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2005-05-09, 12:44 AM
Once upon a time A rather young Brass Dragon wanted to become a mighty paladin and crucade against evil. He went to the city, and came to the local paladin's order, but he was turned down. They said they simply do not accept non-humanoids. It's simply to hard to train a creature of such a different psychology and pysiology. So he decided to form his own Paladin order, one to be a haven for righteous monsters. The Order of the Radient Claw was origionally to be an order of paladins, but it has found more success employing heroes of varying talents.
ECL 15

LG Male Very Young Bronze Dragon Paladin 5
Though he is only 7 years old, Verdi is rather ambitious. He taught himself to become a paladin, and has recruited the aid of several associates for his twofold life quest. First he wants to defeat evil whenever it rears it's ugly head, as is typical of a paladin, and of a good dragon. Second he wants to improve the public image of non-humanoid sentiant creatures. He feels that amoung human society there is a general mistrust of those who are not Human, elf, dwarf, gnome, or halfling.

LG Female Nymph Rogue 2
Tache, isolated from her fey society on account of her lawful bendt, and shunned by human society She sought to right wrongs in a dungeon fighting feinds. there she encountered a variety of dangerous traps, Tache has become fairly experianced with finding and eliminating them.

LG Doppleganger Cleric 7
Dispite his powerful ability to change his form, Aknal belives he should be accepted in a society without having to resort to changing from his natural form. He found that many of the great religions regected his clerichood, so he in the end, he resorted to worshp of Bahamut, the great diety of dragons. He is perhaps one of the most non-draconic of the followers of Bahamut.

Glozub Nitget
LN Male Goblin Wizard 15
Upset at being turned down from the prestigous school of wizards, this goblin resorted to studing wizardry on his own. Despite his grow in power, he is still frequently regected by the wizardly societies dominated by elves, humans, and gnomes. Most recently he was regected from the order of Archmagi on account of his race.

NG Female Krenshar Scorcerer 11
A rather bizzare being, this magically inlined beast sought companionship with the Newly formed
Order of the Claw. She (and her Cat familiar) were exiled from her pack due to her magical talents.

LG Male Skum Monk 10
This Amphibious martial artist was regected from many monestaries, and trained on his own. He trained to achieve physical perfection, and to fight the evil of his own people. The kind order of the Claw allows him to fight injustice without suffering the prejudices of human society.

NG Ogre Ranger
This kindly ogre was a hunter living in the wild when he was taken up by the party to be a traker. He is fairly quick-witted for an ogre, but that's not saying much. He does, however, have a kind and benevolent spirit, and an incredibly strong arm.