FATE] Base Raiders: Dungeoncrawl meets...superpowers?
  103. [nWoD] NPC character seeds, s'il vous plaît
  104. White Plume Mountain [AD&D AND 3.5]
  105. Iron Kingdoms RPG Discussion: Don't Split the Party!
  106. The Esoterrorists
  107. Thoughts on "Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook" ?
  108. Lady Blackbird and other games by that guy
  109. understanding Mutants and Masterminds
  110. RuneQuest 6th Edition
  111. [Exalted] A low-magic "pocket Creation" out in the Wyld?
  112. Hunter the Reckoning: Good Cop
  113. [Star Wars SAGA] Pimp my mandalorian
  114. Saga Edition: Kinetic Combat
  115. Help Needed With A Wild Talents Power.
  116. Mutants & Masterminds 3e Introduce your super group
  117. SWSE Skill Monkey Force User
  118. New Star Wars TV Series Query
  119. First time Zombie Master in need of help!
  120. 2nd Ed AD&D: Wizard using a spear. What penalty?
  121. Explain Old World of Darkness to Me
  122. Challenge Laid Down
  123. Star wars revised core rulebook
  124. Pimp mah droid
  125. SW Saga Edition: Players building a Base?
  126. Help! Need Tips on Running a One-shot of Monsters and Other Childish Things
  127. Microscope
  128. Help with a Scion game
  129. Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Scenario suggestions and example
  130. Critical Saves
  131. [SW SAGA] Can a heroic droid catch a Second Wind?
  132. Making the Flash in Scion
  133. [Exalted/Qwixalted] To Live and Die in the House of Festivals
  134. [Exalted] Ok, Walk me through Alchemicals...
  135. The Dresden Files RPG: advice?
  136. Riddle of Steel aging
  137. Mistborn RPG
  138. Nobilis
  139. Eclipse Phase: Needs More Love
  140. Why I Strongly Dislike GURPS
  141. A Sorceress for another time?
  142. Trying Tri-Stat, anyone know how to play it?
  143. Game with Unique Characeter Creation
  144. [oWoD] How to simulate a Kuei-Jin?
  145. Empire City: Mutants & Masterminds Campaign Idea
  146. AD&D2 I was a transmuter and I became an elf, what will happend to me?
  147. Wemics as player characters?
  148. Starting a WoD Mage Game
  149. [2e] What to get? What to avoid
  150. Traveller: Legacy of the Armistice
  151. [BESM d20] How to make a badass lich
  152. [Exalted] The Time of Glory - Creation's pre-history for pulp fantasy goodness
  153. Playing Shadowrun for the first time in quite a long time (decades even!)
  154. AD&D 1e "point buy"?
  155. What do you think of Call of Cthulhu-rpg?
  156. No love for Hero?
  157. Rogue Trader/ 40k RPG: Tyranids on a Spaceship
  158. Synnibarr Discussion Thread
  159. Interesting wealth exploit in SW Saga
  160. Harry Potter: The RPG. I want to write it.
  161. [EXALTED] Infernals Help Please
  162. 2e Trial Run
  163. [EXALTED] Dragon hunted by Arad help
  164. Middle-Earth setting for WFRP system?
  165. nWoD fighting style skill spending
  166. So I suck with AD&D 2e...
  167. [oWoD] Backgrounds Exceeding 5 dots
  168. ICONS/ Whats your ideal starting place for your games?
  169. Rift Mind bleed power question
  170. [NWoD] Most effective unarmed style?
  171. AD&D 1st At will powers
  172. SWD-Gear investment
  173. Race Sith
  174. d20 in general - Level based defense bonuses?
  175. Old World of Darkness Grognards
  176. Any way to add some martial-artsyness to Shadowrun?
  177. GURPS 4, poisonous spines, help!
  178. Barbarians of Lemuria: Tips, Tricks, and Advice
  179. Supervillain tabletop - Project Ninja Panda Taco
  180. Superhero tabletops: Abberant and Heroes Unlimited
  181. [M&M 2nd] Some problems when determining powers.
  182. Techno Wizard Questions [Rifts]
  183. Looking for a free Shadowrun Adventure
  184. [Mutants & Masterminds 2ed]How does damage works?
  185. [2e] In depth Monsters
  186. [Mutants & Masterminds 3e] Questions from a New GM
  187. Dexterity in Melee in AD&D?
  188. Mongoose Legend: The Lightbringer
  189. Stating Up A Character for MM2E
  190. Serenity-like systems
  191. Ion Weapons[Rifts]
  192. Another 2e question..
  193. What system to use for a dark souls inspired game?
  194. Blood & Treasure
  195. 40k with (old) world of darkness past?
  196. Best Star Wars RPG
  197. What would be the best way to run a long term All Flesh Must Be Eaten Game?
  198. [EXALTED] What were the Primordials' Crimes?
  199. WOD Old West
  200. Zombie Dark Heresy Game?
  201. Dark Heresy: Adepta Sororitas optimization
  202. [L5R] Setting Help Requested - High School
  203. Dark Heresy; shotgun "butt" damage
  204. GURPS: Condensing the skill list
  205. Need help getting into character!
  206. Deathwatch:No Girls Allowed?
  207. Spirit of the Century
  208. Rogue Trader - How do you Acquire?
  209. Ok, I'm still not feeling GURPS
  210. Myths and Magic - The best AD&D 2e Alternative
  211. [AD&D 2e] Casting time houserule
  212. Star Wars Saga: Mind Trick question
  213. Order 66 and the Edge of the Empire
  214. Shadowrun 4e: No IP for You!
  215. Star Wars Saga campaing
  216. First time in Dark Crusade
  217. Coordinated Leadership (SW: Saga)
  218. Looking for an RPG System
  219. Converting AD&D monsters to Myth & Magic
  220. SW Saga: Killing a jedi.
  221. Need help optimising a build (Planescape Torment)
  222. Creating Monsters in AD&D 2nd Ed.
  223. A Question about Traveller 2300ad
  224. Super heroes! (DC Adventures vs. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying)
  225. [SWSE] Support build
  226. Sword Art Online RPG?
  227. Character kits/Creating new classes AD&D 2nd
  228. Just sorta curious...
  229. SWSE: Heavy Gunner Builds
  230. Rifts: Swordsmen
  231. Pendragon 5e Splats
  232. Ad&D 2nd saving throw question
  233. AD&D 2nd combat?
  234. Superhero GURPS 4e Supers Game: Does it work well?
  235. SWSE: Pod racer?
  236. SWSE Lightsaber Axe
  237. Learning Eclipse Phase: What to watch out for?
  238. [Exalted 2.5] Infernal Character and Optimisation
  239. Mutants&Materminds
  240. [M:tAw] Inspiration for our cabal needed!
  241. Rifts: Vampire Hunting O.C.C.s
  242. Adnd 2E Gem lore
  243. mutants and masterminds for a noob
  244. SW: Saga. PC Build Critique
  245. Sorry, But A Question...
  246. L5R Database? [4th ed]
  247. Warhammer 40k Space marine chapters
  248. How would you build a character in the Superhero games that can change the world?
  249. Shadowrun 5
  250. A problem with running a Star Wars game