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  1. Tech Help New Modem Advice
  2. Please help me understand FTL Causality Violations
  3. What animals have prehensile limbs?
  4. Rather unusual (and quite graphic) biology question
  5. Tech Help Something wrong with external hard drive?
  6. The value of gold
  7. Is the English language undergoing a major shift?
  8. Tech Help Flash player has been blocked
  9. Anyone know of any good wireless software?
  10. How could you cut down the mightiest tree in the forest...
  11. How to make voices sound robotic?
  12. Computer Viruses = spread of hatred
  13. Science Can a magneto be used as a motor?
  14. If protons taste sour...
  15. Tech Help Alternatives to Photoshop Elements?
  16. Science Magnetic induction—does it attenuate with added metal objects?
  17. Evaluating a processor
  18. Space Astronomy and time
  19. Need a Sci Fi Material Name
  20. Computer won't start up
  21. XBox 360 HDD crashed during update
  22. Defragging hard discs
  23. Tech Help Resolution not scaling - 1920x1080 on 4K
  24. Tech Help Graphics Tablet Pen Issue
  25. I gave up on Windows...
  26. Tech Help Laptop webcam, have drivers but no bundled software
  27. Today I Learned...
  28. BAH Fest
  29. Looking to upgrade my Inspiron N4020
  30. How do salt melt solid ice?
  31. Windows search help
  32. Space Maximum size for moons in the sky
  33. Substitute power cords
  34. Heard a cool story on the radio...
  35. To what degree is Physics useful in CompSci?
  36. How would Halfling anatomy affect their intelligence and society?
  37. What does ozone smell like?
  38. Coming up with job options
  39. Tech Help Can't connect to a website because websockets don't work
  40. Giant's Ice Bowl
  41. Why are spambots so incoherent?
  42. Why does sugar retain heat so much?
  43. Inbreeding and how it works.
  44. Weird virus thing
  45. Fire Stick v. Chromecast
  46. Tech News What mp3 player should I buy? (please read requirements)
  47. Self-aware Mario
  48. Your thoughts please
  49. Book recommendation
  50. Tech Help Monitor Resolution Changed?
  51. Tech Help Can My Laptop be Saved
  52. Programming Languages and RNG
  53. Learning hibernate
  54. Tech Help Some images I downloaded don't work - does anyone know what's up?
  55. Deltawing Race Car
  56. Tech Help Blender step by step/tutorials that aren't video clips?
  57. Tech Help Software for Photo Panoramas?
  58. Historical archery
  59. Space Giant Planet with even more gigantic rings
  60. Vines don't play
  61. General form of (p+q+r+...)^2? (HW equilibrium for n > 2 alleles)
  63. Coding [SAS Enterprise] enlarging (zoom in) output
  64. Tech Help Dual-monitor Setup?
  65. Tech Help Mind-bogglingly crippling system error
  66. 3d Printer: what would you suggest?
  67. Math savvy folks? Baffled by the square root of complex number....
  68. Thinking about getting a 3D printer
  69. Tech Help Help building a streaming computer
  70. Space GPS for space marines
  71. Tech Help a virus/malware or just a trap?
  72. Coding Layout, tables, and Giantitp
  73. Tech Help Gaming Laptop shopping: Pitfalls to avoid?
  74. Lack of vaccination causes a measles outbreak.
  75. Another element of fantasy literature becomes reality
  76. Tech Help Assign file type to generic files
  77. Coding bash script logical operators
  78. Self-authorizing encryption
  79. Grammar question - because I didn't max this skill
  80. Do any crowdfunding sites allow a hard cap on a project's funding to be set?
  81. An unknown exception has occured.
  82. Kind of an odd question about Steam
  83. Archimedes' Cannon
  84. Space "What If": Solar System Time Dilation Pocket
  85. Tech Help Software that uses time-varying information to extract stills from video?
  86. Tech Help Paying extra to get rid of the 30-minute time limit on video with cameras?
  87. Tech Help Android 4.2.1 locks up when updates are "available."
  88. What can my new phone do that's special?
  89. Mars: The Next Step for Mankind?
  90. Reformatting a flash drive...
  91. Any other mechanical keyboard fans here?
  92. What programming language would you recommend a newb?
  93. math question for a game
  94. Differricte between pure and applied science?
  95. Needs PC Help Quick!!
  96. Monty Hall problem: help me understand.
  97. Weapons of the Future, Their Potential and Characteristics
  98. Inquiry for web page development
  99. Why does my Kindle generate a magnetic field?
  100. Windows 7 USB Mouse Problem
  101. Need a new phone.... sooo many options
  102. Lego Earth
  103. Excel: Need help with creating auto-calc Fractional BAB/Saves for a character sheet
  104. Regarding Pyromancers
  105. PC building question: too many GPUS.
  106. Could I get help understanding stoichiometry a bit better?
  107. Hard Drive Advice
  108. Coding Paypal botton help
  109. Tech Help Has My E-Mail Been Hacked?
  110. An interesting new theory on the universe. No big bang after-all?
  111. Building a Computer
  112. Tech Help Spybot doesn't recognize Mobogenies as a Potentially Unwanted Program
  113. Weird theoretical Neurology and Biochemistry question.
  114. Fellow Americans, where will you be on August 21st, 2017?
  115. Recent rise of medical-related Spam?
  116. Maths question (inequalities)
  117. Giant mammals - long necks vs. trunks
  118. Why don't corporations use a closed system to protect their information?
  119. Tech Help MS Word: open local copy & merge later - what does it do?
  120. Coding syscall to check directory
  121. Free image-hosting site?
  122. Tech Help Can someone help out with apple products?
  123. Paleontology catch up
  124. Science Relativistic "time travel"?
  125. How does water get on top of high mountains?
  126. Why can't some people wear digital watches?
  127. Coding Question about orientations / coordinate transformation
  128. Dice statistics
  129. Impossible parabola? Wrong X intercept, Non real Y intercept.
  130. Tech Help What just happened to my laptop?
  131. Who said that? - Looking for a quote about sorting
  132. Maths question: x as an exponent and base
  133. How in the world do you magnetize your hands?
  134. Alchemist's Fire/Frost in Real Life?
  135. Monitor Frustrations
  136. Chemical Engineering
  137. Dummy Tries to Learn Programming
  138. is this a good computer?
  139. Alternatives to Skype?
  140. Thinking of a New Computer
  141. Tech Help JoyToKey help?
  142. Science function
  143. Coding Posterizing an image in Ruby
  144. Home web server setup - procedures and experiences?
  145. Science d100 probability question
  146. Superhero Physics: Captain America's Shield
  147. Blue Screen of Death…on a Mac?
  148. April Fools 2015 Roundup
  149. Cancer cured?
  150. Tech Help Buying a cheap low power desktop?
  151. HTML Table/blogger help
  152. Science Any anthro majors?
  153. Tapping into the power of Human(In the electricity sense)
  154. Coding VBA: not sure why some functions not working
  155. Astrophysics? Small scale tidal locked "day cycles"
  156. Are there any rodents that fit these criteria?
  157. Vim and Java are freaking me out
  158. Science Brontosaurus is back as a valid genus name
  159. Anyone else like this? Why coding is exciting and fun
  160. Science Taxonomy - Or how animals are related to each other
  161. Space Space is super cool, plus science in general.
  162. OK, so there is this so-called IT person...
  163. Superpower Science Questions
  164. Simultaneous equations seem to lead to imaginary results
  165. Easy way to sync videos with midroll ads across VOIP?
  166. Historic population statistics & ancestry
  167. CPU/GPU temperature monitoring software, need suggestions
  168. Kill Stupid Monsters With Microwave Oven Discipline
  169. Could horns or antlers evolve on a predator?
  170. Tech Help Need help with D&D5E Rules template and Art for Google Docs
  171. Tech Help How do I get files off of my iPad?
  172. Tech Help Android keeps restoring deleted folder
  173. How do non mammals aqquire symbiotic organisms?
  174. Is it possible to orbit something without sharing its orbit?
  175. Could carbon fibre be produced organically?
  176. Science Stuck with a very confusing problem.(Chemistry)
  177. 'Scientifically accurate' MLP
  178. Space Earth-like planet in a binary star system?
  179. The cloud cities of Venus
  180. Tech Help Is it possible to get data off of a broken SD card?
  181. General mathematics help? Logs and exponents.
  182. Price & Compatibility of Flash Drives?
  183. Creature Suited to Being an Astronaut
  184. Science Sapient Spiders--as if they weren't bad enough already
  185. How big could an aquatic creature get?
  186. Space Flying inside a hollow rotating cylinder type space station
  187. Tech Help iPhone file management
  188. Statistics - the chance of something not happening?
  189. Which animals might have minds
  190. Eyes and image orientation
  191. Space NASA Confirms EM Drive Worked!
  192. Parasitic plants on animals?
  193. Excel (VBA?) MonthView displaying in duplicate
  194. Question for biology people
  195. Science Nuclear Physics - Where elements come from and go to
  196. jQuery Assistance?
  197. Wii Remote or PS Move on Computer?
  198. Coding PHP/Java form submission problems
  199. Science Is this D&D plot idea scientifically plausible?
  200. How far away can you see something, due to the curvature of the earth?
  201. Science What makes Mad Science different from Science?
  202. AIs and the internet
  203. Science FOR SCIENCE!! II (Schrödinger's title til observed) - learn new things about SCIENCE
  204. Tech Help Setting up a gamepad
  205. How far are we in VR tech?
  206. Volcanoes, heat, and air currents
  207. Three quick questions about falling
  208. Feasibility of a device to vibrate the arm?
  209. Space Bright spots on Ceres...
  210. Is there a fruit that becomes sourer over time, rather than sweeter?
  211. Clean up space debris with lasers
  212. Mixing chickens 'n dinosuars
  213. Round 23.70359 to the nearest hundredth
  214. Tech Help free ipad pdf reader recommendations?
  215. Cellphone Suggestions
  216. Building construction methods
  217. Solar Sail prototype ready for launch!
  218. Partial combustion of methane (or any other hydrocarbon)
  219. Building a Computer
  220. The "Now" implication of Fusion Power
  221. The robot overlords
  222. Tech Help Wifi Configuration Help?
  223. Light-Based Computers
  224. The Great Playground Cat Study
  225. What kind of spider is this?
  226. Tech Help 3D Modeling Software Recomendations
  227. Tech News I dunno if I like the sound of "Windows 10 'free for the first year'"
  228. W Boson Beam Weapon
  229. Coding New functional language for concurrency
  230. Solved. Ignore this.
  231. Coding Programmers in the Playground
  232. Science math prof asked us a bio question today....
  233. [Math] Set of Integers With Unique Sums...
  234. Fusion reactor in your shed. Hypothetical.
  235. Nevermind
  236. Tech Help Transporter (File Share Device)
  237. What is evolution about?
  238. A conjecture on the nature of the universe
  239. PS3 help
  240. Eathquake near Japan: 660km deep
  241. Tracking Price History on Amazon?
  242. Any Excel Pros In the Playground?
  243. Why is there no desert in Southeast China
  244. Tech Help Spread(Character)sheets and Rounding
  245. Tech Help Linux OS and dual-boot?
  246. Desktop Thread: Post your desktops here!
  247. Tech Help Reuse External HDD as Internal Drive?
  248. Antarctica Without Ice?
  249. should I stick to windows 7, or accept the update to windows 10?
  250. Science Solar/wind.water tower