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  1. Why does comercially available wireless charging have such a short range?
  2. What's The Science Behind Dreams?
  3. Frame Accurate Video Editor
  4. Life on a world made up of islands
  5. Best work/gaming laptop for $800 or less
  6. Wireless network questions
  7. Tech Help Checking CPU temperature
  8. Help with laptop upgrade
  9. Absolute smallest viable size for a colony.
  10. Orbital ring habitat structural collapse dynamics questions
  11. Simple Math/Statistics/Economics Question (urgent, though)
  12. Building steps for my deck
  13. Interplanetary Internet
  14. Tech Help New Fast Full HD Screen that doesnt bancrupt me
  15. Tech Help moving a hard drive to another computer
  16. Science How Microscopic Is A Tardigrade?
  17. Science Strange Math Problem Involving Triangles I Thought Up.
  18. Is an amazon fire tablet kinda useless without amazon prime?
  19. VOB to MP4
  20. Micro SD card question
  21. Homemade yucca fruit extract, safe to drink?
  22. Questions about home fermentation process
  23. Infinite Notepad/Text editor
  24. Moon crashing into earth, different scenarios
  25. Coding Should I use XML as a format for my configuration files?
  26. Personal Insect Annihilator
  27. Comet C/2020 F3 aka: Comet NEOWISE
  28. Tech Help How can I even tell if windows updates are safe? (Windows 10)
  29. What are the good forum-hosting websites nowadays?
  30. Tech Help Any recommendations for over-ear bluetooth headphones?
  31. Why can't I get even a basic thing to work in Python?
  32. Fusion Power is 5 years away! (Really?)
  33. Tech Help USB problems The Great Flile Vanishing
  34. Trouble brewing with Patreon.
  35. Wait, is this true about humans and fish?
  36. A Short Reflection on Internet Ads
  37. Tech Help Bizarre Undiagnosable Laptop Heat Problem
  38. GPT-3 for inspiring homebrew tabletop mechanics
  39. Science Expansion of metal rings puzzle
  40. Science Is Alchemy Consider To Be Scientific?
  41. Material science question about rocket fuel tanks
  42. Tech Help What's the security benefit to 2FA that isn't negated by a recovery password?
  43. Intercontinental power transmission
  44. Longshot technical help with not always right site
  45. Tech Help Youtube stopped sending me email alerts for new videos...
  46. Ergonomic chairs
  47. Tech Help Hard refresh page to reload images?
  48. Weird ASMR Question
  49. Coding R packages
  50. Space How Do I Solve Kepler's Equation for the Eccentric Anomaly in Excel?
  51. Testing for damage with Blunt Force Trauma
  52. Coding program to log into an SFTP site and load files
  53. Reuleaux and Meissner solids
  54. Mega tsunamis
  55. Why do TVs get input lag from computers, but not from consoles?
  56. Webcams with adjustable zoom on the camera? How do I even search for this?
  57. Tech Help Help a non-programmer install GPT-2 (and its prerequisites)
  58. Why do they still use such a small number of bits to store the time on computers?
  59. Life ... uh ... finds a way
  60. I want to build a computer, but I have no idea what I'm doing
  61. Coding Amateur Coder Requests Assistance (Python3)
  62. Phosphine on Venus - "hints" of living beings
  63. Applied mathematics question
  64. A Terrible Question (CW Corpse Stuff)
  65. The Swarm/Hive Fleet
  66. HTML Hell
  67. VBA to run shell commands
  68. The Lord of the rings: War of the Ring crashes, how fix?
  69. Why does my laptop say "you have 3 minutes of battery left" when it's really just 1?
  70. Downloaded pics vanished on my phone
  71. Geography: Settlement pattern on the North American Pacific Coast
  72. Tech News Practical Fusion Energy: still 10 years away. News at 11
  73. samsung s20 5g help
  74. Tech Help PDF Software Suggestions
  75. Physics Nobel 2020: Black Holes
  76. Tech Help Weird Monitor Issue
  77. Linear regression and apartments.
  78. Tech Help Converting an A4/Letter sewing pattern to a larger format I can send to a print shop
  79. Space What loss rate of starships would prevent interstellar shipping?
  80. The fantasy Pseudo-science question and answer thread.
  81. Tech News Big room temperature superconductor milestone
  82. Deleting Columns In Open Office
  83. The lightsaber
  84. Tech News Nano Adblocker and Defender Marked As Malware in Chrome
  85. Compressing flames for focused heat
  86. The Moon Cracking
  87. Distinct subsets question
  88. Tech Help Free alternatives to IFTTT for creating YouTube email notifications?
  89. Cardinality of the number of digits in an irrational number
  90. Help with IP adresses
  91. Scientists investigating weird things
  92. Tech Help What kind of input will an a/v port on a capture card accept?
  93. Space Neat and convenient coincidences of planet Earth (and other planets)
  94. What would be the theoretical problems of mass geothermal power?
  95. Can't seem to find an upgrade for my tablet without losing features.
  96. Smart glasses?
  97. Visual & audio acuity & cognition studies
  98. Sci-Fi/Superhero Blood Transfusions
  99. Human: The other meat
  100. Cosmic Calendar that shows how early we are?
  101. Not able to integrate with Salesforce CPQ
  102. Tech Help Constant Buffering for Streaming & Keyboard
  103. Space End of an Era: Arecibo Observatory to be Demolished
  104. Science Approximating a diagonal slope through 9 degree steps. Why does it not work?
  105. Coding Name can be Undefined (python3)
  106. How much of a problem is this?
  107. LED Christmas lights: are they terrible or am I just unlucky?
  108. Are there any new platonic solids in non-euclidean space
  109. Tech Help Lasers and LDR's
  110. Cameras for Home Security?
  111. Free study materials for CompTIA Server+?
  112. Very Large Array - What's the limit?
  113. GPU Upgrade
  114. How can A.I. and machine learning help with management?
  115. Maths question
  116. Space Skyrora vs Ecosene! 45% less CO2
  117. Any News Of COVID PRO MAX
  118. Where's my Holodeck and/or Datajack?
  119. Question on seatbelt safety
  120. Blue Flamethrowers (Hypothetical physics/chemistry thingy)
  121. Combining Spatial Dimensions
  122. Tech Help My own excel files, that I saved on my computer as admin, only open in read only.
  123. Best map projection
  124. Fusion Power News Update
  125. This year we kill it: Corona Virus Thread Mark II
  126. Is there a way to block YouTube on a chromebook?
  127. Planet Earth speeds up
  128. Projector recommendations for a gaming room
  129. Measuring and comparing explosive forces.
  130. what is an "app" vs "program"
  131. Space Satellite market growth
  132. "They Would Cut You Up" The trope - how realistic?
  133. Looking for a voice filter
  134. What, precisely, is the difference between an allergy and an autoimmune disease?
  135. What do you think about the possibilities of 6g networks?
  136. Break Failure/Cut Breaks(Hypothetical)
  137. Can You Block Porn On Messaging Apps?
  138. Coding DOS prompt code question
  139. Extremophiles to The Extreme!
  140. Math Notation Question (Combinatorics)
  141. Tech Help Liquid cooling a GPU...
  142. Tech Help Youtube comments not showing up on Chrome
  143. What's The Science Behind The Groundhog Predicts The Season?
  144. Venus or Mars for terraforming and colonisation?
  145. Tech Help Should I Get A 3D Printer? Costs, Spacing, And Other Questions
  146. Tech Help Photos Trapped on External Drive
  147. Python SFTP help
  148. Implication of the RNA Vaccine breakthrough
  149. Looking for replacement part that doesn't break as easy
  150. The universe/cosmos is ridiculously, monotonously, immensely huge.
  151. Moving a hard drive between windows activated computers.
  152. Tech Help Need Advice for A New Computer
  153. infinite space (and infinitely old) means sky too hot?
  154. Tech Help (Free) video editor?
  155. Twitch error content not available
  156. Space Perseverance Landing at Jezero Crater
  157. (Hypothetical) Perpetual Energy is discovered/invented. What breaks?
  158. Tech Help Firefox lags for several minutes before loading any pages
  159. What is the best language App?
  160. A weird question about scale.
  161. Space Are Mars images real color?
  162. Youtube: blocking channels
  163. Science Can tidal forces disproove Einstein's equivalence principle?
  164. Science What's your favourite energy storage tech?
  165. Tech Help How to set up and test microphones in Windows 10?
  166. What does it mean when you have a good memory neurologically?
  167. Can Partecipants Remove Each Other from Zoom Meetings?
  168. Why does ijk=-1
  169. Tech Help Why is my spell-checking in Firefox in British English?
  170. Coding SQL: RIGHT or LEFT JOIN more efficient
  171. What does Giantitp think of block chain applications?
  172. Space Warp Drive, now WITHOUT negative mass/energy!
  173. Spreadsheet nightmare
  174. Tech Help Is there any way to make Youtube play all of a channel's videos in order?
  175. Why is it possible to build analogs of quantum effects using conventional mechanics?
  176. Concielable Bullet Proof vest for under 200$?
  177. Low powered stirling engines - what can they accomplish?
  178. The String Theory Landscape, Exchange Rates, and Perpetual Motion
  179. Science Altering climate through forests and vegetation
  180. Derived v. axiomatic laws of physics
  181. How are times after time dilation resolved in relativity
  182. Tech Help Java not updating on Linux
  183. How would the climate change if the entire planet was covered in vegetation?
  184. Progress launch as seen from ISS
  185. General AnyDice questions
  186. Coding [General Question] Smokey, this is not 'Nam, this is NASM
  187. Science What's the big deal with the Muon g-2 experiment?
  188. Reverse Osmosis Filter
  189. How do you feel about "we value your privacy" ?
  190. Tech Help "FIXEDMODE" resolution on RaspberryPi4?
  191. So this happened with my phone...
  192. Tech Help Issue with problematic drivers
  193. Why Is Sugar Harmful To Cats & Dogs
  194. Tech Help Upgrading Android on a really old phone
  195. Avatar hosting
  196. What differential equations topics are important for statistics?
  197. Should we invest in surviving climate change rather than avoid it?
  198. Science From a biological perspective, how would we even classify life on other planets?
  199. Removal storage device question...
  200. weird question about browser refresh (specific to OotS forum pages)
  201. Coding Help with a Word 2010 Macro?
  202. I need a decent analogy to describe a measurement.
  203. Why is bariatric surgery generally performed on the stomach and not the intestines?
  204. Chlorine Trifluoride: what color does it burn?
  205. Problems with screen recording programs
  206. Science Does futurism have a limited amount of ideas?
  207. Free pdf editing software recommendations?
  208. Moar Chicken needed
  209. Make VLC docked playlist go above / below video, not to the right?
  210. How would you describe this type of disappointment in an online chat room?
  211. USB drive keeps reconnecting evey so often on Windows 10.
  212. Space If the expansion of the universe continues to speed up forever
  213. Electrically-powered living organisms?
  214. Voyager 2 in Interstellar Space
  215. Turning Air Into Solids
  216. Rise from your grave!
  217. metadata in radio waves?
  218. Ransomware blocking
  219. Help with MS Excel
  220. Science How Do Slient Sounds Break Glass?
  221. Reusing an old CPU cooler.
  222. The Unstoppable Force Paradox
  223. Tech Help Suggestions for good, easy to use 3d software
  224. Making A Vehicle That Moves Faster Than The Tailwind
  225. Minimum Viable Size for a Black Hole?
  226. Unitless Velocity. (Also- spatial and temporal unit questions)
  227. Tech Help LibreOffice Writer custom fonts and indexing
  228. Biosorption and ocean biomining
  229. Commercial name for specific type of two-beam photoelectric alarm?
  230. Tech Help Computer dying: How to fix?
  231. What are technologies that a time traveler could easily introduce to ancient times?
  232. Asphalt and the Great Boston Molasses Disaster
  233. New cancer screening test is accurate enough for rollout.
  234. Giants and blowing out fires
  235. Would you ever notice relativistic speed?
  236. Decent way to scan hundreds of kilometers of receipts and register tapes?
  237. The Deep Scattering Layer and Oceans Dying Off
  238. 8 Launches in 12 Months
  239. How hard is it really? (To make an electric motor)
  240. Tech Help Automated time notifications
  241. Tech Help Touchscreen not responding after being dropped in water
  242. Need help with shortcut to desktop in Chrome
  243. Space SQL insert question
  244. Computer just decided to not use Bluetooth for no reason
  245. Some Steam Games Too Big For Screen
  246. The robot that was too smart for its own good
  247. What would you miss the most in the past?
  248. phone battery charging issues
  249. Properties of void outside the universe*?
  250. Tech Help Why Has Streaming Stopped Cold On My Computer?