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2008-12-19, 06:53 AM
I'm looking for an item I know exists somewhere, I've read it before. But now I can't remember where I found it (I own many D&D books as do my friends). It's a collar that prevents polymorphing and shapeshifting when worn. If any of you know where I can find the stats PLEASE let me know.

Also, my friend told me of a belt that turns into a saddle for whatever creature the wearer may polymorph into. I was skeptical but if this is a real item I'd love the info on that as well! :smallredface:

2008-12-19, 08:19 PM
The first is Amulet of Inviolate Form, from Magic Item Compendium. It costs 11000 gp, and has 7 charges.

The second... no idea if such a thing exists. :)

2008-12-20, 02:04 AM
Hm, maybe I read wrong before or that's not what I'm looking for. That stops someone from polymorphing you but I'm looking for something that KEEPS you polymorphed. I truly appreciate the help though! I wasn't sure on the belt/saddle thing either. Perhaps it will be something I have to invent. I should really talk to my DM... :smallamused: