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2008-12-21, 03:54 PM
Tired of the boring old exp system?
Monster CR's getting jumbled up in your head?
Sick of merciless bookkeeping?

Well, not anymore!


That's right! Now you too can bring the joy of achievements into your game!

A while back I was surfing the forums and I found a thread about ingame achievements. I thought it was interesting, but they really had no point in that context so I began thinking for a practical use for them, and I came up with a new leveling system based on achievements. Basically, you take a master list of general Achievements, and make some for your story. The system I use is 10 achievement points rewards a level and each story achievement (awarded at the end of your average session ) is worth 10 points. There would also be bonus optional story achievements worth anywhere between 5-20 points. We never used the exp system anyway and would randomly distribute levels along the way. This gives it more of a structure.

So without further ado, here it is!

Further Ado-
Special thanks to Project Icarus for staying up till 3:45 with me and making up increasingly crazy sounding Achievements
More thanks to DragonForce, OotS, 8-Bit Theater, Unforgotten Realms, Monty Python, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Various Memes and Tropes, Red vs Blue, Oblivion, WoW Flogging Molly, The Tossers, The Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello, Legendaryfrog, Braveheart, and the guy who made that first achievement thread.
We also made some up all by ourselves!

NOW without further ado-

Master List of General Achievements!

In Character:

1g- And Your Little Dog Too!
Escape from an enemy while they are preoccupied giving an evil villain speech.

1g- Here Ya Go
Burst into tears in character and be offered a hanky.

1g- Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much.
Quote Shakespeare in character

1g- Quoth the Raven
Quote Edgar Allen Poe in character.

1g- I Think You’re Drifting Into Another Sketch, Sir…
Quote Monty Python in character. It’s not a gaming session until someone quotes Monty Python.

5g- Kobooooold
Go an entire game session speaking entirely in poetry, Haiku, or vocal quirk of some kind

5g- By the Light of the Moon!
Go an entire gaming session without breaking character.

1g- Uncanny, That Is.
Meet someone on your quest whom you met in class training

1g- No, Not the Carriage
Purposefully harm a team mate for personal gain.

1g- Somebody Likes Me!
Have an assassin on your tail.

1g- Bounty Hunter
Exterminate a local threat (Bandits, vermin, etc.).

1g- The Usual, Please
Be on a first name basis with a bartender.

1g- One More Place We Can’t Go…
Have a tab of over 100g at a bar or tavern.

1g- Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Become a bartender or own your own tavern.

1g- And There Was Much Rejoicing
Be forced to eat an NPC companion to survive.

1g- Rather Soundly for a Murderer
Kill an innocent directly before going to sleep.

1g Immigrant Punk!
Perform in or be kicked out of a Tavern away from your home city.

1g- The Darkest Light from the Darkest Moon
Become a Lycanthrope.

1g- Out, Damn Spotlight!
Ruin a performance, either by an NPC or another player.

1g- I Knew Him
Have a fallen ally resurrected using his skull as the component.

1g- Touché, George Lucas
Defeat a villain character you already killed once before.

1g- And Stay Down!
Kill a Lich whose Phylactery you failed to destroy the first time you fought him.

1g- This is Your Junk
Make an accidental Double Entendre in-character.

1g- Shut Up. Now.
Develop a catch-phrase or the dreaded “Spider-Man Syndrome”

1g- Hey There, Big Boy
Have someone of your same sex flirt with you while disguised as the opposite sex.

1g- I Could Be Your Friend Right Now…
Feed a drug addict's addiction.

1g- Nothing You Can Possess
Kill another adventuring party to steal a powerful magic item from them.

1g- Trilby Would Be Proud
Rob a mansion or palace.

1g- Quality Quipping
Deliver a dramatic one-liner before killing a significantly important enemy.

1g- Freud Was Right!
Have all your actions during one session dictated by lust.

1g- One Slick Mofo
Contractually oblige someone to do something.

1g- You Magnificent BASTARD!
Scam someone, and then deliberately let them know you scammed them.

1g- A Better Man than Most
Remember your familiar for a whole session.

1g- Paradigm Shift
Change your alignment.

5g- Sins of the Fallen
Fall as a Paladin, then trade in your Paladin levels in for Blackguard levels.

5g- Unforgotten
Fall as a Paladin, trade in your Paladin levels in for Blackguard levels, then be redeemed as a Paladin again.

1g- Pulled a Schmoopy
Come up with a plan so crazy that it works.

1g- Pulled a Red Mage
Come up with a plan so crazy that it gets you in even more trouble than before, or breaks the laws of physics.

1g- You Sure Told Them
Cast a spell or perform an action that breaks the laws of physics.

1g- Vanity
Invent a spell and name it after yourself.

1g- Kick the Dog
Perform an unnecessary act of evil to an innocent.

1g- Skullduggery
Commit an act of robbery on the seas.

5g- Good Night, Sweet Rufio
Join the Assassin’s Guild.

5g- The Warrior’s Code
Join the Fighter’s Guild.

5g- My Brother’s Keeper
Join the Brotherhood of Magic.

5g- Shadow Hide You
Join the Thieves Guild.

(You can adapt those four however fits your world best)

1g- Blood and Thunder
Aggravate an Orc into fighting dishonorably.

1g- Sloth
Use a spell to do something that would have taken little effort otherwise.

Develop a battle-cry.

1g- Never Take Our Freedom
Inspire allies with a dramatic pre-battle speech.

1g- Return of The Fellowship of the Two King’s Towers
Quote Lord of the Rings in character.


1g- Dungeon Crawlin’ Fools
Complete a dungeon.

1g- Feel the Wrath of Canadian lumber, fools!
Kill a defenseless beggar with a melee weapon you are not proficient in.

1g- Feel the Wrath of Kanuk Steel, fools!
Kill a defenseless beggar with a ranged weapon you are not proficient in.

1g- Bubble Hearth
Escape from combat while magically shielded in any way.

1g- Mmm… Salsa…
Perform a melee instant kill.

1g- Why the Devil Came You Between Us
Accidentally hit an ally with a ranged attack.

1g- Always the Eye…
Get a critical hit against a boss.

1g- United We Come
Have every party member be aware of the enemy for a surprise round.

1g- Divided They Fall
Kill all enemies in an encounter in one round

5g- Tonight You Will Witness it All
Fulfill the criteria for both United We Come and Divided They Fall in the same round.

1g- No Fair
Have an enemy roll a natural 20 in the same round you rolled a critical failure

1g- Drunken Lullabies
Kill an enemy by lighting spilled alcohol on fire.

1g- Smells Like Team Spirit
Bull Rush an enemy off a cliff to save your team.

1g- I Cast Magic Missile!
Attack something that can’t be attacked.

1g- Like a Cannon Made of Glass
Deal all the damage in one encounter, while taking none yourself.

1g- Great Cleavage
Perform 5 great cleaves in one round.

Rolls and Checks:

1g- Crunk Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover it.
Win a drinking contest against a Dwarf.
Reward- The Alebringer (Enchanted beer mug, any alcohol placed inside is cooled)

1g- Be the Lama
Succeed at a bluff check with a DC of 25 or more.

1g- He Fight Monster and Doesn’t Afraid of Anything
Succeed at a saving throw against a fear effect.

1g- Not A Crime!
Bluff a guard into not arresting you.

1g- A Tale Told By Idiots
Critically fail on a Bluff or Perform (Poetry) check.

1g- You Were Maybe Expecting Patrick Swayze?
Succeed in a disguise check against your own party.

1g- 14th Level Aristocrat
Be fooled by a character with an NPC class.

1g- Through a Glass, Darkly
Appraise a gem successfully then sell it to a vendor for double its price.
Alternatively, pay half price for a gem that would normally cost at least 1,000g.

1g- Despite All Signs to the Contrary, it Obviously Was Duck Season
Be killed due to a botched bluff roll.

1g- Mo’ Like Yo Ass is Toast!
Critically fail on an intelligence check to make a witty retort.

DM Determined:

5g- Sexy Shoeless God of War
Perform an action that is truly epic, as defined by the DM

5g- Rape the Dog
Perform a “Kick the Dog” action profane enough, as decided by the DM

5g- For Honor and Glory
Perform a severely honorable act as decided by the DM.


1g- Mount up!
Spend at least one point in the ride skill

1g- Shut up, rookie
Join an adventuring party.

1g- I Loot the Corpse
Attempt to loot something unlootable.
Reward- Any actual loot said object would have.

1g- I Search for Traps!
Search for traps in a location where there shouldn’t be any.

1g- Whambulance
Win an argument against the DM just for annoying the crap out of him.

1g- 5 More Loads
Exploit the rules to your advantage.

1g- I Lewt teh Hat
Ninja-loot an item someone else in your party has their eye on.

10g- Gratz!
Reach level 20 in one class.

1g- Screwed the Proverbial Pooch
Mess up badly enough to get a yourself killed.

1g- Rise, General!
Gain the leadership feat.

Project Icarus
2008-12-21, 04:02 PM
Nice, very nice.
I have to say, I only came up with a scant few of these.

The only thing I can see wrong is during your sales pitch at the beginning:

Monster CR's getting jumbled up in your head?

You still do have to keep track of CR's, just not quite as much.

2008-12-21, 04:03 PM
It's a sales pitch. Of COURSE it's full of fallacies:smallwink:

2008-12-21, 04:35 PM
So...are your players aware of the list? Because you could easily get most of these in one session.

And if not, you're really encouraging your players to step up their randomness. (Which is fine for some people, of course)

2008-12-21, 04:41 PM
No, they shouldn't be shown the achievement list. It would be way too easy to level that way.

2008-12-21, 04:56 PM
Those are made of epic and sprinkled with awesome. And with a side-dish of win.

Zeta Kai
2008-12-21, 05:04 PM
I, for one, am rather tired of the EXP system. It's clunky, complex, inelegant, & difficult to adjudicate properly. It's also a bookkeeping nightmare. I've been working on a better alternative to the standard EXP system for many weeks, & I'm just about ready to post it. It won't be a bloody thing like what you've come up with here, but it's nice to know there's a market for such a thing. Your system looks like a fun way to gain power throughout a campaign, as well. Nice job, Link. This amuses me.

2008-12-21, 06:11 PM
1g - A Wizard Did It!

With the wizard class or being disguised as a wizard for the session, wear a pointed hat and robe.

5g - Titicular

Defeat a dragon in a dungeon.

1g - Beyond his Time

Complain/make a suggestion about something with an anachronism.

1g - Metaphysical Greed

When given a wish, wish for more wishes.

1g - Soundtrack Savvy

Quote a lyric of a song in game.

1g - The Family Guy

Already have a wife and kids before the campaign starts.

5g - Narcissist

Create a new subschool of magic with your name.

1g - Comic Book Proportions

Make someone's head spin either through an attack, spell or some strange dialog.

1g - Where Did He Go?

Disappear from the universe.

5g - Nowhere Man

Disappear from the multiverse and all existance.

15g - Oh My Me!

Gain a Divine Rank or otherwise become a god.

1g - They're with Me Now

Convert an NPC alinged with your enemy to your side. Alternately, take one of they're mount or pet and keep it as your own.

1g - Under the Moonlight, This Serious Moonlight!

Fight an opponent, make a complex skill roll or other complex roll while dancing.

2008-12-21, 06:36 PM
NPC Achievements
10g All Part of the Plan
Successfully trick the players into performing a huge favor for you, while thinking they are helping themselves.

2g Nice Try!
Expect and counter an ambush in an extravagant fasion(ambushing the ambushers, planted explosives, whatever)

5g Double Cross
Turn to the side of the players, then stab them in the back later.

2g Archimedes Escape
Escape through judicious use of a level or pully, in style.

5g Its him again
Manage to get hated by the players, and not only the characters.

Player Achievements
1g My name is Inigo Montoya.
Quote Princess Bride in game.

2008-12-21, 09:58 PM
I like this, but most of the ones I've thought up have been nowhere near as good:

3g Is that some kind of car?

Reach AC35 while wearing full plate mail

3g Abracapocalypse!

Cast an incredibly powerful spell that completely fails due to spell resistance

10g Think of the catgirls...

successfully destroy something using Major Creation, or encounter a pseudonatural creature with a starting CR above 19

1g Sort of like they went back in time...

Win an argument by removing your clothes

2g How about a flare?

Get swallowed whole with your entire party

EDIT - So everyone got the two UR ones. Anyone catch the other three? (1 PC RPG; 1 forum; 1 magazine)

2008-12-21, 10:44 PM
Hehe. Good ones guys. I like that last Unforgotten Realms references there =P

2008-12-21, 11:56 PM
Some for me

1g - Blinded by the light
Successfully cast a spell that has the light descriptor on a enemy sensitive to light.

1g - Why do the idiots always survive?
Kill a party member through a stupid action that effects both of you and survive.

1g - Battle of the wills
Succesfully counter an enemy spell through another spell. (I.E. Darkness being countered by daylight)

1g - Bork bork bork
Do something crazy and dangerous to the party, and bypass an obstacle

Project Icarus
2008-12-22, 12:07 AM
1g My name is Inigo Montoya.
Quote Princess Bride in game.

That's awesome. I feel ashamed that I didn't think of this. Bravo!

Now I will commence to qq moar.

2008-12-22, 12:58 PM
That's awesome. I feel ashamed that I didn't think of this. Bravo!

Now I will commence to qq moar.

It's not all your fault, I didn't think of it either :smalleek:

2008-12-22, 08:04 PM
Is there are a way to supplement these into a game without experience changes? Like bonuses, such as "can prepare cantrips" or "free contact"?

2008-12-22, 08:49 PM
1g-Alright chums Let's do this!!

Bumrush your way into a encounter in a dungeon

Let out an obnoxious and very annoying war cry during an encounter

Preform an action which forces the entire party to bail you out

Cause an action to cause your party to get wiped out

10g-Least I got chicken
Be the last member to die in said party wipe of above achievement.

I know I know it's old and over done but helll I cant resist!


1g-I am heavy weapons guy
Create a Fighter

1g-Oh don't mind the pain in your back!
Create a Rogue

1g-I maybe small but I pack a punch!
Play a halfling

5g- Dude...I'll hit her like a fist of a angry GOD!
Play a female Human or Elf with a colm score of 18

5g-All wing's Report in!
Lead a armed force massive battle

1g- Limit break!
Kill a monster in a encounter with Power attack while in low health

Become a epic evil barbarian

Kill your party members while in a barbarian rage

10g-There is much strong mana within this one
Become a epic arcane spellcaster

10g-I am Altair
Jump from the top of a high building and land in a bushel of hay

Project Icarus
2008-12-22, 11:56 PM
Is there are a way to supplement these into a game without experience changes? Like bonuses, such as "can prepare cantrips" or "free contact"?

Link and I attempted to do the same thing. You can actually see some of the effects of this with "The Alebringer". Y'know, giving out awards for the achievements instead of points. But we decided to focus more on achievements and less on the awards for said achievements.

Of course, in your position you could give the PCs magic items, temporary conditional modifiers on rolls, or even gold instead. Achievements are pretty versatile in this respect.

Glooble Glistencrist
2008-12-23, 01:11 AM
For a reward, how about action points? Now some more:

3g - Mega Diet:
Finish a combat-heavy session with no healing. At all.

2g - Can I interest you in some pamphlets?
Convert an enemy to your deity.

1g - You've got to pick a pocket or two, lads:
Pick another player's pocket.

1g - Drunken dwarves doing trigonometry
Use real world mathematics way too advanced for your character to know.

1g - I choose you!
Make a Pokemon reference in character.

1g - Ray of Enflamement
Attempt to cast a spell which does not, actually exist. Bonus if the name of the spell contains words that aren't real words.

2g - Dancing Queen
Use Otto's irresistable dance to take down or bypass a major, plot important enemy.

1g - Defying Gravity
Use flight to completely bypass a challenge that was supposed to be fought on the ground (cause the DM didn't realize you could do that.)

1g - Pit Stop
Ask to use the restroom - in character. (Bonus points if no one in the game world has any idea what you're talking about.)

2008-12-23, 02:53 PM
Some more:

Zen and the art of hitting the unseeable - 4g
In a encounter with a foe with 50% concealment, do not miss.

Can't touch this - 2g
Avoid taking damage from any attack, including touch attacks.

Deconstruction 101 - 1g
Destroy a building

Master of the art of destruction - 5g
Level a town to the ground, including walls and parks.

Always get paid in gold - 1g
Loot a mercenaries corpse for valuables.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall - 1g
Kill an enemy that is Large sized.

Is it just me or did it just get dark? - 2g
Kill an enemy that is Huge sized

Shadow of the colossus has nothing on this - 4g
Defeat an enemy that is colossal sized

Project Icarus
2008-12-23, 04:15 PM
I really am impressed with all the achievements you guys came up with!

Something I noticed whilst browsing through them, however, is that there were quite a few that were worth more than 1g - even some worth as much as 10g. Now the problem with this is that these are bonus achievements, and thus only perks for doing something random or cool - there shouldn't be any real motivation to go out of your way to get them because our goal is to have so many that you just run into them by playing casually. With a few exceptions for truly epic general achievements such as "Tonight You Will Witness It All" or "Sexy Shoeless God of War" (The latter being even harder to receive due to it being at DM's discretion), most achievements worth 5g or more are story achievements - to keep the game going. If there were a bunch of general achievements worth 5g or more, it would slow down the gameplay because characters would be more focused on attempting to get those rather than follow the story. It would encourage extreme randomness - even more than the current setup does!

Another thing I feel I have to add is that Link and I don't play using Epic rules - partially due to the fact that I don't have the Epic books, and also because we don't usually get to that point - so achievements at twentieth level are simply for the lulz. This explains why we made the "Gratz!" achievement worth 10g (A bit of grim humour on our part there). Of course, if you did want to play with Epic levels, you could always scale the leveling to 20g/level or more after reaching level twenty.

So, yeah. Just wanted to clarify some things in case anyone planned to use this. But, like I said at the beginning, I'm blown away by you guys. I can't honestly say I expected such a reaction to this. Thank you all for your input on this! :smallbiggrin:

Glooble Glistencrist
2008-12-23, 06:03 PM
If I implement this, then it's gonna have no barring on leveling, but 10g equals an extra action point. Action points gained this way aren't lost by resting (in 4e. In 3.5 there's no need to differentiate them from regular action points.)

Project Icarus
2008-12-23, 06:38 PM
If I implement this, then it's gonna have no barring on leveling, but 10g equals an extra action point. Action points gained this way aren't lost by resting (in 4e. In 3.5 there's no need to differentiate them from regular action points.)

OK, I could see that. It could definitely work in that context. And hell, even without any benefits, it's still fun to throw into a game just for the lulz.

2008-12-23, 07:08 PM
You really aren't good with that thing are you?:

-Miss an opponent with a ranged weapon four times in a row.

Son of a-:

Blow up a vehicle/kill a mount just before somebody gets in.

Resale value:

Sell a merchant goods you stole from him/her earlier.

Poor Fargoth:

Give someone a gift... and then steal it back.

Telvani promotion:

Assasinate your way to a higher position

Good night, sweet prince:

Assasinate royalty.

Lord Downey:

Become the head of the assasins guild

Stance of the Coyote:

Stop time.

You killed Kenny!:

Watch a party member get killed.

Enter the Dragon, or, What? Oh, the uniform.:

Us an enemy's uniform as a disguise

Stay on target...:

Fixate on an objective to the detriment of your health.

The Dark Siiide (We got Deaf Star!):

Mock urban slang/rich kids who try to be ghetto.

Indy Ploy:

Make up your plan as you go along.

Lipwig Plan:

Go all in... and then earn your Indy Ploy.

Run away!:

Flee from combat.

It's just a rabbit:

Grossly underestimate an opponent.

I need to reload:

Go overkill on an enemy.

Four Queens beats four ones:

Beat Death in a game.

2008-12-23, 09:51 PM
A couple of video game references...
The statements in parenthesis say what said references are
Oh, and 'toggle' means you decide when you use it

5g-Wort! WORT!!!
(The Elites from Halo yell this)
Defeat an enemy with an armor class of 15 or more with an unarmed strike, using any kind of gauntlet (but only a gauntlet). The gauntlet must have no armor spikes. Additionally, said opponent must have at least 15 hp when you begin the punching.
Award: Double damage for unarmed attacks of all kinds.

10g-Can I have his helmet?
(Some Halo 2 Grunts say this after killing you on Legendary mode)
Land the final blow on a boss that has 5 more levels than you, dealing less than 10 damage in the process.
Award: Reckless courage (10% bonus xp for defeating any enemy one size category larger than you, at the cost of forfeiting your hit bonus (toggle))

1g-Black Esamon
(It's from the game Dual Hearts)
Lure a foe to its death using only the Dancing Lights spell. This achievement is not affected by any attacks your allies make.
Award: The ability to give a moving illusion the ability to cause D6 fire damage, sacrificing the illusion afterward.

1g-Gunslinger award
(Star Wars Battlefront 2. Also, possibly Battlefront 1 and probably Mass Effect)
Kill five enemies with a hand crossbow during one battle, without suffering damage in the process.

3g-Lift, Warp, Warp, Throw
(Those are some biotic abilities I like to heap on in Mass Effect...)
--As a single-or-double-classed psion of any kind--
Kill an enemy using only psionic powers, using more than three powers in the process. 50% bonus points if more than one power affect the enemy at any given time.

1g-Flip you. Flip you for real.
(I'm not sure if it's Turok or Army of Two, but it's based off an achievement of the same name)
Kill ten enemies using a melee weapon that you are not proficient in
Award: One free proficiency of your choice (in anything)

1g-Your Health is Low
(Fable 1. Also several self-references as seen in Fable 2)
Order a cleric under your command to cast a Cure Wounds spell of any kind on himself.

5g-Adam the Clown Psychopath
(Dead Rising)
Use your awesome Juggling skills to wield more than two weapons in one battle (attacking with every one and not dropping them).
Award: +3 circumstance bonus when juggling weapons (ironic, huh?)

1g-Laughing's Really his way of Screaming
(The same guy that last achievement references)
Deal nonlethal damage to an enemy, and cause him to kill himself on his own weapon as a result.

10g-Would You Kindly
(If you don't already know, I won't tell you. It's too awesome.)
Use a Suggestion spell to make someone do something that they would never do, under any other circumstances.
Award: You can treat any Charm spells as a Suggestion spell, or you gain a +5 bonus when using a Charisma check to convince someone to do an action. Player's choice.

3g-The Frighteners of the Past
(Armored Core)
Equipped with a complete set of unique armor and wielding a unique weapon, be part of a team equipped entirely with unique armors and weapons.
Award: 50% more damage when flanking with any of those team members

1g-Raw meat! GGGRREEEEAAATTT!!!!
(From the downloadable computer game Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM))
As a barbarian, eat five pounds of raw meat in one sitting without getting sickened

3g-Wanted for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assault with a Potentially Deadly Weapon, Assault with a Weapon We couldn't Possibly have Believed was Deadly, but Unfortunately Was
(Fable 2)
Kill an NPC using nonlethal damage (blood loss, for example)

5g-It attacks you for 1,000 damage. It attacks you for 1,000 damage. It attacks you for 1,000 damage. It attacks you for 1,000 damage. You die.
(Various text-based games)
Land 6 blows on one opponent during one round.

------non-reference (or little reference) achievements------

Get arrested, break out, steal a horse, and ride off into the distance.

1g-Mad Skills
Pick a lock successfully, on the first attempt

1g-M4D 5K11L5
Arrest a thief by tricking him into picking a lock for you

1g-What Separates the Sharks and the Sheep
Trick a thief into picking a lock for you, steal from the house, and then arrest the thief for your own crime without getting caught.

5g-THIS is how Effective Plastic Noses and Glasses can be
Get caught doing a crime, and avoid arrest by disguising yourself with improvised materials
Award: +3 to Disguise checks

3g-If I say "Jump", you say "Off of what".
Convince someone to kill themself by jumping off of a cliff, tricking them into thinking that they'll live. Untruthfully.

2g-I Swear, I was on my Cell Phone!
While intoxicated, crash a horse you're riding into another horse

1g-I'm TNT
Mutter, sing, or hum an AC/DC song during a session

3g-You better not Cry...
In an immensely creepy tone of voice, sing a Christmas song during a massacre. :smalleek:


1g-It's not a Game, it's a Goddamn Arms Race
Obtain over 50 weapons, and leave them lying about in a building you own.
(...Okay, fine, the achievement itself refers to the nuclear stockpile)

Perform an immensely random act (by DM's definition) that causes at least 80% of your PC allies to burst out laughing

There we go... *whistle, whistle*

2008-12-23, 10:25 PM
A few more.

- "I shot him with both barrels" (3g)
Be betrayed by your character's girlfriend and/or boyfriend after robbing an officer

- The Mundane and the Magic (2g) [probably a bit obscure]
If a non-caster, multiclass into a casting class. If a caster, multiclass into a non-casting class

- I summon a pseudonatural paragon prismatic dragon!!!!! (4g)
Get some truly post-epic cheese past the DM. Awarded to the next character played after the DM does the above...

- Batteries not included (1g)
Attempt to use a magic item which has an additional requirement that you are unable to meet.

- "Your head cut off." (4g)
Serially annoy your dungeon master by repeatedly suggesting the addition of the same thing to his homebrew campaign setting, in the full knowledge that it wasn't a good idea in the first place.

- "Do you doubt my POWER?" (3g)
Suggest the same element in a different campaign setting/game

- But they don't fall, they autumn! (5g)
Fall while playing a druid


The blue italicised power belongs exclusively to Afroakuma (no, seriously), who also wields the Vorpal Power of Awesome (i.e. any decapitations). Druids autumning also comes from these forums, but the others do not entirely.

2008-12-23, 10:31 PM
I like the idea but I do have to ask...

Completing an entire dungeon is worth the same as quoting Shakespeare once?

2008-12-23, 11:37 PM
1g-Bring It
Crack your knuckles out of character before a big fight.

2g-James Bond
Goad a captured enemy into explaining their entire plan.

2g-And All The Kings Horses
Kill an enemy then thwart several resurrection attempts.

1g-Sling In Style
Hit somebody with a sling bullet with "Catch" written in the side.

1g-Spicy Food
Blind somebody with ground chili pepper.

3g-Really Spicy Food
Use a sling to send out lots of tiny jars full of finely ground chili pepper and blind a whole bunch of people.

2g-Pulling A Western
Lasso somebody from a horse and drag them along the ground.

5g-Pulling A Western In Style.
Lasso somebody from a Pegasus, Gryphon, Wyvern, or Dragon, and drag them along the ground.

5g-Western Duel
Using a readied action, draw a hand cross bow, fire, and kill somebody in one shot.

Kill an enemy by jumping on them from above while wearing a red or green hat.

1g-I thought this was a sling. Isn't it?
Kill an enemy with a sling shot(no actual slings), using no other weapons.

2g-Don't Forget Your Towel.
Quote Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in game.

2008-12-23, 11:43 PM
5g- Kobooooold
Go an entire game session speaking entirely in poetry, Haiku, or vocal quirk of some kind

This seems excessive. I have had characters in my campaigns who could only speak in proverbs, session after session(It was a lot of fun, as it was an entire monk order who did this), and it really wasn't that difficult. Even if they tended to follow a general term.(Lizards and insects at first, then fish, then octopi and squids as well as fish, eventually going into plants). This is actually really, really fun to play, and everyone needs a character who uses it. Because lets face it "don't waste ammo" has nothing on "The octopus regrets using all its ink on the barracudas when the shark swims by".

Project Icarus
2008-12-23, 11:53 PM
I like the idea but I do have to ask...

Completing an entire dungeon is worth the same as quoting Shakespeare once?

Yes, but not entirely.

I can see why that tripped you up. Allow me to clarify. You see, these achievements are one-time things. "Dungeon Crawlin' Fools" is only for the first dungeon that you go through. Likewise, you only get the point for quoting Shakespeare once, and after that you don't get any points for quoting him again (But why would you want to stop quoting him?).
Storyline awards are usually received from dungeons as well, which can be worth 5-10g.

So yes. Going through your first dungeon could be worth the same amount of "experience" as quoting Shakespeare (If your DM doesn't give out a story award for it). However, in the long run, exploring dungeons and adventuring to advance the story is going to get you more points.

Also, remember that the PCs will have no idea what these achievements are. With this in mind, isn't it more likely that they will run a dungeon rather than quote a classic author in context? (OK, I know a few people who would be exceptions to that rhetorical question, but that's beside the point :smallbiggrin:)

Hope that helped to clarify.

2008-12-24, 12:06 AM
How infinetely amusing. I seem to have been summoned.

Incorrectly, no less.

For reference, my POWER? is also bolded.


Project Icarus
2008-12-24, 12:12 AM
This seems excessive. I have had characters in my campaigns who could only speak in proverbs, session after session(It was a lot of fun, as it was an entire monk order who did this), and it really wasn't that difficult. Even if they tended to follow a general term.(Lizards and insects at first, then fish, then octopi and squids as well as fish, eventually going into plants). This is actually really, really fun to play, and everyone needs a character who uses it. Because lets face it "don't waste ammo" has nothing on "The octopus regrets using all its ink on the barracudas when the shark swims by".

Yeah, I see the problem there. When I had originally written this, it was "Speak in rhyme, haiku, or other organized poetry for an entire playing session", which I thought would be difficult (Mostly because I can't do improv to save my life). I can see Link changed it a bit, and that's why it seems easy to get now (we both wrote our achievement lists separately, and shared achievements from each others' lists, but modified them to fit our own style). So, I'm not sure proverbs would fit into my descriptor. But even with Link's version, it might be hard for some people to do proverbs.
Also, always keep in mind that players don't have access to these, so they don't know what is going to get them points.

That idea is brilliant, though. I should so spend a day speaking in proverbs. And my excuse for not doing my homework will be: "To a human, a sloth might seem lazy. But to an ant, a human seems altogether sloth-like." Thank you. You are deserving of a cookie. I wish I could give you one over the interwebs.

2008-12-24, 01:09 AM
Lord Thor... I'm not sure it can actually do that 5g
Successfully argue to use a spell to preform a task completely unrelated to what the spell was able to do as written

Is it a Spider? 1g
Kill an enemy by throwing an exploding potion

Hulk Smash 5g
While in a rage kill all the enemies in an encounter

Hide Behind the Mound of Dead Bards 5g
Get killed, resurrected, and killed again all through the course of 1 encounter

Hammer Time 1g
Successfully kill an NPC using a tool, not a weapon

So... now what? 10g
Successfully force your DM to have to completely rewrite the entire, meticulously planned out campaign he had set up

Become so pitiful that the arch-enemy of the campaign actually decides to let you live after defeating you

There Can Only Be One 1g
Become the only member of your party not killed during an encounter

Joker 5g
Create an overly complex plan that requires forces beyond your control to work exactly in your favor, this includes the manipulation of NPC's you have never met or likely will ever meet. And this plan must succeed.

How About a Magic Trick 1g
Kill someone during a negotiation and yet still have all the parties agree to your terms

Eddard Stark 1g
Give the enemy the details of your plans to defeat them

I'll Be Back 1g
Roleplay a character with a thick accent that is not your own. Do not break character throughout the campaign

Jar Jar You're a Genius 1g
Follow a plan thought up by a character whose intelligence has a negative modifier

2008-12-24, 03:19 AM
I had a theme going.

"Look at the size of that thing!" - 1g/hr
Speak only in double entendres for an entire session.

"It came--from--behind!" - 1g
Flank as or provide a flank for a rogue in a surprise round.

"I am your--" "Father?" - 1-5g, depending on the DM's self-evaluated predictability
Successfully predict and announce your DM's plot twist moments before he pulls the reveal.

"It just deflected off the surface..." - 1g
Miss an attack or be missed by an attack thanks to a Deflection modifier to AC.

"It could be worse." - 1g
Point out a way in which the situation you're in could plausibly be worse than it is.

"It's worse." - 1g
Realize that you just gave the DM an idea after the above.

"What a wonderful smell you've discovered!" - 1g
Successfully nauseate three or more opponents and at least one ally in one round.

"Begun, the ****storm has." - 3g
Deal no damage and do not make any enemies take saves in at least one encounter, and then single-handedly win the next.

"Obi-Wan shot first!" - 1g
Interrupt a duel by killing one of the duelists.

"Artoo, where are you?" - 1g
Force the DM to have your memory erased in the course of the storyline.

"We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life." - 1g
Take damage without dealing it for at least three encounters. These encounters need not be consecutive.

"I've gone to pieces..." - 1g
Pun badly enough that at least one person at the table groans aloud out of character AND in character.

"You must learn to use the Force." - 1g
Kill an enemy with only force damage. The enemy cannot be weak to force damage.

"The Force has a strong influence on the weak-minded." - 1g
Kill an enemy with less than 6 intelligence using force damage. The enemy must have an intelligence score.

"I was but the learner, now, I am the master." - 1g
Kill someone who trained you in at least one level of a class. Alternatively, train them in one level of a class.

"Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise." - 5g
Survive 5 consecutive encounters against enemies with ranged weapons without any player characters taking damage from those weapons.

"Hear me, baby, hold together." - 3g
Finish a battle with your mount in single digit hitpoints, or with a piece of your equipment at 1/5 its maximum hitpoints.

"When 900 years old you age..." - 1g
Progress at least two age categories over the course of the campaign.

"...scruffy-looking NERF HERDER!" - 1g
Be insulted by a member of the opposite sex, in-game, due to a failed Charisma check. Alternatively, herd nerfs.

"3,720 to 1!" - 1g
Successfully score a 20 on a D20, followed by a 6 on a D6, then successfully guess the number the DM writes to himself between 1 and 31.

The Inevitable - 1g
Quote Star Wars in character during a campaign session.

Plot Armor - 1g
After a previously unharmed NPC dies due to damage from attempting an act (such as falling), attempt the same act, take more damage, and survive.

Recursion! - 1g
Cast a spell in such a way that the effects essentially are recursion (e.g. casting a Time Stop during a Time Stop, or a Maze within a Maze, etc.).

2008-12-24, 10:59 AM
How infinetely amusing. I seem to have been summoned.

Incorrectly, no less.

For reference, my POWER? is also bolded.


Your POWER has been updated to be in bold.

Sorry about the mistake . Please don't decapitate me... :eek:

2008-12-24, 01:54 PM
Normally he doesn't bust out the all-caps. You might be in trouble... :smalltongue:

2008-12-24, 02:03 PM
Normally he doesn't bust out the all-caps. You might be in trouble... :smalltongue:

I don't think I'm that dead. I quoted his power as being blue, capitalised and italicised and forgot about putting it in bold. I think there is probably worse I could do. Like I'm surprised you thought I'd be stupid enough to mention something here.

2008-12-24, 03:02 PM
Wait a second
Win an argument with the result of the argument disfavoring you

Off the tracks
get your whole party to successfully get off the plot rails

And back on
after getting off the plot rails get back on in an unrelated fasion

Sneak Attack!
for one session shout out every action your doing in-character

2008-12-24, 04:08 PM
Very interesting, I'd consider using it for my Disgaea game since the setting is just that snarky. =P

And just so I'm not being dead weight here, one I've had happen in my experience:

1g - He was obviously on steroids.
Lose a grapple to an old man with a negative grapple mod.

2008-12-24, 04:11 PM
The king stands alone
Lead a relief army to the aid of a besieged fortress

Fellow Freemen!
start a revolution of the common man against a oppressive government

Isn't that copyrighted?
talk only in movie phrases for an entire gaming session

If we must die let it be like this....
charge a group of enimies that outnumbers you at least two to one

Bite the hand that feeds you
complain about the current edition of the rpg that you're playing in character

that's all I got

2008-12-24, 10:02 PM
Kind of reminds me of "Secrets and Keys" from The Shadow of Yesterday. (link) (http://crngames.com/the_shadow_of_yesterday/downloads)

How about we give characters an XP for every Gold Coin they recieve and/or spend? That one's never been done before...

Project Icarus
2008-12-24, 11:21 PM
Kind of reminds me of "Secrets and Keys" from The Shadow of Yesterday. (link (http://crngames.com/the_shadow_of_yesterday/downloads))

How about we give characters an XP for every Gold Coin they recieve and/or spend? That one's never been done before...

Yeah. It is similar to the secrets and keys in a way, but a bit less complex.

As for the idea with gold as XP... it's an interesting idea. And I can't say I've heard of someone using gold as XP, so I'd say it's pretty original. The problem is that you have to be careful about how much you give your characters. If you're good at balancing gold out over levels, then it could work wonders. But as it is, some people, including myself, aren't very good at that sort of thing. The achievement system is a simple way to level up your PCs just how you want. You have complete control over their XP, instead of trying to balance encounters so that they gain just enough XP. That's how we designed it.

2008-12-25, 03:01 AM
3g-America! EFF YEAH!!!
In the pursuit of one or more villains, destroy an entire town. Additionally, you must kill said villain(s) in said village within an hour of its complete (and total) destruction.
Award: The Bag of Chaotic Death (allows the use of 5 fireballs a day, at the flat cost of 20 non-basis damage per use. The fifth use inflicts 50 damage.)

3g-That... May Have Been a Tad Excessive...
Use Baleful Polymorph to make a Large creature Fine, force the new 'insect' down a small or medium creature's throat, and then dismiss the polymorph. Eeeeewww...

5g-Mama Scarface
Gain a Tyrannosaurus as an animal companion.

3g-Where Foliage Fears to Tread
Trick an enemy druid's summoned plant creature(s) (that can move) into falling into an active volcano.
Award: The Spear of Relative Mercy (a Fine amulet that immediately allows you to kill any dying creature of 5 HD or less instantly, assuming you can touch it. 3 uses a day.)

2g-I'm the King of ROCK!!!!!
Kill 5 or more enemies using 1 or 2 boulders of Large size that you dislodged, without prior tampering, using a sling.
Award: +3 damage when using a sling.

3g-Oh, Thine Lummox!
Cut your way out of a tyrannosaur's gizzard.

5g-Barbarian Cares Very Little for Idiot's Personal Opinions, Though Barbarian Will Defend to the Death Idiot's Right to Idiot's Personal Opinions.
A barbarian must convince what a bard cannot
Award: 5 times the amount of experience such a feat would grant the party bard (or a bard of equal level, in the case of a lack of bard)

2g-It's a Madhouse! A MADHOUSE!!!
Get a group of magic users to cast 9th level spells at each other via some form of the Suggestion spell. There must be at least one casualty.

1g-We're Eating Soup! With Garlic Cruetons! What do You Want, Woman!?!
With great skill (and cruelty), you have ruined a PC's love life or marriage using your mighty Bluff skill.

3g-Death? That's Bad for your Thighs, isn't it?...
Die with over 20 base Charisma, and somehow be resurrected with less than 20 charisma.

2g-Oh, Yeah, No, It's Our Gift to You. You Just Have to Buy it First.
Trick someone into buying (from you) something that they knowingly gave you.

2g-That's One Hell of a Mouse Trap...
Cause a dragon to be pinned using rocks. That fell from the ceiling.

2g-Though I Will Admit I Haven't Tranced in Some Time
Through astronomical will (saves), you have stayed awake for an entire week before passing... *sigh*... Out...
Award: +7 Will bonus. No, I really don't think that's excessive.

1g-We're Going in the Bear Pit.
Quote a line from Achorman. Word-for-word.

1g-Don't Make me Come Back There.
After an NPC of any disposition teleports away, send messages so aggravating via Sending that they return to battle you over it.

3g-In Retrospect, Maybe I Should've left that Last Nail In...
Destroy an entire mage's tower (of any ownership) using a portable battering ram.

1g-So, Roger, are Ya Jolly Now!?
Kill a skeleton by beating it to death with its own skull.

1g-Fancy Meeting You Here...
While on the street, meet someone that you witnessed dying.

2g-It's Just... So... Ah... Ah!!!
Kill a creature of Medium size or smaller by teleporting it. Into a Gargantuan creature's colon.

11g-Mana Out The... Mana... Area...
Have at least two levels in all arcane spellcasting classes (sorcerer, wizard, bard)

17g-Both a Bishop and a Pawn, Really
Have at least two levels in all divine spellcasting classes (cleric, druid, paladin). They don't have to be active levels (ex. Ex-paladin levels count).

13g-I Told You to Die. WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?
Have at least two levels in all combat classes (barbarian, paladin, fighter). They do not all have to be active.

7g-It's All in the Aesthetics.
Have any amount of active levels in monk, cleric, and paladin at the same time.

7g-Like Unto a Veritable God of Shadow...
have three active levels in both Ranger and Rouge at the same time.

3g-He was a WHAT!?
As a blackguard, pose as a paladin, among other paladins, for an entire week before making your true nature known.

2g-If He's Multiclass, His Spells Should be Less Powerful...
Sneak Attack. With a spell.

1g-Situation. Normal. All-... All Fragged Up...
Refer to a barfight as a SNAFU.

1g-No, No Really, You're Still My Best Friend.
Whilst he or she is drunk, annoy him or her until he or she stabs you or your twin with a sharp object. Or objects.

1g-Whistlin' Dixie
Declare that you 'escape from the scene by getting into a time-displaced car' or something along those lines and be answered with 'you escape'.
Reward: Enough confusion to fill a grain silo (heh)

1g-I Feel Pretty
Polymorph yourself into your own form.

2008-12-26, 10:10 PM
Character Creation
1g - Bookworm
Obtain at least 5 ranks in a Knowledge skill.

1g - Feats To Spare
Take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for any weapon.

1g - Loyal Beginnings
Take 5 or more levels in a single base class.

1g - Loyal To The End
Take 5 or more levels in a single prestige class.

1g - Maximum Prestige
Take at least one level in 3 or more prestige classes.

1g - Min/Maxer Of The Year
Take at least one level in 3 or more base classes.

1g - Nobody's Perfect
Obtain at least two character flaws.

1g - Superhuman
Increase at least one ability score to 20 or more without using spells or items.

1g - That Takes Skill
Obtain at least 10 ranks in a single skill.

1g - Vendorific
Take at least one level in 3 or more NPC classes.

1g - Working Day And Night
Obtain at least 5 ranks in a Craft or Profession skill.

1g - You Can't Play Me
Take 5 or more levels in a single NPC class.


2g - Just Write My Name In Purple
Take at least one level in an epic prestige class.


5g - Epic Loyalty
Take 21 or more levels in a single base class.

5g - I Sell Pure Purple
Take 21 or more levels in a single NPC class.

5g - Prestigiously Epic
Take 11 or more levels in a single prestige class.

1g - All For One
Have at least 3 allies use the aid another action to help you achieve any action.

1g - All Threats, Foreign And Domestic
Directly contribute to the death of a creature native to a plane on which you are not currently on.

1g - Attack The Darkness!
Perform a successful attack against a creature that has concealment.

1g - Because Everything Else Is Too Hard
Directly contribute to the death of a creature whose CR is 3 or more below your character level.

1g - Careful Where You're Going
Perform a successful trip.

1g - Destined To Fail
Roll a natural 1 on an attack roll during a surprise round.

1g - Duck Lower
Perform a successful attack against a creature that has cover.

1g - Fatality
Perform a successful coup de grace.

1g - Fist, Meet Face
Land a killing blow on an enemy by using an unarmed strike.

1g - Giddy Up!
Perform a successful attack or successfully cast a spell while mounted.

1g - Grenadier
Perform a successful attack with a splash weapon.

1g - Haha, Just Kidding!
Perform a successful feint.

1g - I Break It, You Buy It
Perform a successful sunder.

1g - I Don't Take 10
Take 20 on a skill check and succeed.

1g - I Stand Alone
At the end of an encounter, be the only character to have taken damage.

1g - I'm Tired Of These Mother&@#$ing Snakes On This Mother&@#$ing Plane
Kill a snake or snake-like creature (such as a yuan-ti) on any plane other than the Material Plane.

1g - I'm Using A Lance, Why Not?
Perform a successful charge.

1g - It's Mine Now
Perform a successful disarm.

1g - Kind Of Like A Mosh Pit
Perform a successful overrun.

1g - Let's Get This Done
Score a critical hit.

1g - Medic!
Be the victim of a critical hit.

1g - Mob Rule
Begin your turn with at least 4 creatures in adjacent squares.

1g - Nonlethal Weapon
Knock an enemy unconscious by dealing nonlethal damage.

1g - Not Yet
Delay your action until another creature's turn.

1g - Opportunist
Perform a successful attack of opportunity.

1g - Quoth The Raven Nevermore
Directly contribute to the death of a raven or dire raven.

1g - Team Player
Use the aid another action. The target you are aiding must succeed on its skill check, hit with its attack roll, or successfully dodge an attack, depending on what action you were aiding.

1g - That Shouldn't Have Worked
Land a killing blow on an enemy by using an improvised weapon.

1g - There's Dying, And Then There's Dead
Be reduced to -10 or fewer hit points.

1g - Time For A Group Hug
Perform a successful grapple.

1g - Twice The Fun
In a single round, perform a successful attack with both of your wielded weapons.

1g - Wait For It
Ready and successfully perform an action.

1g - Watch The Horns
Perform a successful bull rush.


2g - An Immovable Object
In a single encounter, move no more than a total of 30 feet during the entire battle.

2g - ...And I'm All Out Of Bubblegum
In a single encounter with at least three enemies, land the killing blow on each enemy.

2g - If Only It Came Sooner
Land a killing blow on the last enemy in an encounter by scoring a critical hit.

2g - It's Only A Flesh Wound!
Successfully stabilize without any aid from your allies while you have -1 or fewer hit points.

2g - Luck Is My Middle Name
Score a critical hit by using an improvised weapon.

2g - No, I'm Not A Ranger
Successfully deal damage to at least 20 unique individuals of the same creature type.

2g - Regenerate This!
Land a killing blow on a creature that has the regeneration special quality.

2g - Saved By The Dice
Succeed on 3 saving throws in a row.

2g - She Turned Me Into A Newt!
Be changed into another creature by any means.

2g - Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves
In a single encounter, be the only party member to damage a given target and the only party member to be damaged by that same target.

2g - With A Little Help From My Friends
In a single encounter, you and each of your allies must damage the same target at least once.

2g - Wish I Was A Rogue
Fail 3 saving throws in a row.


3g - Guess It Didn't Get Reduced Enough
Land a killing blow on a creature by dealing a type of damage that does not bypass its damage reduction.

3g - Hulk SMASH!
In a single encounter with at least three enemies, land the killing blow on each enemy by using a melee weapon.

3g - I Swear They're Legit!
Roll 3 or more naturals 20s in a row.

3g - It's Because I Metagamed
Directly contribute to the death of a creature whose CR is 3 or more higher than your character level.

3g - Pew Pew!
In a single encounter with at least three enemies, land the killing blow on each enemy by using a ranged weapon.

3g - Resistance Is Futile
Land a killing blow on a creature by dealing a type of damage to which the target has resistance to.

3g - Spelling Bee
In a single encounter with at least three enemies, land the killing blow on each enemy by using a spell.

3g - Still Think I'm Cheating?
Roll 3 or more natural 1s in a row.


5g - Mixing It Up
In a single encounter with at least three enemies, land the killing blow on each enemy by using a different weapon or spell to kill each.

5g - Payback
Land a killing blow on a creature that previously killed you.


10g - Go Back To Sleep
Directly contribute to the death of the tarrasque.


20g - Immortal No More
Directly contribute to the death of a deity.

1g - Bottom Of A Bottle
Consume and become intoxicated by an alcoholic beverage.

1g - Braggart
Personally inform at least 20 unique individuals of the importance of some action you have taken in the past.

1g - Cannibalism
Consume at least 1 pound of flesh from a creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher.

1g - Casanova
Through your own voluntary actions, marry another willing creature.

1g - Charitable
Donate a total of at least 100 gold to the poor.

1g - False Credentials
Forge a false identity and convince at least 3 unique creatures that it is real.

1g - Five-Finger Discount
Steal at least 5 items, each of which must weigh at least 1 pound.

1g - Frostbite
Become fatigued as a result of exposure to cold weather.

1g - Gruesome Victory
Prominently display the remains of a slain creature to its allies.

1g - Heatstroke
Become fatigued as a result of exposure to hot weather.

1g - Honor-bound
Through your own voluntary actions, uphold the terms of an agreement even though they are unfavorable towards you.

1g - It Always Starts Here
Complete a quest that you first learned about while in a tavern.

1g - Know Your Roots
Visit a nation that your race considers its homeland.

1g - Making Friends
Raise an NPC's attitude towards you to Friendly or better by any means.

1g - Mercenary
Kill a creature for the sole purpose of collecting a bounty for doing so.

1g - Merciful
Allow an enemy to surrender in combat.

1g - Paragon
Directly contribute to the arrest of a wanted criminal.

1g - Plaguebearer
Remain infected by a disease for at least 3 days.

1g - Remember The Fallen
Visit the burial site of a friend or family member.

1g - Renegade
Become wanted for a crime in any nation or city.

1g - Thirst And Hunger
Within the course of a single day, be forced to make a Constitution check against both starvation and dehydration.

1g - Treasure Hunter
Directly contribute to the discovery of a treasure worth at least 1,000 gold.

1g - Unhappy Ending
Through your own voluntary actions, divorce another creature to whom you are married.


2g - Born Of Myth
Have a myth or legend started about you or your deeds.

2g - Cold, Murky Depths
Fall unconscious as a result of failing a Constitution check to hold your breath while submerged in a liquid.

2g - Come Prepared
Own a total of 5 weapons, shields, or suits of armor, or any combination thereof.

2g - Devout Follower
Complete a quest in the name of your deity or church.

2g - Heretic
Through your own voluntary actions, abandon your deity or church.

2g - New Perspective
Through your own voluntary actions, change your alignment by at least one step on either axis.

2g - Over Yonder Hill
Travel to another plane of existence.

2g - Skydive
Survive a fall of 100 feet or more through any means other than flying.

2g - The Heart Of A Paladin
Save the life of at least one creature and refuse any form of payment or favor for doing so.

2g - You're A Mean One
Directly contribute to the death of an innocent creature.


5g - For The Greater Good
Through your own voluntary actions, sacrifice your own life so that at least one other creature may live.

5g - I Must Live
Through your own voluntary actions, sacrifice the life of another creature so that you may live.

5g - World Leader
Become the leader of a legitimate nation by any means.


10g - Genesis
Directly contribute to the creation of a plane or demiplane.

10g - Glory Unto My Lord
Personally meet your deity in his or her domain.


20g - Ascension
Achieve a divine rank of 0 or higher.

1g - My Aura Glows Like A Christmas Tree
At any one time, have a magic item equipped in every body slot.

1g - Stocking Up For The Winter
At any one time, possess 20 or more days worth of rations.


2g - All The Dragons Be Hatin'
At any one time, possess at least 100,000 gold worth of coins and/or gems.

2g - Dragons Jacked My Loot!
At any one time, possess less than 1 gold worth of coins and/or gems.

2g - Risque
At any one time, possess only a single piece of equipment.

2g - You Won't Find This In A Store
Possess a weapon, shield, or suit of armor with an enhancement bonus of +3 or more.


3g - Are You Even Trying?
Go through an entire session of play without obtaining any other achievements.

Glooble Glistencrist
2008-12-26, 11:44 PM
1g - I'm Tired Of These Mother&@#$ing Snakes On This Mother&@#$ing Plane
Kill a snake or snake-like creature (such as a yuan-ti) in one hit.


Kill a snake or snake-like creature (such as a yuan-ti) on Plane other than the material plane.

2008-12-27, 08:40 PM

Kill a snake or snake-like creature (such as a yuan-ti) on Plane other than the material plane.
I like your version better. I've edited into the post.

I also just added a bunch of new achievements to my former post.

2008-12-29, 12:40 AM
How infinetely amusing. I seem to have been summoned.

Incorrectly, no less.

For reference, my POWER? is also bolded.


Wow, it's the man himself. I'm honored :smallbiggrin:

Thanks for all the great ideas for achievements guys! For future reference though, I tend to keep general Achievements at 1 point each, and there should never be an achievement that's not worth either one point or a number divisible by five. Other than that, good work guys.

Epic props to Project Icarus for owning the thread while I've been away, and sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

2008-12-30, 03:28 AM
1g-Grr, Arg.
Create a monster protagonist

1g-Soldier of Myth(ral)
Both your armor (and shield) and your weapon(s) are made of mithral

1g-I'm... Reformed...
Create a fiend protagonist (not fiendish, not half-fiend)

1g-I Think my Face Just Cracked
Wear the same cover of makeup for an entire week

1g-Cornucopia of Confusing Concepts
Somehow go back in time and somehow prevent your own birth, causing a reset

1g-To Have an Asset
Forge a criminal gang, and become aware that one member is a doppleganger

1g- -name-Y the Boot
Found a thieves' guild

1g-What? I Never Said I was on THEIR Side!
Pep-talk a group of soldiers pre-battle, and take 1 in order to destroy morale

1g-The Monster Hunter Achievement
Wield a sword and a shield, a blade larger than your body, a massive hammer, a lance, or a cannon or gun of some sort, kill a dragon in its habitat, and harvest its scales to improve your weapon or armor

1g-"Treasure! I got eaten by a DRAGON for that treasure!"
(translated from Haley's first cryptograms (hah))
Kill a dragon while at one quarter health or less, and escape with its treasure hoard

1g-Dude, You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands
Create a coded letter that translates into a code phrase

1g-I SEE!!!
Cast Permanency to bind Arcane Sight, Darkvision, Read Magic, and See Invisibility on yourself. That'll take some getting used to...

1g-I've Got Something in my Eye
Kill someone by stabbing them in the face

Sunder someone's leg. Wait, can you do-

Through any means, level a dungeon, castle, or wall of some sort, and go to the tavern

1g-Keep That to Yourself
Jump off of a clock tower. Into an unsuspecting crowd. Naked.

1g-He'll Make It
Craft a knife out of improvised materials. You know, a shiv?

1g-A Platinum for your Thoughts
Kill five enemies, in one turn, using a psionic ability

Dante & Vergil
2010-03-03, 08:02 PM
These Achievements remind of the good times I've had.

2010-03-03, 10:33 PM
1g - Rorschach's Journal
Make a successful Intimidate checks against an opponent you have captured turning his attitude from "hostile" to "helpful".

Alternate: make a successful Gather Information check as a result of making a successful Intimidate check. Bonus points if you break someone's little finger when doing so.

Dante & Vergil
2010-03-06, 02:19 PM
I got mine from a game in particular. Guess which one and gain 10g!!:smallbiggrin:

1g - BBQ!
Kill an enemy with only fire damage and/or damage from weapons look like cooking utensils or can be used for any process of cooking (like propane tanks, you know if they exist in your game.)(DM's discretion for what these constitute).

1g - From the Hip
Kill an enemy with a ranged weapon within your melee reach.

5g - Triple Threat!
Kill three enemies using a melee weapon, three using a ranged weapon, and three using explosives or magic in a single encounter.

Bad Situation
2010-03-07, 12:33 AM
Defeat a plot important enemy with a spell containing the cold descriptor.

1g - The One Guy
Play a male character in an otherwise female party.