View Full Version : [Party] Chain of Circumstance

2005-05-08, 02:50 AM

Only in Nadon.

In Nadon, justice is a very personal thing; in fact, people pay top dollar to ensure that they can take their vengeance. There is no justice system as such; instead, there is a sort of guild of bounty hunters dedicated to making sure marks, ah, reach their appointments. Alive, relatively, unharmed, and extremely tightly bound.

What this means is that, sometimes, a pursuer must actually fight with his mark, to make sure that no one besides his employer has the privelege of harming them first. An outlaw particularly skilled at provoking outsiders, or extraplanar methods of travel from which returning is difficult, might have quite a chain of pursuers/allies. (ugh, that's horrid. it will be reworked)

Theme: A bit of keystone cops, with a splash of sixties-style cheese.

Party leader (in a very literal sense): Dram Sunnyskill, Halfling Arcane Trickster

Mr. Givens, Elven Ranger

Mr. Taketh, Dwarven Rogue