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  1. CGI budgets
  2. Streamer needs help buying equipment
  3. Statistics help
  4. Best Image Hosting Sites For This Board?
  5. Tech Help Facebook Business page niggle: "Admin to do tour" how to end it?
  6. Finding a point in an infinite space
  7. Powered by blood - Is electrical generation from blood sugar or fat feasible?
  8. First black hole photographed!
  9. Science Organic Chemistry Spectroscopy: No idea how to read these graphs. Part 2
  10. Space Israeli Moon Landing... aaaaand it's gone
  11. Eating radioacitivity and electricity
  12. Science What's the best degree path for a potential mad scientist?
  13. Science Would the Grignard here only affect the epoxide?
  14. If a group of top YouTubers got together and left to form a competitor backed.
  15. What was your first computer?
  16. Space Degenerate matter and Core Bounce during Supernovas
  17. Space What's The Moon Really Made Out Of?
  18. The Giant fire-fighting robot
  19. I'm learning Java accelerated and I need help
  20. Recommend A Good Dashcam?
  21. would lava crush a fireproof person?
  22. Physics question involving heat and force.
  23. Coding Programming For 40k
  24. Science Synthesis of 3-methylcyclohexa-1,3-diene from 3-bromocyclohexene?
  25. Adblock plus just got disabled
  26. Tech Help Is there any way to repair or replace the USB port on a Droid cellphone?
  27. Tech Help Looking for a new web-browser with a specific feature
  28. Online Karaoke
  29. Dwolla vs... PayPal? Or Stripe?
  30. Batch help
  31. Linux desktop & special mouse driver
  32. CentOS vs SUSE vs Redhat
  33. What is the curve on the inside of a cresent moon?
  34. Is there audio software to change your voice?
  35. Voynich manuscript solved?
  36. Any Soil Chemistry Experts Here?
  37. Maximum Chronal Acceleration? (Black Mirror spoilers)
  38. Effects of going into a spherical portal in the human body
  39. Mad science nitrogen chemistry to scare players with
  40. Is there something like an "average frequency of rivers reaching the sea"?
  41. Gumroad rating system
  42. What animal forms would actually be good for vampires?
  43. Is there a good reason to teach the change of base formula for logarithms still?
  44. Implications of self-consistent time travel, or Luck and Divination in hard sci-fi
  45. How many unique DNA samples does a population need in order to survive?
  46. Electrical conductivity comparisons in laymans terms/ Electro receptor range.
  47. Science Is There Such Thing As A Human Fossil?
  48. Game streaming platform that allows explicit sexual content?
  49. Frankenstein or Cyborg?
  50. Dumb question about particles and time travel.
  51. Windows 10 Help Please Requested
  52. Tech Help Are Skullcandy products prone to breaking?
  53. Looking for a word
  54. Iím failed. Iím sorry
  55. Odd Dessert Question
  56. New phone: Android Pie/One or AOSP?
  57. Odd Question (Google Chrome)
  58. Corpse aerogels, are they plausible or not
  59. Measuring an unknown world / solar system
  60. Tech Help Post computer software that you think is good
  61. Dogs: The better cancer detector
  62. A marvel of human factors engineering: The GE smartbulb
  63. Do non-European descended countries call the planets by their Latin name?
  64. Raspberry Pi 4 model B
  65. Tech Help What TV for a gaming table?
  66. Eat your megetables!
  67. Science Writing help
  68. Mac Hardware
  69. Tech Help Is there a way to stop android from combining notifications
  70. Science What constitutes a measurement in physics?
  71. High-EM Radiating Materials
  72. Tech Help Do you think an email sent to an adress with a capitol letter was in fact received?
  73. Cool things to do with Gravity Plating
  74. Science Why are Accretions Disks Planar? And Why do they Spin?
  75. Xbox controller not recognized by PC
  76. Does anybody know of a blog that does a future or sci fi tech every week?
  77. Help Me Correct My Probabilistic Misunderstandings
  78. Planet X (or Planet Nine) - How likely is it?
  79. Tech Help Moving Program Files Folder (Windows 10)
  80. Does sentience remove us from natural selection/evolution?
  81. My printer will not duplex print, what should I do?
  82. Civilization: How to make it happen under the sea.
  83. This smol snek is bamboozling (Python help)
  84. Space Aiming Wormholes
  85. Firefox won't bookmark or save new browsing information (help plz)
  86. Streaming games from PC to TV
  87. Is there a benchmark that's been done on ras-pi class systems?
  88. Pigs and gaming
  89. Does the prevailing design philosophy in paintball guns make anyone else really mad?
  90. Safe Storage of Antimatter?
  91. Co-DMing with an AI
  92. Samsung Internet Browser
  93. My computer just restarted - should I be worried?
  94. Would an object with negative mass levitate on the moon?
  95. Strange space related question.
  96. Space Is This Lunar Arrangement Astrophysics-Compatible?
  97. Coding The word "Foo"
  98. Would Aliens be under the Kingdom Animalia?
  99. The problem with how we say and write numbers
  100. Science Hypothetical laser gun
  101. Science What things are violet?
  102. To refreeze the arctic
  103. Learning Python. Recommendations?
  104. Grade my map?
  105. Laptop battery
  106. Reaching light-speed while simulating gravity
  107. My adblocker doesn't seem to be able to catch ads on some websites.
  108. minor programming rant
  109. Why are SD readers so unreliable?
  110. Tech Help Diagnosing Computer Problem
  111. Science gravity and antigravity calculation question, the floating house
  112. Science How Powerful And Big Can An Asteroid Destroy A Planet?
  113. Tech Help How to insert unicode
  114. Tech Help Weird Lock-Up on Windows 10 - Help?
  115. Tech Help Internet Issues
  116. Good Antivirus for Android phone?
  117. Is there a general term for earth (or mars, or venus etc) sized planets?
  118. How should we make an electric air turbine (a jet motor that runs on electricity)?
  119. What do Black Holes look like?
  120. Science How can I pass Physical Chemistry if quantum mechanics is gibberish to me?
  121. Science Are Multiverse Possible In The Real World?
  122. Science How do you use the Expectation Value for Energy <E> to find <Px>?
  123. Professionals Annoyed By Entertainment
  124. Planet 9 might be Black Hole?
  125. Is "Bad Astronomy" getting boring?
  126. Youtube Premium Question
  127. Need help with google maps gps app.
  128. Tech Help How to disable touchpad on laptop
  129. New headphones have a weird boomy echo.
  130. Cost Effectiveness for heating your house. Oven versus Heating oil
  131. How difficult would it be to live without these devices?
  132. python help (copying files from one directory to another)
  133. Tech Help ElGato Help
  134. a couple python questions
  135. Tech News Default Yahoo is shutting down Groups, starting 28 Oct.
  136. Tech Help Gaming notebook advice
  137. Space Pluto Isn't Even A Planet?! What?!
  138. Science Are Flying Cars Even Possible?
  139. Where can I possibly ask for help with the VSDC video editor?
  140. Tech support scam calls
  141. Is there a mathematic formula for this?
  142. Tech Help MS Word mail merge equation editor truncation issues
  143. Anyone know anything about PDF readers?
  144. Nuclear Fusion is closer! I guess.
  145. Changing a phone's battery.
  146. Do you think nanotechnology is considered old hat in the Star Wars galaxy?
  147. chrome no longer saving my recently closed windows.
  148. Help Installing Starcraft II
  149. Does anybody know of a good future science blog?
  150. Tech Help Really simple webpage - problem with sidebar
  151. Its cold enough to freeze fire!
  152. Would building cities as giant buildings be a practical defense against flyers?
  153. Entering a rotating black hole
  154. Upgrading my Laptop SSD
  155. Tech Help Is there any way to lock your graphics driver?
  156. Space G-forces during gravitational slingshot maneuvers
  157. Tech Help any advice on where or how i could get my hands on a custom-built computer mouse?
  158. What sort of wingspan would you need to fly on mars?
  159. Tech Help Phone shutting off when connecting to Wireless
  160. Traffic Blocked from dasHost.exe
  161. Could a black hole be used to produce free quarks
  162. Destroying a star
  163. Space Gravity in the outer solar system
  164. Recommend me an mp3 player?
  165. Tech News 10 years ago today, The Onion announced the release of the New Device.
  166. Which of these on my final list is the best idea?
  167. If a black hole evaporates, where or how does the rotational energy go?
  168. kinetic and potential energy question
  169. Tech News Hell freezes over: Microsoft Teams is coming to Linux
  170. Strange car/math question
  171. Google sites not working in Edge
  172. How well does relativity hold up under impossible reference frames?
  173. Probably crazy death battle question
  174. Science What's The Difference Between Nature And Programming?
  175. Flammability of gas vapors
  176. Tech Help Distorted Screen Image from HDMI Cable - How To Correct?
  177. Memory problems.
  178. Yahoo to bing, can I stop this?
  179. Asymmetry of X-axis and Y-axis, why?
  180. Tech Help Youtube log in problem
  181. "Chinese new Artificial Sun"
  182. On a B&W TV you can tell whether a programme is in colour.
  183. 3D Printer Review - Ender 3D Pro, despite the poor directions this thing rocks
  184. Distance=Time?
  185. Is there a faster way to open bookmarks in Chrome on Android?
  186. Automotive Rediculousness
  187. Making Gasoline (or how easy is it to have a Mad Max scenario)
  188. Has the Quantum pseudo-telepathy experiment ever actually been done
  189. Could an Internet even work in Star Wars?
  190. What was the first man made thing to be supersonic (except whips)?
  191. moving at multiple times light speed
  192. Science Economics question - Worthless "top 1 % info"
  193. Tech Help Mail Client suggestions
  194. Steam-Powered rocket engineer killed
  195. Audio Not Working (Alienware Laptop Running Linux Mint)
  196. The Queen Midas of Alcohol
  197. Does anybody remember this from a Canon or Legends Star Wars source?
  198. Science What parts of the spectrum do electronic cameras pick up?
  199. How long would it take to bootstrap modern civilisation again from nothing?
  200. Coding Homebrew spell database request
  201. Science The Corona Virus
  202. Science Time Travelling
  203. College Study up for Grabs
  204. Tech Help Word 2010 page number problems
  205. Website Question
  206. If international trade halts, what are the remaining sources of energy
  207. How might we stop a pandemic in the future?
  208. Making videos for educational purposes.
  209. Corona Virus math and statistics
  210. Tech Help Filing taxes online?
  211. Tech Help Advice on buying a new PC
  212. What would be able to do if we had the technology to manipulate quarks?
  213. Science Does Water And Wine Ever Get Spoiled?
  214. Science Was Aristotle right about anything?
  215. Coding Free SAS books
  216. If you could setup a permanent base on the moon....
  217. Science Could you make a water pump that pumps water using electrical currents?
  218. Randomizing a Quiz with Excel (or some other program)
  219. clover mite questions
  220. Superhuman archery material sciences
  221. Stephen Wolfram solves physics.
  222. Ray Tracing: Will It Matter?
  223. How do I translate binary to text?
  224. Space Age of visible stars?
  225. Google is failing me
  226. Why Do So Many People Cry When Using Onions?
  227. Laptop Help
  228. The effects of going from lower to higher gravity
  229. Advice on buying a new SSD
  230. Hollowing out a planet
  231. Does anyone know what this brainteaser is called or how it works?
  232. Bicycle buying
  233. what is the distance between the Sun center and the two foci of the Earth orbit?
  234. Good places to discuss philosophical ideas?
  235. Tech Help Upgrading Graphics in HP Slimline 290
  236. Statistics of certainty with low success rate, many trials, and imperfect information
  237. What kind of medieval armour and weapons can you make using today's sciences?
  238. The Terminator vs. COVID-19
  239. Is there any way to "snapshot" a running program/process to disk?
  240. Science What happens when you have infinite energy?
  241. Construction schedule vs. building quality
  242. seasonal viruses
  243. Space How fast would you have to spin Ceres to rip itself apart?
  244. SpaceX Launch!
  245. Good, rleiable extensive online storage?
  246. I need help explaining VI vs AI.
  247. Updating A Classic on Interstellar Flight
  248. Feasibility of Jurassic-Park-ing more recently extinct species?
  249. Is there a reason lots of sites suddenly have invalid certificates?
  250. Tech Help How to disable printers automatically shutting down