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2008-12-23, 06:03 AM
I just had to describe the end of doctor William Huntington-Macy as it was, possibly, one of the coolest ways to go imagineable.

We're investigating the disappearance of three men in WoD. We end up at this weird police lab and the personnel have been turned into, essentially zombies. My character is the only who escapes from the original search party. He finds himself in the cafeteria with a few pills as the entire police deprtment comes crashing down on the building. As most of the police except for the seargent and the PC's are sent to confront the zombies en masse and die horribly, ol' Bill realizes he's infected. Luckily, the pills seem to hold everythign at bay. But as he realizes that his wounds close and that he has adove-average strength, he begins to understand that his relief from brain-eating frenzy is only temporary.

In the end, we escape the complex. However, I lose my pills, all but one, which I have given to my friend. I throw mysel back into the complex so I won't be a part of the problem. Standing there is Binks, the pack-leader of the zombies. Channeling all his pride and faith into his blows, he decides to jump at him, to die while he's still a little human. Convincing the virus clouding his thoughts that he's out to prove that he's number one, he charges and proceeds to tear at the leader, who off-handedly tears off his legs. Then, suddenly, the sergeant emerges, shooting Binks so that he falls over. Bill's torso shuffles towards Bink's shotgun and shoots him. He's blasted into a wall, but then shoots again. It's a lucky shot and Bink's head comes clean off. He then turns the gun on himself, with a warcry of "God, here I come,!" and then he lays himself to rest.

So, what about you? Any epic deaths?

2008-12-23, 06:10 AM
I really don't have any thing that can compare to that.....

Actually, come to think of it, i donít have any at all. i need to get my characters killed more often :smallamused:

2008-12-23, 09:37 AM
I gotta story:

So I was an Aasimar druid in a 3.5 campaign. I hated my level adjustment. So I decided to get rid of it.

We encountered some Efreeti on our way into a volcano. We had no idea how to get through the volcano, so we ask them. They tell us to go to hell. Little to they know that we've discovered their dice game in the next room. They weren't playing at the time, but they'd left the dice there. I challenge them to a game of dice. We win, with coming out with some cold damage (it was craps, and every time you rolled, you had to put your hand into the rimefire), and get them to show us the way. Predictably, they lead us to possible destruction. Our buddy the Avoral Guardinal decides that he likes getting melee'd, and dies. His character was my character's friend, so I made an offer with the Efreeti. They could kill me and eat my corpse, and in return they would revive the avoral. Our party member the Dragonfire Adept had this spear that extends, so I took that and put it in my mouth, and activated it, killing me instantly and putting me on a spit. My body was enjoyed by all.

So I get resurrected as a horribly disfigured mongrelfolk, appearance score 6. No big deal, I get good stuff from this. But I got this taint effect from coming back from the dead, and all of a sudden I'm angry all the time. I decided that I would start spiralling slowly into madness, because that's always fun. Several levels later, I find myself in a temple of pure evil and squishy vile jello. And I encounter my character's father, in this story a fallen planetar (mother a nymph). I begin chasing after him, ignoring everything else. The avoral gets paralyzed and dies in a collapsing room trap. Unfortunately for me, he's a 17HD monster with 20th level cleric powers and a bunch of other **** like that, and I'm a level 11 druid who ran out of useful spells for the day and got strength drained and **** like that. Needless to say, I couldn't even damage him. Lucky for me, the party paladin scored a critical hit on a smite charge, but if that hadn't've happened, we'd have been royally screwed. So I go over to my father's dead body, and I touch it. I get this feeling of overwhelming good in me, and I get the urge to purge. So I puke out all the vile feelings and madness, and I get a full rebuild, and I turn into a Binder because the rest of the party sucks too much to hang with a druid of any level (I destroyed a tag team of 2 people in 2 rounds), and fun was had by all.

Except for the avoral, who was resurrected as a half-kython wizard/sorceror/ultimate magus. Like I said, they can't hang with druids. In fact, I was pretty much carrying the party for a few battles there, defeating almost all of the mooks while 5 people stood around with their hands up their butts trying to kill this one dude.

2008-12-23, 10:08 AM
Hehe. We spent over 2 months of real time and almost half a year of in-game time planning and setting up the death of my first character. It was all an elaborate plan to make him become the year-king of this kingdom which sacrificed its king to its goddess every year. We corrupted the church, raised a peasant rebellion, and fought and won a civil war to get me turned into a human sacrifice. When I died, our god used the corruption of their most important ritual to steal their goddess' power for himself. My dark paladin went down as a saint and figure of legend in the black cult we were all members of. :)

2008-12-23, 01:23 PM
these are all so awesome the only time i really remember a character dying was kinda un-impressive.

2008-12-23, 01:35 PM
umm, the best death i ever had was a sorceror i made that was cursed at birth to die if his paremts died. so he casts a flesh to stone spell on them, and then permanency. unfortunately, a castle is constructed around them as he grows older, and an army of orcs take over the castle. but they decide that the castle is unwanted and blow it up. so in the middle of a battle with Boccob, my character explodes. dealing 14d10 damage to all within a 100' radius, killing Boccob and the entire party (the battle was almost over).

2008-12-23, 01:47 PM
umm, the best death i ever had was a sorceror i made that was cursed at birth to die if his paremts died. so he casts a flesh to stone spell on them, and then permanency. unfortunately, a castle is constructed around them as he grows older, and an army of orcs take over the castle. but they decide that the castle is unwanted and blow it up. so in the middle of a battle with Boccob, my character explodes. dealing 14d10 damage to all within a 100' radius, killing Boccob and the entire party (the battle was almost over).
Flesh to Stone is Instantaneous in Duration, you don't need to Permanency it, not would you be able to if you tried, as it is ineligible.

2008-12-23, 01:49 PM
Flesh to Stone is Instantaneous in Duration, you don't need to Permanency it, not would you be able to if you tried, as it is ineligible.

oh, I was new to DnD at the time, and so i thought you had to. oops, oh well, it was just in my backstory.

2008-12-23, 01:49 PM
umm, the best death i ever had was a sorceror i made that was cursed at birth to die if his paremts died. so he casts a flesh to stone spell on them, and then permanency. unfortunately, a castle is constructed around them as he grows older, and an army of orcs take over the castle. but they decide that the castle is unwanted and blow it up. so in the middle of a battle with Boccob, my character explodes. dealing 14d10 damage to all within a 100' radius, killing Boccob and the entire party (the battle was almost over).
This is what cracked me up. "So yeah, I died, but I took the god of Magic with me."
Epic win, good sir. :smallbiggrin:

2008-12-23, 01:51 PM
This is what cracked me up. "So yeah, I died, but I took the god of Magic with me."
Epic win, good sir. :smallbiggrin:

i thought so. we were a level 34-average party at the time, with six of us. it was an intense campaign, especially because we started at level 1. but the DM was the best i know, and it was my first time playing.

2008-12-23, 02:06 PM
Okay, I've posted this one before, but it's so good that I have to re-post it.

I'm DM'ing a pretty darn good group of players, who are more into their character as a character than as a stat sheet. You've got your basic group: Paladin of Pelor, Cleric of Heironous, 'Rogue' who is more along the lines of 'scout and security expert', bookish elvin wizard, Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple, and a Fighter/Barbarian meat shield + damage output.

Well, the campaign ran for over two years, all told, starting from level 1 to 20. When all the characters hit 20, I set up the Final Battle for the game to retire.

The plotline was fairly simple: Evil Undead Dude was trying to Put Himself Back Together Again and unleash a new era of darkness. Party was running around trying to keep this from happening. Unfortunately for them, they kinda mis-interpreted one of the 'prophecies' I sent them, so instead of getting the power they needed to lock him away forever, they gained the power they needed FROM the lock that was designed to hold him forever, releasing him.


Okay, so here's the final layout. You've got your typical 'army of undead' spread out, with leutenant big things every so often, and you've got Mr. Undead Dude standing on a pyramid, spouting his final monologue 'I will rule bla bla bla'. Party goes 'in your dreams'. Fight ensues.

They were getting all kinds of tied up by little 5-10 HD mooks (this is a level 20 party, and were taking too much time with them), so I decided to chunk a Disintegrate at the Paladin, to let them know that if they don't get to Mr. Undead Dude quickly, he was going to rain all over their parade. I didn't figure it would actually work, Paladin's got a high Fort save, high Con, and high Charisma, he basically needed to NOT roll a 1 to make the save.

He rolled a 1.

The player was sitting there looking at that die with a mix of horror and sorrow. In fact, the whole table shut up as they saw what he rolled.

Rather than just say "Oh well, sucks to be you, should have gotten on that caster quicker", I took him aside.

"As the green ray hits you, everything goes white, then pure black. When you come to your senses, you are lying on something hard, and there is absolutely no light, you are too weak to even move, much less try to summon light. Eventually, you see a light source in the distance, walking to you. As it comes nearer, you recognize it as a manifestation of Pelor himself.

"Son, you have fought bravely. You have been a champion of the Light, in both word and deed. You never turned your back on a good deed that needed doing. You never shirked in giving alms. You have left the world a better place than when you found it. It is now time for you to go Home and have the reward you so richly deserve."

"My Lord, you know my heart, you know that I did what I did because it needed doing, not because of some reward. But I am not content. I have left my allies, abandoned my cause, when they need my help the most. Is there any way for me to return?"

"Think carefully on what you ask. There are rules that bind even the likes of Me. Your friends are worthy comrades, they could defeat this foe without your aid."

"Will they? Lord, answer me this: Will they defeat him for all time without further losses?"

"Ahh, you would ask me that. No, not for all time, and not without further losses, although they will win the day."

"Then, Lord, if I were to go back, could he be defeated for all time? Could my friends not die?"

"If you were to go back, then yes, you would defeat him for all time, and none of your friends would die. However, be careful in your choice. Your Cleric Buddy knows how to bring even ashes back to life. He will not be among those dead. He can simply resurrect you and your friends. Why is it so imperative that you go back?"

"Because if I do not, he will simply come back again, after we are all gone. Who, then, will protect the world from him? Please, I beg you, let me go back."

"Before I do so, let me first warn you: If I do so, you will only be able to do so for a short period of time, then you must come back to me, for all time. No spell of resurrection will work from then on, you will be Home, and away from your friends until they join Us. Are you certain this is what you wish to do?"

"A heavy price, I pay it gladly."

So, back to the table we go. The other players ready to console him. Then the next turn:

"A shining beacon of light comes down from the heavens, piercing the overcast sky, targeting the spot where your comrade once was. A burst of light erupts from that spot, undead turning to ash nearby, and shying away further from the effect. When it is over, there is your friend, visibly glowing with a brilliant white light."

Basically, I drop a few effects on him, such as Death Ward and Positive Energy Aura, power up his sword to bypass all DR from undead creatures, and proceed with the game.

The party ends up fighting to Mr. Undead Dude. The Paladin makes the final blow.

"A brilliant white light shines from the top of the pyramid, draws back, then bursts down in an enormous explosion. When you stand up from the force of the blast, all you see is a plain where the pyramid once was, a sword stuck in a rock in the middle of the clearing. No sign of undead can be found."

The other characters erect a shrine on that spot, bards write horrid poetry and song about the event. Que end game music.

2008-12-23, 02:10 PM
I have what could've been epic, muddled up by the cowardice of my other party members.

The recurring villain was a warlock, which none of us (in game or out of game) were able to figure out. This was especially irritating to me, as I pride myself on my knowledge of DnD, and as the other DM in the group, I felt weak. So, after searching my books, I came up with a few possibilities, but I could not get any more information to narrow it down.

Anyway, the villain and the party were at cross-purposes, both trying to obtain several tablets that lead to some big artifact (we were never good at remembering anything other than our objective. We called the warlock "Purple-Hands Jackson"). The villain had cornered us outside the ruins, where we had the tablet.

In a valiant and noble display of courage and selflessness, my character, a wizard, rushed forth, firing spells off at the warlock in order to provide the party a chance to escape. The warlock blasted me through the chest with his eldritch blast.

Instead of the party using my death to run (one of them was a scout, who had a faster movement speed and a high AC, so it was feasible for them to get the tablet back), they handed over the tablet.

I had forgotten that half of the party, whenever we play, is always selfish, cowardly, and stupid. The other half is apathetic, so when the voice of reason and roleplay (me) died, there was no one left to yell at them in game.

2008-12-23, 02:35 PM
it isnt from D&D, but from a MuD game...close enough :smallbiggrin:

Anyway, more advanced characters usually got a ring called "a mallorn wood ear-ring" that could teleport the user back to the main zone. The thing was, it used your vital energy to charge. The syntax to charge the ring was "refill ring X" where X was the amount of HP to convert into energy.

I had 202 HP.

I typed Refill 1000.

Fun times :cool:

2008-12-23, 02:46 PM
So we're fighting a dragon and stuff, to rescue the McGuffin it took from our recently-acquired mansion. There's actually two dragons present, the gold one that stole the McGuffin and torched the village, and a smaller red that had stolen it from the first one. The encounter more or less started with the gold piledriving the red into the ground, leaving it unconscious. The gold then told us that it would leave us be until it finished with the red.

Backing up a touch, I was playing a Thrallherd, and my first thrall was a dwarven wizard, named Carl. He was, shall we say, not entirely stable, in terms of mental capacity. Spent a touch too much time as a thrall, see. Anyway, a ways into the game, we get a new player, who decides to 'adopt' Carl, giving him full PC status. He did very well playing an insane wizard guy.

So anyway, back to the dragons, we've got an unconscious dragon sitting next to a hostile dragon. It's Carl's turn.

He benign transpositions with the red dragon. And promptly gets breath weapon'd to roughly -60 HP, in a world without resurrection magic. His actions managed to save both the McGuffin and the red dragon, and after the fight, he received the draconic equivalent to a viking funeral.

late for dinner
2008-12-23, 03:03 PM
Starwars campaign: I was a Wookie Soldier that specialized in Demolitions.....I was extremely bored due to bad gm'ing I was on an escape pod heading towards a star destroyer (Oh our party had completly split apart due to 2 powergamers who had to have their own army by level 17 and a gm who cared more about his npc's than the players themselves...oh and he had such a fetish for mechs that all the other players had one for themselves...but me cause all I wanted to do was axe things and blow things up....anyways) in an escape pod with my best in game friend who had just betrayed me so bad that I knocked him out and when he was knocked out, chopped his head off, killing him. As I got to the bay doors I was greated by the captain of the ship and promptly made battlemaster...or whatever the title was...I decided that I would roleplay my heart out and become a super crazy super depressed wookie and go out with a "bang."

One thing I always carried with me was a satchel of explosives which I strategicly placed around the ship with Knowlege Starship role of a nat 18 giving me 37 on my check...I had 19 ranks at level 17...Being that I was the battlemaster I went to the armory and got as much explosives as possible and continued my mission of placing enough in every room and at the core of the ship itsself.

I went to the control deck where I got on the holo projector and spoke with every ship in the area, good and bad, thanked them for everything, I pulled out my vibroaxe, planted an attack in the captains back, and pressed my detonator. Best/only death ever.

2008-12-23, 03:11 PM
We were in a desert campaign, and had learned that the dry lich's phylactery was somewhere within a series of caverns under this volcano. Well, being the brave heroes we were, we decided the best plan was to teleport to the nearest dwarven community, by a rediculous amount of blasting powder (remember, when calculating explosive charges, p = pleanty), and force an eruption - destroying the entire cavern system and the phylactery with it.

There was a center support in a room with four bridges going over hot lava. That was the obvious place to set the charges, so we each stood by one and lit our four wicks. The plan was then to all run to the wizard and teleport to safety.

Well, naturally the Lich showed up. What followed was a short but rather intense battle - not to kill the lich, but to keep him from putting out the wicks. In the end, our dwarf - Alkara (I don't remember her clan name now) ended up holding off the lich while the rest of us fled. We obviously overdid it with explosives, as the volcano didn't just erupt, but entirely collapsed into itself. The Lich was destroyed, as was his phylactery, and Alkara... Also, a good number of hours of prep work from the DM went up in smoke.

To this day, we use the term "volcano it" to refer to anything players do to bypass a large part of an adventure.

Mark Hall
2008-12-28, 10:50 PM
In which my witch turns on his demon master in order to protect the party... sacrificing his life, but allowing the party to escape. (http://www.editors-wastebasket.org/nexx/palladium/hara.html)

In another incident, my minotaur paladin took the leader of the duergar briefly hostage (a grab attack, a knife, and a good intimidate check) in order to allow the rest of the party to escape. After the party left, the leader twisted free, I retrieved my hammer... and was knocked down, killed, and reanimated to fight the party. ;-) Our party cleric of Bahamut is currently refering to him as St. Hecar.

2008-12-28, 10:53 PM
I've seen a frenzied berseker kill one by one all of his character party. and after he died of being at -135 hp...

2008-12-28, 11:17 PM
*long tale of uber-epicness*
Dude, yes. I remember reading that story before, and it never loses its shine. Total win.

2008-12-28, 11:25 PM
In a party of 7 level 3 characters, the wizard tried to steal treasure from a young red dragon. While the red dragon was still alive. AoO, dead.

We carried his corpse around with us until we thought of a cool way to bury him. We settled on flying over a volcano and chopping bits off him then dropping the pieces, while another party member tried to catch the pieces, flying below with a net, then we dropped the pieces into the volcano, and burnt down a town in his honour.

Also, a chicken in one of my chicken RPGs died from repeatedly pecking buttons in a nuclear bunker.

2008-12-28, 11:33 PM
This was the first time I played D&D...

Ok, so the group gets transported into a nasty plane infested with demons. We enter a cave where we find a magic sword. The elf and I both start fighting over it rather loudly. This causes the Vrock to hear us and come back to the cave. The Vrock swoops down and picks up the elf. They fly off into the distance and we hear, "My swor- CRUNCH!!!" The elf was never seen again and I trotted off with a shiney new +4 defender longsword. :smallbiggrin:

doc awesome
2008-12-29, 06:56 AM
This was not me nor was it a d&d game, it was a Mutants and Masterminds, I was Dming and my body made this character called Redemption, a crusader who was brought back to life to redeem himself from the atrocities he committed in life. He could fly at near the speed of light and survive just about anywhere. He gets into a fist fight with a guy called Gamma, who can absorb radiation. They end up fight just out of earth atmosphere but my friends character is to tough to for Gama to hurt and Gama keeps absorbing the radiation in space that allows him to heal. So my friend gets in his had to grab him and flight at almost the speed of light straight into the earth, the Indian Ocean to be exact. It killed both of them as well as just everyone in southern Asia and Australia.
Not the best way to die if you want to save the world but at least it was still epic.

2008-12-29, 01:04 PM
One time, I was playing a character that was basically a horse satyr. Horse head, horse legs, human torso and arms. We were running from a gargoyle and there was a rope to climb. I passed all my climb checks until the last one. Within the first session, I fell to my death. Damn hooves are not good for rope climbing.

2008-12-29, 01:18 PM
Bah! All of my games seem to die before any characters get the chance.

2008-12-29, 01:40 PM
I've seen a frenzied berseker kill one by one all of his character party. and after he died of being at -135 hp...

Heh, I've seen something similar. Probably a little mean, but I once threw 4 "desert worms" (frost worms re-fluffed) at a level 15 party. Everyone runs away while the frenzied berserker does his thing. *BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM* (these things explode for ludicrous damage after death) and the guy must have been at -300. Only... the party was less than good, and two of our party members fell before our cheesed out Ogre Thrower thing grappled him down.

2008-12-29, 01:43 PM
I've seen a frenzied berseker kill one by one all of his character party. and after he died of being at -135 hp...
Yeah, I once included a cursed axe that sent it's user into a frenzy if they attacked something with it. The frenzy wasn't THAT bad... but the player then proceeded, once it ended, to ATTACK SOMETHING ELSE (because the party was still alive see). That was a TPK from hell. >_<

2008-12-29, 10:30 PM
I Had the Bear Warrior Barbarian trapped on the Plane of Earth. She was told "We won't let you escape, not even through death, until you become the Nature Spirit of Earth!" Sure enough, the first time she goes out for the "Test of Body" An Elder Earth Elemental drags her into a Wall and leaving her to die of suffocation there, until she claws her way out with bear rage and Bastard Sword, after the Bear Rage ran out. She was then defeated by the Earth Elemental, only to wake up, unharmed (not even a negative level!) and much laughed at for failing so early.

After several wacky Hijinks involving an increasing amount of drain to her captors Finances, she is sent out for the "Test of Body" a second time, and when some Xorn want some Metal from her, she Goes Bear and Kills two of them. The others retreat. One pops up in the shadows after she goes human again and has a chance to munch down on Xorn (She wasn't given any food or water for this test.) She Bear Pounces him and Kills him too, dragging him back to her meat pile. Another Xorn pops up, this time full in the Darkness, and says they still want her metal. She Intimidates him while munching on Xorn Claw (Circumstance bonus, ahoy.) 3 Hours later, The 2 Xorn left alive have brought back friends. They want that metal, and will charge her one at a time slowly until she doesn't Bear anymore.

Realizing the Xorn were going to eventually try to get her gear, the Barbarian decides to SEVER HER OWN HEAD. She awakes safe and sound (Still no negative level!) in her Captors prison, With their Elders in a fit that this Barbarian is causing them to spend vast amounts of gold pieces. (Establishing a permanent Antimagic field, and then having to Mordekainen's Disjunction it was particularly hilarious.)

I had to applaud her that that one was one of the few cases where chopping off your own head gave you a temporary strategic advantage.

2008-12-30, 01:01 AM
It's not so much an epic death, but one I find entertaining.

In a massive fortress out in the middle of Shello, making escape not only impossible but very undesirable. I was playing a beguiler by the name of Lommua Moonshadow, a worshiper of Naphia and all-around gentle guy(if a bit rude under duress). This particular fortress is actually a huuuge temple to the goddess of pain(can't remember her name) and is full of gruesome sights. Lommua did not handle that particular fact well.
Over the course of the campaign he slowly went crazier and crazier. At one point they were on a level with a bunch of hungry, chained up white dragons and he was armed with continuously useless save-or-suck spells and a knife. When his third suggestion didn't work, he snapped a bit, and lunged at the dragon with his knife. He stabbed at it over and over and over, luckily it was magic and cut the thing for some damage, but this was also the session where I was to introduce my new character: Ariath Ska'Vhor, CE elven sorcerer/swordsage/blood sage. While Lommua was fighting the dragon almost futilely, Ariath was casting an Empowered Wounding fireball. He fired it, caught two dragons and Lomma, and turned them all into horrible scorched and charred skeletons.
At that point, the poor beguiler had dropped from CG to CN, and now spends his eternity in Limbo.

2008-12-30, 03:02 AM
I've got some nice ones, coincidentally enough, also from wod.

Lets see... Wishbone, a human hating, wolf born, warrior caste werewolf, was my character when we raided an abandoned antarctica research facility taken over by Black Spiral Dancers (evil werewolves) being used to summon some big gad spirit. We got done what we needed to, but still had to get out. The entire force of Spirals was running up the stairs and attacking en masse. Being devoted to my pack, and a consumate rage-filled warrior, Wishbone grabbed up his twin G3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_G3)s and rushed into the breach to cover his pack's retreat.

another character brought down the facility with a rocket launcher...

Another werewolf one, was playing another lupus, and became the pack alpha. We had gone into the deep umbra to find what spirits were lurking about, and came to face a several tens of stories tall nuclear waste spirit... I ordered everyone to get out of the umbra, we pop out, and there are two guys missing... They failed their check to get out. Being the alpha, I figured it was up to me to go back in and save their asses. I popped back in, and immediately drew the attention of the spirit, which turned around and smeared me across the etheral landscape.

on the plus side, it gave them the opportunity to shift out of the umbra.

2009-01-02, 02:31 AM
This is not my death, I was not even present when it happened, but it is so epic that I must tell about it (cheers to Eric for telling me this one)
The party is adventuring in a dungion a couple hundred feet underground. this dungion is ruled by half-snake, half-human zombies (top is human, botom is snake) which are controlled by a queen of these zombies who controlls them through a gem embedded in her chest (it sounds wierd, i know, but bear with me) for this reason, the party had aquired a machine that breaks every gem within a certan radius for the pourpise of defeating this evil queen. unfortunately, the fighter gets captured midway through the dungion, and hypnotised by the queen, so when they went to confront her, he is standing by her side, wearing a helm of briliance... a FULLY LOADED helm of brilliance. with about fifty gems. and they forgot that he was wearing that. they activate the device, and everything goes up in a magical explosion of death. the person farthest away from the guy with the helm takes upwards of a thousand damage, and the one wearing the helm? more than 4,000! (it took them about three hours to calculate that) in the nearby town, the vilagers are astonished and frightened by a giant mushroom cloud coming from the location of the underground dungion (keep in mind, this explosion just busted through several hundred feet of rock) except the party members who had to stay behind, who just think "that can't be good"

(the most ironic part? they had an item which could have protected them, but they decided not to use it to avoid arousing suspision from the queen that they didn't just want to talk)

2009-01-02, 04:20 AM
Such epics way to die >>

Closest thing i've gotten was failing a perform (Dance) check and somehow dying

I never thought this would happen but now i want one of my characters to die :smallannoyed:

2009-01-02, 04:36 AM
Bah! All of my games seem to die before any characters get the chance.Same here.

Abd al-Azrad
2009-01-02, 04:43 AM
Wow. I've seen so many hilarious deaths, and still, I feel great humility next to the ones described above.

During one Cyberpunk campaign, we were really trying to wipe out some evil nemesis organization, despite all of the party being frightfully incompetent. After multiple failures, we decided to buy ourselves tonnes of brutally lethal poison gas and release it into their headquarters. Little did we know, the sale of poison gas was being tracked by the remarkably competent cops... so, when we finally got our truck full of apocalyptic chemicals, a squadron of fighter jets set out to destroy us.

Lacking any anti-airstrike weaponry, we were pretty much instantly killed by the missile barrage. But, out of spite more than anything, we asked the GM if any poison gas managed to escape into the atmosphere. He allowed that some broke out, and made a d100 roll to determine the percentage of the city's population that died in the ensuing poisonous armageddon.

So, in a last-ditch effort to kill our enemies, the ENTIRE PARTY chose to add their Luck scores (a 1-20 stat they may, exceptionally rarely, add to a die roll) to this percentage roll. We managed to bump the party's kill count in this one act, from 25% of the city's population, to 80%. Making us, incidentally, much, MUCH worse than the villains we were trying to destroy in the first place.

2009-01-02, 04:54 AM
My half-orc cleric died from stepping into a room with double sided doors, and was bitten by flanking dire king cobras, twice, and died from the massive CON damage. It was epic fail.

2009-01-02, 05:21 AM
Attention fireball slinging Wizards. There is a 2nd level version of Grease.

XD That is all.

Berserk Monk
2009-01-02, 01:09 PM
I think Roy Greenhilt holds the title for this: leaping dozens of feet into the air onto a zombie dragon to do battle with an epic level lich only to be nuked by meteor swarm and fall to the ground.

As for my characters, well, not many of them actually died, and the ones that have didn't die doing anything special.

2009-01-03, 12:29 AM
Most hilarious character death I've ever seen happened to my friend's Monk, his Monk tends to die.......alot. Wildest death he ever had was when we were playing the Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde module, and we face a Mezzoloth (at least i think it was) in a corridor, and my rogue manages to sneak it from range (rogue was using a bow) but it didn't quite go down yet, so the 'loth lets loose a growing Cloudkill spell effect, we all run out (even the fighter with an Int of 9), and what does the Monk do, HE RUNS IN!!! Fort save made, and failed, he died instantly. Another one was when an NPC fighter helping us literally got turned into chunky salsa from a Bone Golem.