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  1. A potential use for macro program when bored
  2. The mysterious case of the disappearing license plate
  3. AI-generated campaign illustration
  4. Need a flower Identified real quick
  5. An Issue with Steam, when going to play "Final Fantasy XIV Online"!
  6. Tech Help Possible to block YouTube "after-roll" ads without blocking pre-roll and mid-roll?
  7. I’m looking for a 3D printable file of a statue
  8. Science Double-check my rationale and math(s)
  9. Speakers in the House
  10. question about lasers
  11. Flow indicator sensor that's cheaper and more robust than a flow meter?
  12. What’s better than a hyperdrive for intergalactic travel?
  13. Tech Help Linux Mint, Wine, And Games
  14. Does a truly effectively odorless mosquito repellent exist? Can it?
  15. Linux Recommendations
  16. Limit of gamma ray power?
  17. Activate Windows begone
  18. Does the amount of Hawking Radiation always fall as a black hole enlarges?
  19. I need a program that automatically creates a shift schedule. 1000$ budget
  20. How would one link a PDF here?
  21. 3D Printer Question
  22. Comets, Planets, Stars, what's in a title?
  23. space farming, space sewage, et cetera.
  24. Dams and water pressure
  25. I need something from Web of Science.
  26. Explosive question from Hellsing Ultimate.
  27. Speed of Light in a Medium
  28. Space Does space ship acceleration scale with size?
  29. Tech Help Software that shows me my computer's Temperature (and nothing else!)
  30. Anyone remember "Powers of Ten"?
  31. Any Mechanics like to hang out here.
  32. Tech Help Linux UI alternatives to KDE?
  33. Space Would falling into a black hole slice you to ribbons?
  34. Information on Kosmos
  35. Tech Help What kind of hardware would be necessary to locally run the 2.7B version of GPT-Neo
  36. Wierd transits, binary star, one planet.
  37. How did water not get inside steamships from the “propeller’s holes”?