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  1. Converting from Scion to Scions of Fate. Need Help
  2. Nephandi Doloromancy
  3. [AD&D: 2nd] On Humane Rotgrub Farming
  4. [Shadowrun 4e] Technoface
  5. Ruleset Showcase: Savage Worlds
  6. Star Wars Maps
  7. L5R Ninja Clans
  8. [L5R]Introductory one-shot opinion poll
  9. Call of Cthulhu Adventure Contest UNDERGROUND
  10. Looking for a spell
  11. Castles and Crusades: Redshirt Army
  12. Advices Needed For Playtesting.
  13. new 1st Edition AD&D character creator!
  14. Grimm rpg
  15. 1st Character ever, 2nd edition - Planescape campaign
  16. Building my first NWoD character
  17. [Shadowrun 4e] Technomancers vs Wired Networks
  18. What Monstrous Compendium pages came in the Forgotten Realms boxed set?
  19. "Reality A" any opinions?
  20. [Vampire: the Masquiem] Clans and Discipline Spreads, Revised.
  21. How would you remake the Fifth Element?
  22. Star Wars Saga security systems
  23. Bionicle RPG?
  24. Oldschool Roleplaying: Dark Dungeons (BECMI clone)
  25. Hunter: The Reckoning. Curing Derangements?
  26. Star Wars Age of Rebellion Beta Query
  27. Pokemon Tabletop Adventures advice?
  28. Newbie Exalted ST: Any tips/tricks/pitfalls to avoid?
  29. What 2nd edition AD&D resources are available for a new DM?
  30. Tell me about Dungeon World
  31. Building a cool bard
  32. Rifts?
  33. SWSE Question: Sith Alchemy?
  34. Which build would be best for Pokemon Tabletop Adventures?
  35. [BESM 3rd Edition] How does ammo work?
  36. Advent of Magic! (WoD; Thought Experiment)
  37. Noteworthy OSR modules
  38. Conan, and more Conan
  39. [Numenera] Who's into it, Whaddya think?
  40. Star Wars SW Saga Edition Thread 2: The Sith Lords
  41. So...where can I find (insert game here)
  42. IF you buy PDFs from Wizards of the Coast, can you print them?
  43. Trying to turn 2nd edition D&D game into a modern tmnt setting
  44. What is the best Spelljammer ship?
  45. 1st Ed Mindflayer PC
  46. [13th Age] Convention Play
  47. (Hero) Reasons to Say Together?
  48. Who would win, Novas, Scions, or Mages?
  49. New GM All Flesh Must Be Eaten
  50. Fate Core(Free Download) - Elements of Conflict
  51. C/OWoD: VTM Need Help
  52. Looking for a game system like BESM 3rd edition, but not BESM.
  53. SW D20, Outlaw Slicer Question
  54. sw d20 dawn of defiance
  55. VtM20: Storyteller needs help
  56. WoD General WoD Discussion #3 Third time's the charm - No wait, that sounds too Exalted
  57. Star Wars: Deckplan wanted
  58. Adnd 2nd edition help
  59. Mutands and Masterminds 3rd Edition Dynamic Alternate Powers
  60. 40K on the tabletop: The combat philosophy thread
  61. Some Help with Exalted
  62. M&M 3e - About Create Power
  63. Question about Grab powers in M&M
  64. Help support Beyonder on Kickstarter!
  65. Warrior, Rogue, & Mage
  66. [Exalted] New Player Looking for Guidance
  67. paranoia
  68. I'm running the BECMI Red Box with my kids, 8, 5 and 5
  69. Mutants and Masterminds 3e - Removable non-device
  70. General Purpose 13th Age Thread
  71. SWSE Droid Pilot..and ONLY a pilot (AKA Sentient Ship)
  72. SWSE Ewok Force User (New Player, needing assitance)
  73. [SW Saga Edition]Advanced Template doubt
  74. Warhammer 40k - Problem with weapon training
  75. Please help to flesh out a Werewolf Revised story
  76. [Exalted] Dragon Blooded Lore
  77. Legend of the 5 Rings: A Question of Honor
  78. [M&M 3rd Ed] Minions & Afflictions
  79. Crash course in Call of Cthulhu?
  80. Silver Age Sentinels Dynamic Power Question
  81. "Darksword Adventures" help?
  82. Shadowrun Adept Build (4th Ed)
  83. [SWSE] Hutt Character Help
  84. [FATE] A simple extra for post apocalyptic wepons, armor and equipment
  85. [nWoD] The God-Machine Chronicle: World of Darkness 2.5?
  86. Feng Shui: How did I never read this?!
  87. Vini, Vidi, Vodacce
  88. Pokemon Tabletop United...New to the system and have some questions.
  89. 2e Thief Skills
  90. what system would i use for this kind of story?
  91. Advice/Experience with Eclipse Phase
  92. Exalted General Exalted Thread XV: "We hate it and it looks adopted"
  93. nWoD fan-made splats
  94. [FATE] Apotheosis Drive X
  95. Rifts: Robocop
  96. [WitchCraft] Dresden?
  97. What's with Alternity?
  98. [SWSE] Building a smart bomb
  99. need some advice on a 2e dwarven fighter/cleric multiclass.
  100. BECMI: Failling to attain Immortality
  101. Shadowrun: Necromancy
  102. Little Fears Question: Negative qualities and Low attributes
  103. Game Finder Thread
  104. Savage Worlds Superhero/Necessary Evil Character Creation Enquiry
  105. Learning World of Darkness
  106. [SWSE] Riddick
  107. Savage World of Solomon Kane: Just Found It
  108. Shadowrun Shadowrun Topic(Talk & Questions)
  109. Good Sci-Fi RPGs?
  110. Eclipse Phases for Dummies....
  111. Mutants and Masterminds: 1st Edition Character Creator Help?
  112. Warhammer 40k - minor problem with exotic weapons
  113. [FATE] Unwritten
  114. 2e ring of invisibility
  115. Dealing with age.
  116. Mutants and Masterminds character help
  117. torchbearer
  118. oWoD- Population of various groups
  119. M&M - Limits of Arrays
  120. Victoriana
  121. M&M 3e: Power Reserve
  122. VtM 20th - Chargen + system questions.
  123. Dungeon World
  124. So this might be the most terrible world of PTTA yet.
  125. Need an OSR system
  126. RIFTS: Playing a Vagabond
  127. Prince Valiant: The RPG
  128. 2e AD&D Rulebook Confusion [First Time DM Seeking Help/Advice: Optional Rules?]
  129. A problem with White Wolf games...
  130. nWoD - Adjusting Storyteller rules
  131. Paranoia premades?
  132. Warhammer Fantasy 3e -- Is it viable to play an Int-based character?
  133. RPG Wargame?
  134. [Exalted] New Player
  135. Dragon Age RPG - More Deadly/Faster Combat
  136. Mutants & Masterminds
  137. Exalted 2nd Edition - Martial Arts Without Virtue
  138. Tenra Bansho Zero-advice for the noob
  139. Starwars saga character
  140. [Kickstarter] Adventures in the East Mark
  141. Favorite 2e published modules
  142. Magic Systems
  143. [C:tL] Help with Plot for a Dual-Kith Game
  144. cWoD; Nevermind, figured it out.
  145. Dark Heresy Psykers Ruling
  146. CJ Carrella's Witchcraft
  147. Savage Worlds Supers Question: Transformation
  148. Good 2nd Edition (AD&D) houserules?
  149. So... 13th Age. What is your experience?
  150. Qin : The Warring States
  151. Savage Worlds Necessary Evil Adaptation Query
  152. AD&D (1E or 2E) Spells to remove stunning?
  153. Mage: The Awakening, with a Homestuck twist
  154. A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
  155. Cthulhutech Regeneration
  156. Multiple Attacks in 2Ed
  157. Help with altering d20 mechanic for old school dungeon crawl
  158. Star Wars roleplaying game feats
  159. First time DM, need help.
  160. Iron Kingdoms Cryx question
  161. Legend of the Five Rings 4e: Clan/Family guide?
  162. CthulhuTech Houserules
  163. M&M Variable issues
  164. Dark Heresy: way to get more skills on a tech-priest or robot parts on adept?
  165. [FATE-based games] How many Aspects is too many?
  166. Ancient Blood My first official adventure!
  167. Werewolf The Apocalypse, any published campaign?
  168. Help with Scion Requested!
  169. Ad&d Srd?
  170. Shard - combat, movement, and bundled actions questions
  171. [Exalted 2ed]Help with Style Augmenting Artifact
  172. Good Dark Heresy Premades?
  173. Your experience with dark heresy?
  174. Which Campaign Should I Run?
  175. M&M Immunity to Damaging Effects
  176. General Horror/Intrigue/Call of Cthulhu Thread
  177. Benefits and Drawbacks to GURPS?
  178. Spelljammer Speeds in Atmo?
  179. SW D20 revised: "tanky" level 9 character build ideas?
  180. Forgotten Realms - What is the Sundering?
  181. Doctor Who Game what system to run it in?
  182. Hellas 2nd Edition
  183. System Suggestions
  184. [Numenera] Thoughts on XP
  185. M&M Questions
  186. AD&D 2nd - Character Advice pls
  187. Rations, water, how many arrows, and encumberance
  188. BESM 3e(tri-stat) vs. Strands of Fate
  189. 2nd AD&D Subrace Adjustments
  190. Mythic RPG users/gaming groups?
  191. Game System for a sci fi setting with no magic.
  192. Iron Kingdoms Questions
  193. What xp do you get for killing adventurers? (2nd edition)
  194. So I've been listening to this actual play podcast...
  195. Anima: Beyond Fantasy help
  196. [Star Wars] Jedi Feat allocation
  197. [SWSE] Character Concept help: Seyugi Dervish
  198. Where are the other specialists?
  199. [StarWars // PF] Help me Build my Space-Pirate!
  200. So, first time Palladium Fantasy player here
  201. Sci-Fi Warhammer and WH40K RPGs II: Burning Witches, Heretics, and Fate
  202. Mage: The Awakening? (noob questions)
  203. Mage-- new or old?
  204. Castles & Crusades
  205. Star Wars SE Help - Imperial Commando
  206. Statting Melniboneans for AD&D 1e/OSR
  207. Yu-Gi-Oh - The Cards as an RPG
  208. Explain 13th Age to Me
  209. AD&D Monsters with classes
  210. & Magazine - Free AD&D content!
  211. Fudge or Barbarians of Lemuria --or both!
  212. 2E experience point question
  213. alternity, advice and stories please!
  214. "The Classics" of AD&D, BECMI, and so on
  215. Star Wars- Sith alchemy monsters?
  216. [VtM 20th Anniversary] Help with "Optimization"
  217. 28-30 March 2014 Texicon GM Call: Tunnels & Trolls
  218. AD&D 2nd: Birthright
  219. [SWSE] Help Appreciated Mercenary
  220. Legacy of the Crystal Shard
  221. Have you run or played Traveller 2300 (or AD)?
  222. Mutants and Masterminds 2e Rules Question
  223. Rolemaster/RMC/RMX/MERP
  224. DH and Gantz
  225. On Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  226. Rose Red BRP
  227. Palladium Fantasy: Cheating the Curse system
  228. The Blue Rose RPG
  229. Basic Roleplaying System: Building the Terminator (T-800)
  230. Uber RPG Steampunk
  231. Gestalt 2e
  232. Calidar: Eternal Glory
  233. [M&M3e] Continuous Powers + Alternate Effect
  234. Deadlands classic edge
  235. [M&M2e] Stacks With Modifier question
  236. Old School & Magazine - Free AD&D ezine
  237. Time Travel rpgs/systems/settings
  238. Basic Fantasy or AD&D 2nd?
  239. Character Creation Query [Rogue Trader]
  240. [13A/Homebrew Setting] Acrozatarim
  241. Looking for Aberrant podcast or AP. And/or Heroes Unlimited?
  242. Making a Lucky Villain, Mutants and Masterminds 2e
  243. 2nd editon AD&D secret doors
  244. Anyone familiar with the HERO System?
  245. My starwars saga character
  246. Question about buying Legends of the Wulin
  247. Fallout RPG
  248. What's the best method for running a Fire Emblem inspired game?
  249. Suggestions for Star Wars classes
  250. [M&M 3rd] Environment Control - why so expensive?