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Innis Cabal
2008-12-18, 11:30 PM
What’s going on here? This is Lords of Creation in the Playground, a world building RP project intended to build a living breathing world from the ground up.

The Archives
Our Homebrew Section (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97311&page=2)
Our Recruitment Thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=100149)

Now then, The Crunch

What you need to know-The Player

Creating a God
Name, Optional Epithet
Played By Player Name
(DR:Divine Rank) Classes
Symbol: Holy or Unholy Symbol
Home: Home Plane
Alignment: Alignment
Domains: Primary Domain, Alignment Domain
Portfolio: Portfolio Element
Favored Weapon: Weapon

Brief Description: A description of perhaps a couple of paragraphs. At least, cover your deity's goals/personality/motivation. Just give us an idea of who your deity is.

Name: Something we can take seriously, please. An epithet is a decorative title (and optional, though most deities here have at least one) similar to Richard the Lionheart
Primary Domain: Ideally, chosen from the ‘Available’ list in the next post. You may also take a domain from the Taken or Claimed list, but you'll have to convince the player who owns that domain to give it up.
Alignment Domain: A domain from the Alignment list that matches your deity's alignment. If your deity is neutral on either axis, they may choose the Balance or Indifference domains.
Portfolio element: A (usually more specific) sphere of influence related to your primary domain. For instance, Thieves would be a portfolio element that goes with Trickery
Symbol: Your deity’s holy or unholy symbol
Alignment: The same as the regular D&D alignments.
Favored Weapon: Your deity’s weapon of choice. You can name it if you want, but you may want to save the name for an actual artifact weapon.
Divine Rank: Your godly power. Choose a number 0-6. DR0 deities are barely more than mortal (and not recommended for players.) DR 1-5 deities are able to walk the world; DR6 deities are unable to appear on the material plane without the use of an avatar.
Class levels: Any published base or prestige class levels equal to (16 + (2*DR)). You can take no more than 10 total levels in 'double dip' classes, that is, those like Mystic Theurge that count as two Divine Combat classes. You can distribute those double dip levels any way you choose between the two classes it counts as before a combat.

Every week of real time (Divided at 6 PST Thursday) is a month of subjective time for the gods, and 3-300 years to mortals (Narrative license. Mortal time moves slower relative to real time in times of war than in times of peace).

Each week, you gain AP according to the following table. You also start with that amount of AP as a new god.

{table]Caste|DR| AP/week|Max Evolutions|Max Domain Slots|Divine Actions to Raise DR

Lesser God|DR6-10|3|2|5|4
Intermediate God|DR11-15|4|3|6|5
Greater God|DR16-20|6|4|8|7

Overgods are odd; they have ascended past worshipers. When they spend points, they do so to further another god’s goals, or make it look as though another god did something. Points roll over from week to week, to a maximum of 10 * your divine rank.


Free actions
Cast Spell: You may cast any spell from your domains, and any spell from your class list as often as you like.
Planar Travel: It’s trivial for gods to travel between planes.
Control Followers: You can roleplay what the mortals and monsters in your flock do.
Claim Plane: Take ownership of an unclaimed plane. Note, The Material Plane, The Void and The Grey Void cannot be claimed.
Choose Home: Choose your home location. If your home location is a plane you own, you gain +1 to your CR while you are there. If your home is a location you spent AP on, or were invited to live in, you gain a {Home} ability.
Beget Player God: It's free to be the parent of a player god. Just roleplay making 'em. If it's PG-13.
Beget god-ish: Creates a DR0 entity that does not gain AP, and does not have a primary domain. Otherwise, functions as a god, and counts against your NPC god limit. You can upgrade them to a full god with the Beget God action.
Give AP: Transfers however many AP you wish to another god. If the AP is given for a specific action, you can share credit in that action for DR and domain purposes.
Create Herald: A herald serves as a messenger for your god to mortals or other gods. They may only carry one message for you at a time, after which they can only say what they know. A herald reforms at their god's side after being killed. Otherwise, they are equivalent to a monster or pc of CR (16+god's DR)

Godly Actions

1 Point Activities
Teach populous: Introduces a pre-existing concept to a populace, for instance, you could teach magic to the elves. However, knowledge tends to spread, and other groups will pick up on it quickly.
Nourish populous: Directly provides food, or other good conditions to a group for a limited amount of time.
Nourish land: Causes an area of land to be bountiful.
Mold land: Creates or alters a land feature. You could create mountains, forests, a swamp, or split off part of a continent. Not needed on a plane which is divinely morphic with respect to your deity.
Pestilence: Harms a group, with drought, famine, disease, or infestations. Counters or is countered by Nourish Populace
Create Subrace: Creates a subgroup of an existing race, with enough physical or cultural differences to merit a change in racial abilities.
Join Pantheon Joins a pantheon; pantheons are described under two-point actions.

2 points
Create populace: Creates a single player race, up to three related monsters(For instance, Griffons, Hippogryphs, and Lammasu), a group of very closely themed monsters (Chromatic Dragons, Elementals), or a whole category of "natural" animals (For instance, sea animals, domestic animals, birds)
Create land: Creates new land where there was none (in the middle of the ocean, in an empty plane). This is not necessary on a plane which is divinely morphic with respect to your deity
Guide populace: Vastly changes the beliefs or culture of your followers, declares war, or doubles the level limit for one of your mortal followers.
Create Organization: Creates a country, religious sect, or other major organization. Create Organization can also create a Prestige Class, along with the organization that goes with it.
Create portal: Creates a permanent connection between points on two planes. It can also be used to create Manifest Zones, as in Eberron.
Gain Domain: Adds a Domain to your list. You must have a related portfolio element, and have done three other divine actions relating to the desired domain. You must get the approval of a referee, as well. To advance to Intermediate deity status, you must have at least 3 domains. To advance to Greater, you must have at least 5. You can use any of the spells on your domain lists as an at-will SLA. Gaining a domain does not count towards gaining another domain
Gain Portfolio Element: This is required to gain domains, and helps to flavor your deity. Does not count as one of the three actions towards a domain.
Gain Level: It takes deities a lot of XP for a god to level up.
Aid an Ally: Allows you to come to the aid of another deity engaged in combat. Without this action, you can only add you {A} modifiers if you wish to help.
Lock/Unlock Plane: You stop entry or exit from a plane you control for any deities or mortals you choose. However, if the deity has 4 or more DR than you do, they can make a DR check each week to enter (1d20+their DR vs DC 11+your DR). If the plane is strongly aligned, this DC goes up by 2 for deities of the opposite alignment. So if a Lawful Good deity tried to get into a Chaotic or Evil plane locked by a DR 1 god, the DC for him would be 14 instead of 12. If the Plane was Chaotic Evil, the DC would be 16.
Create Pantheon: The god who uses this action becomes the first and ruling member of a new pantheon (He does not have special power over the other gods; but he does have admin rights to the pantheon). For every two members, a pantheon can have one purpose. The pantheon gains a special AP pool which can be spent to advance a purpose of the pantheon; the pool gains 1 ap a week for every two members of the pantheon.
Shift Land: Relocates a land feature to another plane, or elsewhere on the same plane.

3 point
Create Artifact: Creates a Battle or Utility Artifact. Battle artifacts add .5 to your CR (Combat Rating). This is discussed further in the Combat section Utility Artifacts can do almost anything else, but should be discussed before you create them, and may cost additional AP.
Create Avatar: Not available to DR0 deities. An avatar is essentially a second body for your deity. Avatars are functionally your DR-1, except on the material plane where they are limited to DR5 or less.
Create Plane: Brings a new plane into being. The creating deity chooses the characteristics of that plane, and is automatically the owner of it.
Evolve Physically: Permanently increases your weekly AP gain by 1. This is usable once per caste that your deity has obtained, and not more than once per week.
Gain Extra domain slot: Adds a slot for an extra domain. By default, Demigods have a maximum of 4 domains, Lesser Deities 5, Intermediate Deities 6, and Greater Deities 8. Your Alignment domain counts toward these limits.
Create concept: Creates a new idea that nobody has thought of before. You can create up to two closely-related base classes with this action (For instance, Wizard and Sorcerer, Scout and Ranger, Psion and Wilder).
Raise Divine Rank: Once you have done a certain number of godly actions (2 for Hero-Gods, 3 for Demigods, 4 for Lesser Gods, 5 for Intermediate Gods, 7 for Greter Gods and 9 for Overgods), an extra 3 point action is available:
Raise Divine Rank Increases your divine rank. You must then perform the number of divine actions listed above before this ability becomes available again. Raising your divine rank does not count towards your next increase in DR or towards a domain.

X AP Actions
Counter: A God can counter another's actions(Save for 3 AP actions). By spending the AP cost +1, a god can counter any action another god has taken.

When making a plane please use the information found in the SRD hypertext document for 3.5, found here http://www.d20srd.org/srd/planes.htm#planarTraits

Mortals and Godly Flocks
You can roleplay the mortals in your flock. However, the power levels are limited; in the first year, mortals cannot exceed level 9, in the second year, they cannot exceed level 18. In year three… just keep epic mortals to a minimum.


When posting, please add the following to your post, so we know which god/mortal etc is speaking, and his location, we call this The make Tsuuga A Happy Camper Rule

Osric and Coberal, The Godforge
"So, what do you want to do today?"
"I dunno, what do you want to do?"
Ad Nauseum.


1. You may spend no more then double the AP of a single Godly ability.
2. Gods must spend 1 AP to cast spells on the material plane. Demi-gods need only spend 1 AP a week to use this ability.
3. A god my only have a single utility artifact that lowers the cost of a single godly action. Example(A god creates a hammer that reduces the cost of an artifact by 1), like wise, a god can only have a single artifact that produces a free AP a week. No god may have both.
4. Free AP(Those from combat or from artifacts) do not count for Godly Actions for DR raise.
5. All gods gain a Second Wind, this is half your AP every Thursday at Roll Over.

Innis Cabal
2008-12-18, 11:32 PM

Please note: New gods can come into play using a domain from the taken, claimed, or contested list. They must first, however, convince all the gods listed to give up that domain - this both creates a power vacuum for the new god, who now has something unique to do; and ensures that the plans of existing gods wouldn't be ruined by the newbie. Feel free to say no, folks, you were there first.

Every domain has three "slots" - one for a primary domain only, and two for secondary domains only. A god who attempts to gain the domain when this limit has already been reached counts as contesting the domain, but does not actually receive it; whether they win the right to contest in combat, or use the Gain Domain option.
Every god receives one alignment domain for free at character creation. There is no limit on how many gods can share an alignment domain.

{table]Domain|Available To
Balance|Any Neutral
Chaos|CN, CG, CE
Evil|LE, NE, CE
Good|LG, NG, CG,
Indifference|Any Neutral
Law|LG, LN, LE[/table]

New gods should choose a domain off the following list. Ideally, you should choose a totally open domain, indicated with a bold domain name. Domains with a bolded deity in the first column are not available.


2.Air|Yen| |
5.Animal|| |
18.Craft| | ||
19.Creation| Ataraxis|
32.Emotion| Dayo|
37.Fire| Ishtara'kaxzárr|
50.Herald| |
58.Knowledge| Bhareld |
62.Luck| Termar and Ramter||
65.Madness| |
67.Meditation|| |
68.Mentalism|| |
69.Metal| |
70.Mind| Jesharad|
71.Moon| Lerios| |
73.Nature| Rendirllyn|
73.Necromancy| |
76.Ooze| |
79.Pain| |
80.Passion|| |
83.Plant| |Rendirllyn
85.Pride| |
89.Radiance| |
92.Sand| |
93.Scalykind| |
94.Shadow| |
95.Shadow Dragon||
96.Slaughter|| |
99.Spider|| |
101.Spite ||
102.Stars|| |
104.Storm| ||
105.Strength| |
107.Summer| |
108.Sun|Luumu |
112.Time| |
113.Trade|| Yen
114.Travel| Cryala| |
115.Trickery|| |
116.Tyranny| |
117.Undeath| |
118.Vermin| |
120.Water| |
124.Winter| |
127.Goblin | |

A Request: Please do not post untill after Faithless-He is the one doing the map and would like the next space so he may update when he can. Thank you