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  1. Advice for a Chemistry major?
  2. Tech Help How to Succeed at Twitch Without Really Trying
  3. Tech Help Can I use my laptop as a display for a ps3?
  4. How to do all "Show more," "View all," and "Read more" in a YouTube comments section?
  5. What do you guys think of orbital colonies?
  6. Illegal (so far) air taxi
  7. Black Holes Burping
  8. Help with Adobe Flash crashing in FF?
  9. Tech Help I keep burning through tablet chargers...
  10. US Civil War: Liberated Slaves - Where did they go?
  11. 3D terrain Modeling - Kirk's Rock/Vasquez Rocks
  12. What do you guys think of colonies under the sea?
  13. Tech News Linux 4.5 has improvements for mice with PS/2 plugs
  14. Tech Help Python Split Method attribute error
  15. New Router Recommendations
  16. Tech Help Installing Radeon driver on Linux
  17. Tech Help Youtube acting weird for me.
  18. If the Sun Doesn't Move (Predators question)
  19. Tech Help Recording gameplay footage on a ps3?
  20. Tech Help Recording PC gameplay?
  21. Tech Help Volume of tilted cylinder
  22. Evolve (chat program)
  23. 2 times 3
  24. Add num pad functionality to laptop keyboard?
  25. Tech Help Laptop power - Plugged in, not charging?
  26. Single-gender, hermaphroditic humanoid race
  27. Seeking Advice on an Internal PCIe SSD
  28. Planet X found?
  29. [Deleted]
  30. Why is a nibble 10 bits rather than 11?
  31. Tech Help pc not booting with newly installed graphics card
  32. Has anyone else figured out how to uninstall the GW10 update from windows 8?
  33. csv or ASCII or both
  34. Zika virus
  35. Casual Algebra: The Half Plus Seven Rule
  36. A program has defeated a human player...
  37. Space Clues in the environment that could look like evidence that the world is flat.
  38. Tech Help No dial tones on house-phones?
  39. Trimaran Galley
  40. Tech Help Laptop won't boot after installing new RAM?
  41. China National Space Administration releases photos from Chang'e 3/Yutu mission
  42. SMART HDD Error problems: Help requested
  43. Human Anatomy - Space for a second brain?
  44. Science Why aren't there more ectoparasitic birds?
  45. Help Installing Clownfish on Linux Ubuntu Trusty 14.04
  46. New Neural Interface for Brain being developed
  47. Mad Social Science and data selection
  48. Donating your body to medical science... before you are dead.
  49. Tech Help [Updated] Power Supply and Graphics Card [see post #1]
  50. Excel Help: Format cells to display positives as +no. and negatives as -no.?
  51. Alternative for TuneUp?
  52. Is Gravity Instantaneous?
  53. Science More fun and madness with time dilation and relativity
  54. Tricks for Performing Massive Computer Calculations: A Layman's Curiosity
  55. Tech Help "New" iMac G3
  56. Using a laptop to connect a 20gb ps3 to wifi?
  57. Homesteading, Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Management, etc.
  58. Computer memory
  59. Photography with medieval level technology -- feasible?
  60. What is the mindset of a mathematician?
  61. Farenhiet vs Celcius
  62. Tech Help Picking a Cat GPS Tracker (Australia-compatible)
  63. .MAFF files no longer opening in Pale Moon browser
  64. Identifying an Individual By How They Post/Chat
  65. credit card processing terminal that best suits our business needs
  66. Why is the speed of light the universal speed limit?
  67. Tech Help Got Windows 10. Windows Defender won't turn on.
  68. Strange "Invalid Request" error -- any insights? Thanks!
  69. Sound volume over distance with obstacle question
  70. What are the ressources of mars ?
  71. Making Moleclues or Compounds
  72. Why is the Sahara a desert?
  73. Tech Help Recommend a Cheap / Free Webhost?
  74. Space Matter "falling into" a black hole despite infinite time dilation
  75. M3D Printer?
  76. Science Natural numbers and Real numbers cardinality
  77. MSaGT book club (and other resources)
  78. Space Hubble volume: How can things move faster than the speed of light?
  79. 'Simple' Fluid Dynamics Problem
  80. How to make Leonardo's worm screw catapult work?
  81. Science Easy science tricks to impress a postapocalyptic society
  82. Science Falling Midair Marble
  83. A Matter of Atoms, Energy, and Attraction (Just a Simple Question)
  84. Cloning multiple partition hard drive to larger drive
  85. Can you recommend me a video editor?
  86. Space Traveling at a fraction of the speed of light
  87. Looking for a Gaming Laptop
  88. Beyond light speed
  89. Tech Help So, I may have bricked my laptop slightly
  90. Flammability Question
  91. Science Prehistoric Desert Animals
  92. Are there any search engines that don't ignore punctuation?
  93. Are there any free file search programs that can search within mht files
  94. Tech Help Device selection
  95. Copernican Theory
  96. Tech News Robots pretending to be human. Ha! Ha!
  97. Space Dark Matter & Dark Energy: Going on a Drive, or Taking a Swim
  98. Is there any way to sort files by length of file name?
  99. Downgrading from Windows 10?
  100. Tech Help Desktop Construction Guides?
  101. Does anyone know how to create random hyperlinks?
  102. Tech Help Uninstalling Avast SZ Browser/is SpyHunter a legit tool?
  103. AIM Group chat in android
  104. Tech Help Emulating a tablet?
  105. Seduction of the innocent
  106. Nutty Cooks and Ill-Tempered Kitchens in the Playground.
  107. Using laptop to type on phone
  108. "Fix" the axis of rotation of the Earth
  109. Laptop new hard drive but everything runs hotter
  110. Science Diet and fat questions
  111. Tech Help Getting a new computer
  112. Physics word problem
  113. Nomenclature of cyclic compounds
  114. Coding Coding Help (DICE GAME) Python 3.2
  115. C# and Unity - Help with programming a dice roll
  116. War Pigs (vs. dogs)
  117. How far is the horizon on the sun?
  118. Tech News A brain has been entirely uploaded into a robot...
  119. SMBC math
  120. Strange space/gravity question.
  121. Superhuman Abilities in Competitive Events Or Even Just Daily Life
  122. Glad I didn't get into trucking
  123. Tech Help Inspiron laptop screen dimming after a few seconds
  124. Long term galactic movement
  125. Outdated machines
  126. Starshot : Probe Projects to Alpha Centauri
  127. The Conditions that led to our Intelligence
  128. Did the tides ever match the day?
  129. Tech Help My Grandfather's legally blind (Computer help)
  130. Science Logistics of Vampire Blood Harvest
  131. Is there any way to stop Steam from automatically updating games
  132. Finding a WiiU Controller Cable?
  133. Lots of websites down
  134. Boaty Mcboatface
  135. What do you think about Vivaldi?
  136. Tech Help Anyone who has Experience with 4K Monitors?
  137. Tech Help Laptop advice
  138. Tech Help Tablet? advice
  139. Space Viability of a commercial space station
  140. Global Warming 2100
  141. Tech Help How to murder my framerate on Steam
  142. Python Variable Question
  143. There's an app for emergency airplane landings
  144. Cool things to do with eye tracking?
  145. Eating in the Playground
  146. Science If all cars ran on hydrogen fuel cells, would water vapor be a problem?
  147. Looking for graphic design artist
  148. Electron Thrusters?
  149. Is there any way to change my IP address?
  150. Tech Help General Computer/Tech advice and QA thread
  151. Nuclear space propulsion question
  152. Calculator Problems HP 50g
  153. Just saw Man of Steel for the first time (spoilers)
  154. How complicated can genetically coded behaviors be?
  155. Buying a new computer soon...
  156. Asymmetry of matter & antimatter theories
  157. How can I get into a half way decent graduate school with a gpa of 3.0 in my s. year?
  158. Video editing software reccomendations, and some other stuff.
  159. Thinking about getting a Microsoft Surface
  160. I learned something new today, but...
  161. Of Rad Bombs and othe WMDs
  162. Science Can a Human Safely Sleep in a Salt Water Chamber Every Night?
  163. Why no riding cattle? Or domesticated rhinos?
  164. Examples of Tsingy/Kniferock Terrain?
  165. Tech Help Why does a freezing computer repeat the last second of audio?
  166. Plumbing help needed!
  167. Science Protons, neutrons or quark soup?
  168. Neutron Stars
  169. Drone vs. Spearman
  170. Statistics: Estimating n from a random sample
  171. How do things exist?
  172. Is there any way to root a Droid Razr Maxx running Android 4.4.4
  173. Tech Help Newbie looking to buy a PC
  174. The Real Life Alchemy thread
  175. Sneaky Microsoft upgrade trick
  176. More statistics: Human Population by 2200?
  177. Injected Oxygen?
  178. In Ten Thousand Years
  179. Android being a ****
  180. Tech Help Looking for open-source library database software
  181. Tech Help Aftermarket Laptop Batteries?
  182. Looking for a computer or possibly tablet for tabletop, what should I get?
  183. Tech Help USB Connectors
  184. Tkinter (Python) Button Question
  185. Lets talk zombie apocalypse!
  186. King Tut dagger was made of Iron from a Meteorite.
  187. Building a gaming computer & budget for a student?
  188. Handgun vs table
  189. Science Astrophotography in the Playground
  190. What or how makes a supernova go BANG! ?
  191. Respect for botanists
  192. Alien Computer
  193. Robots writing music
  194. Laptop purchase
  195. Tech Help Android tablet is being fussy with wifi
  196. Combustion Engine Question
  197. Nonlethal takedown
  198. Science Help me identify this insect [SOLVED]
  199. Are there any wireless mini keyboards with a normal layout
  200. Tech Help I can't reach my website from my computer (but my tablet works fine)
  201. Growing huckleberries?
  202. How did I burn my breakfast bun in the microwave oven?
  203. Help with fixing a broken DVD player
  204. Random electric motor question
  205. Thunderbird can receive but not send messages (solved)
  206. Silotab redirect virus on phone. How to get rid of?
  207. Keyboard input language constantly changing
  208. Pilot holes or no?
  209. What's a good free email service?
  210. Yep. I have another computer problem
  211. Tech Help Suddenly I have a computer problem. Sorry if I'm not too helpful.
  212. safety of opening GoogleDocs
  213. Most helpful field of science? Most helpful trade?
  214. Running games that don't support Mac on one, and Gaming Controllers
  215. Tech Help Is My Tablet Dead or Just Sleeping?
  216. Exploding Laptops
  217. Creating 3D minis help
  218. The autism spectrum
  219. Coding Code feedback
  220. Gamer fuel thread
  221. AI Ethics Programming
  222. Time travel?
  223. Bridge over land (Civil Engineering Question)
  224. Curious about Gravity Fields, Space-Time, Compressing Objects
  225. Float4 to UBYTE4N/Float to UBYTE for Bone Weights in Blender?
  226. Tech Help Migrating Windows 10 to SSD w/o reinstalling requires third party software?
  227. Math based election question
  228. Minimum neural complexity needed for consciousness
  229. Windows 10 Start Bar
  230. How long for a desk to degass of formaldehyde?
  231. Liquid Nitrogen and air convection
  232. Spontaneous appearance of a plantetary body
  233. "Hm, we can't reach this page" cos it has the word dnd in it
  234. What is a tree?
  235. Do you use an uninterruptible power supply with your desktop?
  236. Buildng a PC
  237. Woooooorrmhooooooooleees!~ Are they possible (or even safe?)
  238. Is it possible to terraform Mars?
  239. Tech Help Buying A Used Graphics Card, Need Advice
  240. Tech Help Recommend a cheap medium quality audio transmitter?
  241. Tech Help Printing Miniatures on a MakerBot
  242. Software recommendations, please :-)
  243. Tech Help A really comprehensive list of known first names in English speaking countries?
  244. "DNS Server Unavailable"
  245. What's a forum site like giantitp, with political/history allowed?
  246. Tech Help Buying a new PC, advice needed
  247. Is It Safe To Just Rely On Windows Defence?
  248. Science Falling objects with different mass, air resistance, and speed
  249. Lunar crane
  250. MInitaures, Selling or Pricing or something!!!