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2008-12-19, 01:59 PM
I play an Elfish warriorpriestess in a local HARP campaign.
The priestly thing is important to her (the PC) but i had to used a tweaked paladin template as number of suitable classes in HARP is still low.
Correctly described she is the choosen champion for her goddess, and follow a code of conduct.* BUT, while not enjoying blood letting for its own sake, she would do it if instructed to so by her deity. Good is either a philosophical thing, or what your deity tell you is god, right?
So, not being a typical Paladin the usual alignment questions is a bit tricky for me.

*All spells and abilities asociated with Paladins were thrown out:smallbiggrin:; after all the favoured category of the Moongoddess is subterfuge.
Still, being a champion and carrying a nice really sharp (blessed) magical sword she can cut people up really well. But mass-combat in ranks is not this Pala.... er warriorpriestess game.

Kurald Galain
2008-12-19, 02:16 PM
I find there is insufficient information about your character's personality to determine the alignment thereof.

2008-12-19, 05:44 PM
From what you've given us, LN or LG sound like the most likely. But more information would be helpful.

2008-12-19, 06:30 PM
Echoing the "need more information about personality" statements. Alignment isn't about your build, it's about your RP.

That said, you sound LN.

You have not mentioned any respect or affinity for other people, which leads me to believe that your character doesn't care about the well-being of others for their own sake. Rather, it sounds like you do what your deity tells you to do, without question. That is, by definition, LN.

2008-12-19, 06:34 PM
Obedience to a higher authority is Lawful. Whether it's Good or Evil may depend on what you're told to do; that depends on whether you think alignment is about motivation or about what choices you make in practice. Divine does not equal Good in D&D. There are Evil gods. Following an Evil god's orders to slaughter a bunch of innocent people is Evil. Serving an Evil god makes you, if anything, more Evil. People may use deem following a god "good" in real life. They may use the word "good" that way in the game world, even. But that is not what Good means in the alignment system AT ALL.

You seem to have mixed up Good with Law entirely, in fact. This is understandable, if you think that good = moral = follows a set of rules. D&D Good isn't about following rules at all. It's either benevolence or altruism.

2008-12-20, 12:38 AM
Seconded. Lawful is obedience to a code - which seems to be the case for you.
Good is selflessness, sacrifice, altruism, mercy, happiness, and life wheras Evil is selfishness, intimidation, pain, death.

2008-12-20, 12:46 AM
LN more than likely as they have mentioned. More info as well.

L/Whatever alignment your god is works well too. Lawful because of your obedience to them. WAYGI because you follow them in belief that they know best for the course of action.

*edit* OMG, an alignment thread that doesn't have people saying the whole span of LG-CE...what happened? Is the secret to alignments having no information?

2008-12-20, 01:33 AM
@^: The simpler the character, the less room there is for disagreement.

@V: Correction: the simpler the character is, the less room there is for disagreement, as long as no one thinks the character is either too awesome to be evil or too annoying to be good.

2008-12-20, 01:50 AM
@^: The simpler the character, the less room there is for disagreement.

Unless that character is Belkar :smalltongue:

2008-12-20, 08:37 AM
It says in Deities and Demigods that the alignments for the gods represent how they behave most of the time, but also, that Good goda may occassionally do Evil things (and vice versa)

so the priest may (very rarely) get orders that don't fit with the usual alignment of the deity.

in Tymora's Luck, the paladin eventually goes againt her NG deity's wishes because she figures that they are morally wrong.

2008-12-20, 08:42 AM
Either ask your DM, or just pick an alignment at random and ignore it from then on. You'll never get any kind of consensus on ANYBODY'S alignment on these boards. Actually, extend that the the D&D community as a whole. As the saying goes, "Ask four people for thier definition of Lawful Good, and you'll get eight different answers."

2008-12-20, 12:29 PM
OK, I just looked up HARP (http://www.harphq.com/vault.htm). Does it even use alignment? :smallconfused: Are you asking what D&D alignment your character would be, or does HARP have an alignment system of its own?

Anyway, some clarifications on terminology. Let "==>" mean "implies" or "is sufficient for", and let "=/=>" mean "does not imply" or "is not sufficient for". In D&D:

Good =/=> Divine
Divine =/=> Good
Good ==> Benevolent
Holy ==> Divine + Good
Unholy ==> Divine + Evil
Good =/=> Holy
Evil =/=> Unholy
Obedient ==> Lawful

That is to say, obedience is a Lawful trait. Someone who actively serves some authority is probably Lawful. (Chaotic clerics are allies to their patron gods, but not servants. Olidammara doesn't give his clerics orders, that's not how he works. What, did you expect a trickster deity to hand down clear instructions to a neat little hierarchy of priests? Please, they don't even have a hierarchy. Ask to speak to the "leader of their church" and they'll laugh like it's the funniest joke ever.)

2008-12-21, 02:32 PM
Many tnx for the help. As was noted HARP has no Alignement system, but as my PC is very dedicated to her goddess it felt knowing her aligment would be both helpful and interesting.
After reading the replies I figure the alignment is a matter of perspective; to other elfs she would be LG, but to those outside that culture and belief system she could appear CG, or maybe NG. After all, while she is friendly and like the do-gooding she always obey the codex of her deity, and that would certainly make her actions "appear" chaotic to those that doesn't know or understand it. This would obviosuly happen when she is outside her own culture.

I will gladly provide more info, but am not sure what info is needed.