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  1. My computer says my hard drive is failing.
  2. Mouse Clicks Not Working
  3. Suggestions needed to buy a computer
  4. BSoD problems - help/ advise requested.
  5. Chrome browser help
  6. Antimatter and Conservation
  7. Does Honey really have no expiration date?
  8. Mongoose and Snakes
  9. Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander
  10. HW Help with Tensors/Proving [w cross V = W dot V]
  11. Secure Anonymous Messaging - Seeking Recommendations
  12. Why do people make License Agreements unable to be Resized?
  13. "Windows 10 Update Assistant"; Is this a virus?
  14. Tech Help Steam keeps screwing up my games whenever I have a controller plugged in.
  15. Time sychronization on Larry Nivan's Ringworld
  16. I need help calculating the area of a region for my fantasy setting.
  17. Computer Build Recommendations
  18. Advice on building a PC wanted!
  19. Coding name for a type of matching
  20. Where would be the best locations on Earth to place carbon sequestration plants?
  21. Coding the deal with sorts
  22. Download speed much slower than connection speed
  23. I wanna learn EM theory
  24. Amphibious Bus
  25. i-Phone music issue
  26. Statistics of dropping dice
  27. How do you protect from malware on Windows these days?
  28. BlackBerry Keyone: Yay or Nay?
  29. Computer help
  30. Recursively opened the forum within a forum post
  31. Tech Help Reasonably Private Browsing
  32. Space Aliens - Speculation
  33. Big data vs Pokemon
  34. Space Brightness of neutron stars
  35. Science Did pterosaurs have feathers?
  36. Space Buying a telescope (while not knowing anything about telescopes)
  37. Google Chrome update
  38. Tech Help computer issue: makes noise, but not turning on sometimes
  39. Hypothetical carnivoran pseudo-hominids
  40. When a SMBH eats a neutron star, does a "pseudo pod" emerge?
  41. Browser with Cookie Exceptions on Android?
  42. Good Browser on an Android phone?
  43. Space Stargazing Thread
  44. Coding advice on a SQL... something... using 2 IDs to match within a datatset
  45. Crazy super strength question.
  46. Can't install Visual Studio 2017
  47. Lasers as lethal anti personal weapons.
  48. New Microsoft Windows version coming soon?
  49. Google, Facebook, Android
  50. Time dilation?
  51. Weird unit conversions
  52. Braking while Accelerating
  53. Alternative phone and carrier help
  54. Help With A Windows 10 Issue
  55. opinions concerning electric cars?
  56. What would it take for a vacuum vesel to be so light it floats?
  57. Burning Plastic In My Monitor
  58. Tech Help Help! I don't Think My Windows Search Function Is Working.
  59. Tech Help Phone Rant! My 2013 Galaxy Stratosphere 2 is finally starting to die.
  60. How to copy my HDD to my new HDD?
  61. Saving webpages on browsers for android
  62. Why are so many Caniforms in Arctoidea?
  63. Librem 5 phone question
  64. Anyone have experience making movies (really, just a series of pics set to music)?
  65. about using an old laptop
  66. Is there a place between Warm-blooded and cold-blooded?
  67. What is 'Infinite'?
  68. Which To Get: Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
  69. Science Confused about organic acid base reactions (curved arrow notation)
  70. Tech Help External hard drive shows as unallocated
  71. How do I change my profile picture?
  72. ANybody know how to read Chinese? I need to reset a password (QQ international)
  73. Six scenarios for a world without work
  74. How to link text
  75. Tech Help Adapting New Monitor to Old Laptop
  76. Recommend A Label Printer?
  77. Talking pets?
  78. Tech Help Laptop locked
  79. How many generations until evolution drives the birth rate goes back up?
  80. Alien Ergonomics
  81. Science Gun Recoil Parachute
  82. Laser weapon question
  83. Terrible writing advice discusses weapons in sci-fi
  84. pc emulators for android apps
  85. SpaceX Moonshot official announcment stream starting in half an hour
  86. Japan's flying cars
  87. EU to end daylight savings time
  88. China's social credit
  89. I need to recover old, deleted email - How?
  90. The third thumb
  91. How do I remove X360CE?
  92. How Many Lines of Code Would A Starship Need?
  93. Voice Changing Software?
  94. Computer not connecting to the internet.
  95. I need some SCIENCE!
  96. The space elevator
  97. Brain Networking
  98. Experience with Rosetta Stone?
  99. Steam hydrogen airship hybrid.
  100. Excel 2010 help: Change text colour by cell contents in a table
  101. Trojan Warning - false positive?
  102. Tech Help Looking for a program to help Game Design
  103. Farming in space.
  104. Science If climate change at this point is inevitable, how could we survive it?
  105. Tech Help Computer hates Mouse.
  106. Stuck on mobile site
  107. I'm stuck on a simple thing in Access...
  108. Space combat
  109. funny training quotes
  110. Weather and climate on a "realistic" discworld
  111. Parabolic geodesic dome
  112. Gene editing question
  113. China's planned artificial moon
  114. Dome size on mars
  115. Kind of an odd question about gold exchange rates
  116. Good computer for new gaming at lower price?
  117. Best Bang for the Buck Wireless Router
  118. Artificial intelligence meets astrology?
  119. chi-square distribution's name history
  120. Lava lakes mean multi-mile deep convection cells.
  121. I Don't Trust What A Program is Trying To Uninstall
  122. What could picotechnology do that nanotechnology canít do?
  123. Can utility problems kill microwave ovens?
  124. (Resolved) Can anti addition of bromide occur if both hydrogens are on the same side?
  125. Wifi Dongle
  126. By the power of placebo!
  127. statistical basis for a sampling method
  128. Advice for building Steam Tower/Media Center
  129. What happens when my pouch of salt gets wet?
  130. Asking about a site's legitimacy
  131. Why does FTL violate causality?
  132. Volcanic benefits
  133. Is there a Pattern to Emission Spectra of Elements?
  134. Space Sub-light travel to nearby stars
  135. Time is weird
  136. Is this possible?
  137. Any good Algebra 2 applications in Kerbal Space Program?
  138. Wait - scientists discovered a new branch to the tree of life?
  139. Colonizing other worlds
  140. Weather in an East-West Rift Valley
  141. Wifi Issue - Hardware Problem?
  142. Cutting power by blade thickness.
  143. Tech Help Photo editing help needed
  144. Do these technologies exist yet?
  145. Mead-Brewing Questions
  146. The death of Edge
  147. Algebra question (multiple divisions)
  148. Math is Math! Why would they change Math?!
  149. Anti Malware Programs. Windows 10.
  150. Little C++ project
  151. Would an Sn2 reaction work with H2NROR and MeI?
  152. wifi extender
  153. Fitness Trackers
  154. Karl Popper and the Distinguished Chemist
  155. Tech Help Buying a graphics tablet
  156. slowness of SQL UPDATE statements (vs SAS Data Step but any SQL advice welcome)
  157. Do meteors explode?
  158. What liquid is in candy thermometers?
  159. Why is my skype trying to force update?!
  160. Is bonus HP for Con reasonable?
  161. Some posssible implications of anti-matter being repelled by gravity?
  162. Is there a market site that automates selling of digital files?
  163. NASA scientist vs. Porch Pirates
  164. Weird new computer problem
  165. programming management style term
  166. Tech Help Removing dual-boot OS without wrecking the bootloader
  167. Looking for a mouse that fits my hands
  168. Can see images on mobile version of website, but not desktop version
  169. Hero Lab questions.
  170. Is there a video editing equivalent of GIMP and Audacity?
  171. Help Modding Nuclear Throne
  172. Those wall plug in ultra sonic pest repellers
  173. Crypto-mining
  174. Interplanetary ballistics/ meteor impacts
  175. Mad One wants ice cream
  176. Black Hole Physics Question
  177. The Cheatin' AI
  178. Monitor color correction
  179. Electronic Concerns of Splicing USB Cables?
  180. how does the internet cost money?
  181. courses or online tutors
  182. Unicode Password
  183. There is currently life on the moon.
  184. Lost Internet Access on PC
  185. Reboot and select proper boot device
  186. Science Carbon emissions of solar panels?
  187. Gender differences in VR learning
  188. This video and the science/physics/chemistry behind it
  189. What could a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?
  190. HDD Partition problem
  191. Science 3 Quarks, 3 Spacial Dimensions, coincidence?
  192. Recommendations for web hosts?
  193. Hand-Crank Generator Battery Life for Lighting
  194. What would be a good name for this futuristic laser billboard?
  195. Calculating celestial events for made up calendar (super nerdy)
  196. Can a buried animal dig itself out?
  197. Life and Entropy.
  198. Video Editing for Dummies
  199. How to make space exploration profitable.
  200. If time, space, and density could be manipulated - what would the repurcussions be?
  201. Terraforming planets/moons
  202. [statistics] good explanation of completeness
  203. sci fi/fantasy metals
  204. Transfer data between iPhones without iTunes
  205. Science Why Is Helium Make Your Voice High-Pitched?
  206. algebra question with exponents
  207. Alien Ergonomics Parte The Seconde
  208. Small scale mapping tool for android?
  209. Tech Help How do I buy a new case fan/tell how fat a fan is
  210. Math question
  211. If you could siphon from the earths core
  212. How does "sudo" even slightly resemble a vaguely good idea?
  213. How Safe is DeviantArt
  214. Spectroscopy: No idea how to read these graphs.
  215. Space Blue gas planets
  216. Light, black holes, confusion.
  217. Tech Help Sticky key on my keyboard
  218. I need the effects of rust (and decay of other materials as well)
  219. Tech Help Steam Family Share
  220. Tech Help Is anything that's charged w/ a USB C plug able to be charged w/any USB C situation?
  221. Human adaptations to living in space?
  222. Catapult Assisted Airplane Take-off
  223. Phone help
  224. What should we call people who pay to go up 100km?
  225. The strange case of x/x=y Is there a term for this?
  226. Good Youtube channels for learning stuff
  227. Science Would I get any reaction from this in the dark?
  228. Drink only beer for 46 days, no food?
  229. Need help for pre-industrial mega infrastructure
  230. Time Travel
  231. Space Are the physics in Ender's Game realistic?
  232. Microclimate and other phenomenons in a ludicrously big room
  233. Science Finally a crack into new physics?
  234. Science What happens if you get pure sodium in your eye?
  235. Four Color Map Theorem In Higher Dimensions?
  236. I wanna learn how to make video games!
  237. Undervolting an ASUS G751 - Good Idea?
  238. Sensor for testing force
  239. SMBH and neutron star subject revisit
  240. Another "Help me buy a computer" post
  241. Are our interpretation of musical tones innate or learned?
  242. Quick question about the planets.
  243. Antimatter Hazard Symbol Designs?
  244. Tree of Life
  245. Quicksilver Science!
  246. how does "my-fi" work
  247. Portals
  248. Tech Help How to tell if my antivirus softwares are functional or interfering
  249. Completely pointless math facts
  250. Simple Circuits Question regarding relays