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The Glyphstone
2005-02-11, 08:37 AM
Weapons of the Fellowship
In years beyond remembering, there lived an evil demon lord of the Infernal Planes. Its name was Xzyron (pronounced Zar-Ron), and it seeked to establish domination over the entire Material Plane. This in itself was not terribly original, but demons rarely are. Zxyron gathered magic energy and the spirits of lesser demons to make itself the most powerful being on the Infernal Planes, aspiring to eventual godhood. When its physical body could hold no more power, the demon crafted a mighty ring in the fiery volcanoes of its home plane. Into this ring it, Xzyron poured its malice, its hatred, and its will to dominate all mortal life. Wearing the ring, the demon lord set out with a mighty army to conquer the Material Plane. The gods were prevented from destroying him directly, but they did aid their mortal followers in raising another army to defend the world. A mixed force of elves, humans, dwarves, and gnomes clashed with Xzyron’s horde of orcs, trolls, giants, and demon warriors on a great plain. The fight seemed won by the alliance of good races, until Xzyron itself appeared on the field of battle. Clad in spiked armor, wielding a gargantuan mace, and wearing his golden ring, it laid waste to the defenders. No blade could pierce it, arrows could not touch it, and the demon laughed at the most powerful spells. All seemed lost, as Xzyron cornered the two surviving generals of the mortal army. The elven king was slain instantly, his body ash. The human was next, blade and body broken by the killing blow. As Xzyron roared his triumph, the fallen man’s son took up his father’s shattered blade. He cried a plea to his god and struck at the demon, draining his life force in a single holy blow. The sword flashed, severing a single finger of the demon. Xzyron reeled back, in anger and pain, as the finger bearing his ring fell to the burnt ground. With this repository of energy lost to him, he was no longer shielded from divine wrath, and the angry gods wasted to time in banishing him to the farthest reaches of the Planes. The ring was lost, and all records of the war lost for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

Until now.

The ring was recently found by an adventurous halfling, who brought it home without knowledge of his discovery. But Xzyron was still alive, and his reached extended even from his demiplane prison to the Material Plane. If his remaining minions could recover the ring, he would be free to resume his conquest. Thankfully, this was averted when a mysterious wizard intercepted the halfling and told him of the importance of his find. The ring was brought to a secret council of the good races, composed of those rare warriors and scholars who knew of its existence long-ago. It was decided that the ring should be destroyed, and the only place this could be accomplished were the fires of the Infernal Plane that crafted it. A party of adventurers was formed, to guard the fated halfling on his journey to save the Material Plane. They travel in secret, searching for the arcane gateway to that area of the Infernal Plane where they were bound. These are the weapons they carry, for protection from Xzyron’s devilish underlings that aim to reclaim it for their master.

Staff of the Wizard
A wooden staff that holds many hidden powers. It counts as a Quarterstaff +3 that can only be wielded by a character capable of casting arcane spells. Three times per day, the wielder may use each of the following spells: Flare, Light. If wielded by any other type of character, it possesses no magic abilities or enhancements.
(Minor Evocation, CL 9th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Flare, Light, Market Price = 14,600 gp; To create = 7300 GP, 584 XP)

Bow of the Elven Prince
This ornately carved bow can only be wielded by an elf. When in the hands of an elf, it counts as a Seeking Longbow of Speed and Distance +2. If wielded by any other type of character, it possesses no magic abilities or enhancements.
(Strong Evocation, CL 6th, Craft Magic Weapon,Clairvoyance, True Seeing, Haste; Market Price = 103,872 gp; To create = 51936 GP, 4154 XP)

Axe of the Stalwart Dwarf
A masterfully forged and inlaid waraxe, this weapon may only be wielded by a, dwarf. When in the hands of a dwarf, it counts as a Cold Iron Keen Dwarven Waraxe of Mighty Cleaving +3. If wielded by any other type of character, it possesses no magic abilities or enhancements (but still counts as cold iron for purposes of overcoming damage reduction).
(Strong Evocation, CL 8th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Keen Edge, Divine Power; Market Price = 54,372 gp; To create = 27,186 GP, 2174 XP)

The Halfling’s Blade
Originally a small dagger meant for a human, this blade is a perfectly size sword for a halfling. Its magic is unapparent until an orc, half-orc, or goblinoid creature of any type approaches to within 100 feet of the blade, when it will begin to glow with a soft blue light. This effect persists until their are none of the above creatures within its range, and the glow is brighter the closer the creatures are.
(Minor Abjuration, CL 3rd, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Alarm, Light, Market Price = 10,302 gp; To create = 5151 GP, 412 XP)

The Sword of Kings
Forged from the very fragments of the blade that wounded Xzyron itself, this weapon is a potent tool against the minions of the Infernal Plane. It may only be wielded by a human of Good alignment. When it the hands of a Good-aligned human, it counts as a Keen Longsword of Banishment +5. Any extraplanar creature struck by a weapon with the Banishment ability is affected as per the cleric spell Banishment. The sword automatically counts as a feared or hated object with double the normal effect.
(Strong Abjuration, CL 6th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Banishment; Market Price = 180, 315 gp; To create = 90157 GP, 7212 XP)

The Ring of Power
Almost an artifact in its own right, there is nothing more dangerous or deadly as this seemingly harmless golden ring. When heated in a fire, script in the Infernal language appears on the inside of the ring. A character that can read Infernal will translate it as such:
“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.”
When placed on a finger, the Ring of Power immediately benefits from a Greater Invisibility spell on himself. The effect will be negated by a successful Dispel Magic or by an antimagic field, but the character can always choose to reinstate the effect as a free action on his next turn. The effect ends once the ring is removed. But wearing the ring puts the character in direct contact with Xzyron’s tortured spirit, which can have greatly adverse effects. Each time the ring is placed upon the wearer’s finger, they must pass a Will save with a DC equal to (10 + # of months ring has been carried + # of times ring has been worn). If the save is made, no adverse effects occur. If it is failed, the subject immediately suffers a permanent alignment shift of one level towards Chaotic Evil. Also, the character is affected by a Greater Scrying spell that can be seen by any demon under the control of Xzyron, that persists for 1 hour. A Chaotic Evil character carrying the Ring of Power will stop at nothing to deliver it to Xzyron. Any character is possession of the Ring will be loathe to give it up, any attempt or request recieving a hostile refusal. If the attempt persists or force is used, the character will go into a Rage in defense of his “precious”.

(Strong Illusion, CL 12th; Forge Ring; Greater Invisibility, Greater Scrying, Blasphemy, Magical Conduit, Rage; Market Price = 1,400,000 GP; To create = 700,000 gp, 350,000 XP; creator must be an Outsider with the Lawful and Evil subtypes)

Horn of the Citadel
This masterfully worked horn is carved of wood and inlaid with silver and mithral. It is an heirloom of an ancient human noble family, and is carried by the heir to its fortune. It appears to be a normal horn unless blown by a member of the family, in which case it immediately summons 1D4+2 3rd level Human Fighters to fight for the user. This functions exactly like a Horn of Valhalla, except that it summons Fighters instead of Barbarians. Like the Horn of Valhalla’s barbarians, these summoned Fighters are considered constructs, and appear with the standard equipment for their class. They will fight until all enemies have been slain, until they are slain, or until one hour has passed. The horn may be blown once per day.

(Strong conjuration; CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster VI; Price 50,000 gp; To create = 25000 GP, 2000 XP)

2005-02-12, 08:10 AM
btw, you need to comply with the competition rules?
Entry must have 1)weapon or armour
2) a ring
3) a wondrous item
4) two other items of your choice

The Glyphstone
2005-02-12, 04:22 PM

All right, consider this ste withdrawn for editing. It wasn't really serious, anyways.

I didn't know there were specific rules.

2005-02-12, 04:48 PM
Don't be discouraged - those are minimums, not strict regulations. You can have more if you want.

2005-02-12, 05:35 PM
Heh yeah.. if I recall what you had listed correctly, you only needed to add one wondrous item or such to make the requirements :)

The Glyphstone
2005-02-12, 05:51 PM
yeah..repricing the Ring of Power to an actual Ring, and building a Horn of the Citadel to fit the Wondrous Item requirement. Working on it now.

2005-02-12, 08:18 PM
Not the Horn of Gondor?

*offtopic warning!*

The Glyphstone
2005-02-13, 08:42 AM
They're baaaaaaaacck! ;D

Consider this item set to be my entry into the "Funniest Item" set. I'll also be entering a set of serious items, the Gear of the Gentle Golem, but you guys can chew on this for a while. ;)

2005-02-14, 03:24 PM
I like gandalf's staff. Proof that the man never bothered to read his spellbook.

2005-02-20, 04:15 PM
You might want to go over your requisites a bit.

I think the staff would need CL9 and Craft magic arms and armor to be able to be +3 - and the bow likely needs a spell or two to be constructed, ditto the axe.

Is Xzyron a combination of Xykon and Sauron? ;)

2005-02-20, 04:39 PM
Probably not, but he could've thrown that in to help stop the copyright infringing.

The Glyphstone
2005-02-21, 06:55 AM
As for the staff, it was supposed to be a STAFF, but staffs can't get enhancement bonuses. :-[ Thus, it shall be switched to a Magic Weapon with the appropriate Feat and up it to CL9 (a net +1000GP to the price).

The Axe does need Keen Edge and Divine Power, but the costs are already included in the enhancement, I think. Same for the bow (clarivoyance, true seeing, haste).

As to Xzyron, it's no relation to Xykon. I just wanted a suitable Sauron-sounding name.

P.S. Edited and prepped for entry. Vote for the Fellowship (if you don't like the Gentle Golem)! ;D

2005-02-28, 07:19 AM
Why is the language written in Infernal, if "Xzyron" is Chaotic Evil? From what I remember, the original "Xzyron" was probably Lawful Evil, which would match your choice of language.

The Glyphstone
2005-02-28, 07:37 AM
Cause....Er....I hadn't known the difference between the Infernal and Abyssal planes (devils and demons) when I wrote this? ???

I'll make him Lawful Evil, but keep the alignment shift the same. The actual alignment of "Xzyron" isn't too important, that last line in the Ring was just a "No PC Should Ever Be Capable Of Forging This Unless They Planned It From The Start" clause.