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2005-05-10, 08:48 PM
Due to my schedule, I have been totally unable to finish up my design. I do have a few characters done, but I'm not going to post something that I feel is half done. Therefore, I'm going to drop out. I wish the rest of you good luck, and I'll try and join in on the next one. (Now that I'll actually have time)

Background: The Order of the Silent Hand
Perhaps the top theives guild in the land, the Silent Hand is an excluse guild whose members consist of the top thieves and con artists in the land. To gain membership, one must complete an extrodinary task or unique heist, of which the applicant is judged on skill, drive, and art. If one can join the Silent Hand, they have assured their place in history as one of the great theives.

The guild consists of a main lodge (of which the location is strictly on a "need to know" basis), and chapters that exist in most large cities and towns. To join, one must complete an exceptional heist and pay the membership fee (15% of whatever they stole, or the equivalent amount in gold). Once a member, it is expected that one obeys the following guidelines:
1) I will never steal from anyone who would miss it.
2) I will never steal from another guild member, unless assigned so by the Council.
3) I will protect my own whenever I can. If someone dishonors the guild, the guild will repay the treatment ten-fold.
4) I will give 15% of what I steal on my own to the guild every year, as to support my guild.
5) I will give 90% of what I steal for the guild to the guild. The rest is payment for a job will done.
6) I will accept at least three assignments each year, or face probation.
7) Betrayers will be stripped to nothing, tied up, and left to be abducted by the authorities. NO ACCEPTIONS.

Meet the Silent Infiltrators
Cedric Silverwind
Specialty: Smooth Talker, “Leader”
If there is a posterboy for charm, Cedric is him. Born into a poor family, Cedric would often find himself taking care of his brothers and sisters more often than not. Rather than work for money and food, he found himself tricking and convincing people to help out his family. Over time, this skill came in handy whenever he had to bail a friend or family member out of trouble for theft (a common occurance where he lived).

Once he felt his family's condition had stablized, he became an apprentice at a local bard school. He excelled at his art, and quickly earned both his fellow students and professors praise. After leaving, he fell into a bit of financial trouble, leading him to take up the art of conning people once again. One of his most successful (and life-changing) cons was the theft of a prized lute, which belonged to Elric Alloway, head of the local chapter of the Silent Hand. So impressed was Elric with Cedric's skill, he offered him membership into the guild, rather than revenge. Cedric happily returned Elric's lute and joined on. He has been a member ever since.

Cedric is does not look like a young gnome, but isn't quite middle aged. His vibrant silver hair sets him off from other gnomes (or anyone else for that matter), and is always well kept. His short goatee is not adorned in anyway, but he does make it a point to keep it as straight and uniform as possible. His emerald green eyes can be rather striking, and more than one person has wondered if he truly full-blooded gnome.

Cedric prefers to wear a wide-variety of garmets, depending on the job that needs to be done. When entertaining people, he prefers bright and friendly colors. When he is needed to assist with a heist, he dons black and grey clothing (the traditional colors of the guild), and covers his silver hair with a black cap.

Rogue/Thief-Acrobat: Expert Lock/Trap Disarm
Favored Soul/Temple Raider: Healer/Trap Expert
Ranger/Shadow Walker: Main Offense/Scout
Wizard/Fighter: Defense/Disguise Expert

2005-05-26, 12:30 AM
Could someone tell me how to advance a Shadow?

The Shadow-Walker boosts the Shadow companion, but I don't know how the attack bonus and saves increase. I understand how HD work, but not the blasted saves.


PS. I just realized that I need to redesign two characters, as they don't fit the theme (or rules) well.

2005-05-26, 02:10 AM
Going by the SRD, Shadows apparently have poor fort and ref saves, while having good will saves. Increasing the shadow by 2 hd increases the will base by one point (to +4) only. The second increase bumps all three up one, to +2 for fort and ref and +5 for will.
That means the first increase (at shadow dancer level 6) bumps the will save to +5, and no change to the other two. After the second increase, the saves are Fort +2, Ref +4, and Will +6.
I hope that helped.