View Full Version : Gaming Shops in Orlando Florida and surrounding?

2008-12-21, 12:48 AM
In Orlando for the holiday. Anyone know of a good
gaming shop in this area (or within 75 miles)?
TIm Richter

2008-12-21, 01:11 AM
Try out Coliseum of Comics (http://www.coliseumofcomics.com/). It is by far the best option. The only other store for gaming is Sci-Fi City, but they are the most unfriendly and unwelcoming people/store you will ever meet. They do illegal things, so they make a much bigger profit on everything sold, so they simply do not have to try.

If you want Warhammer/Warhammer 40K go to the Kissimmee location. Ask for Mike.

If you want role-playing, go to the Orange Blossom Trail location. Ask for Maxwell (store manager). Say Matthias says hi if you do please. I am currently wanting to set up a group at this store for 3.5, and plan to stop by soon to look to recruit people.

The Kissimmee location also does other board games like Heroclicks and such.

The Kissimme store also runs card games such as Yu-gi-oh and Magic (or at least they used to).

The Orlando also ran Magic and Yu-gi-oh up until not so long ago. I am not sure if they have started that back up.