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2008-12-22, 04:13 PM
Hi all,

First post here. I humbly beseech your wisdom. :smallsmile:

I looked at the character build thread, but it looks like it died out, so I thought I'd post here. Still, I'll use the format they outlined, as it seemed like a good one.

Q.1. Could you please give me suggestions for a gestalt 5th level dread necromancer/(not sure)?
Books: No restrictions, so long as they're WOTC 3.5
Race: Nothing with a level adjustment
Class: Dread Necromancer looks cool, but I can't decide on the other half
Ability Scores: 32 point buy
Alignment: LN
House Rules: DM says we're gonna be low on magic items for the campaign, so I can't rely on a "Rod of blah" to boost my undead minions.
Concept: The rest of the party is probably gonna be good, so I'll be the black sheep of the party (definitely the only Tomb-Tainted Soul - I'm assuming this'll be my first feat). We're playing resurrected champions who have been brought back at diminished power. I'm thinking about an arrogant Lich lord, who has his alignment switched from LE to LN due to being brought back from the dead (the restoration of his soul). Something like if Azalin were suddenly reborn, only with a conscience.
Other: This character will most likely be played through level 20, perhaps beyond, but not sure. So I'd also love some advice on where to go with him after 5th level. Pale Master? True Necromancer?

Q.2. I'm looking to double-dip, as it were, on my good stats. Assuming that Dex and Cha are both high, what other classes rely on just those two that would be a good second class. Bard with the Requiem feat? Hexblade (though that requires dipping into Int, and Str)? Straight up Sorcerer? Or should I just let go of the double-dipping idea and go with a more generalized/less min-maxy kind of guy?

Q.3. Hey, while I've got you, I'm a little unclear about controlling undead. To control Rebuked undead is a standard action. What about summoned undead? What about animated undead? What about those under the effects of Command Undead?

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :smallsmile:

2008-12-22, 04:19 PM
Well, first off, is the no LA a DM rule? If so, that's fine, but if you're worried about loss of power, Gestalt is the best possible time to use such things.

Any way. I would recommend going for the Necropolitan ritual, which will give you the undead subtype. Quite attainable at level 5, and allows you to achieve infinite healing of you and your undead with the DNs negative energy burst ability. This all without having to burn a feat on Tomb Tainted Soul. Which, BTW you should take if you don't go Necropolitan.

As for where to go after 5th, DN is one of the few lovely classes that are perfectly good to take 1-20.

Don't go True Necro. It's a trap in almost all situations. And even in the places it's not, it's still inferior to many other options.

Human Paragon 3
2008-12-22, 04:22 PM
You decided against Favored Soul then?

Bard would be an excellent choice, as would Paladin of Tyrany if you want to be sturdier. You'd get good BAB good Fort save, CHA bonus to saves, etc if you went with paladin. From there you can go right into black guard if it pleases you.

Favored Soul is a good fit, though I have to say. It's CHA based casting and there are plenty of buffs for your undead on the cleric list.

As far as controlling undead, I believe summoned undead attack on your turn unless instructed to do otherwise. I would apply the same logic to animated undead.

2008-12-22, 04:59 PM
Bard, Paladin of [Evil], potentially Crusader. Or all of the above, if you feel like it and your DM isn't one to use those dumb multiclassing penalties.

Of those, I'd probably go Bard 2/Paladin 2/[insert Sublime Chord build here], for Bard spellcasting to fill in the massive gaps in the Dread Necro's spell list, or Bard 4/Crusader 16 with Requiem (I think that's the feat, lets bard song affect undead) and Song of the White Raven.

2008-12-22, 05:01 PM
Warlock, although there is always the option of being Elan, taking Psion solely for the power points to fuel defense, then using the psion levels to take the psionic uncarnate prestige class, giving your incorporeality.

2008-12-22, 09:20 PM
Thanks for all the great suggestions!!!

I can't do the paladin of tyranny, as my character has to hang out with the good guys (I'm thinking Lawful Neutral as the alignment, the ends justify the law, be they good or bad).

The no level adjustments thing is a DM restriction (he had to restrict something I suppose).

2008-12-22, 09:34 PM
Too bad about that, sylph would have rocked for this.

Anyway I vote bard, go sublime chord when you can. (Provided you can use prC. Some gestalts don't)

(I'm thinking Lawful Neutral as the alignment, the ends justify the law, be they good or bad).

You can justify that with LE. Espically Paladin of tyranny. Sounds like Tyranny itself, actually.

tyr⋅an⋅ny [tir-uh-nee] –noun, plural -nies.
1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
2. the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
3. a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler.
4. oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.
5. undue severity or harshness.
6. a tyrannical act or proceeding

2008-12-22, 09:40 PM
These (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=759515) two (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=599129) threads are good reading material for any necromancer, and especially a Dread Necro.

Random NPC
2008-12-23, 12:58 AM
Human Dread Necromancer//Cloistered Cleric is quite solid.

DEX 10
CON 12
WIS 16
CHA 18

Tomb-Tainted Soul is a must, btw