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2005-02-16, 10:52 PM
Many myths surround the origens of the Combat cook... most belive he started as a lowly solder, working kitchen patrol, others beilve he was stated as a dishwasher at a too rough in... But all who follow in his footsteps aspire to one day achive the same ability as the Adamantine Chef himself.

This is just a very rough draft, so please bear with me....

1) The seasoning rack of the Cook. This item provides a +5 bonus on all Professon (cooking) skill checks.

2) Alchemical All spice. This item provides a +5 bounus on all professon (cooking) checks, however it has only fourty servings contianed.... Forty charges

3) Flaming frying pan buckler +1, This item can be used as both a buckler which deals 1d6 points of fire damage on a sucessful shield bash (Though I need to check if you can bash with a buckler...) and also provides a +2 insight bounus on all profession cooking checks made if it is used as part of the cooking.

4) Sauce pan helm +1 This item fuctions simular to bracers of armor if worn on the head, granting a bounus to the armor class of the wearer, and double the bounus to the profesion cooking checks if used as part of the cooking. this item must be worn on the head like a helm for the armor bounus to apply

5) oven mits of the Combat cook: This item alows the wearer to cast any spells with somatic components as though they had the Spell thematics (baked goods / food) feat (see to the left under my icon). This Increases the DC to identify any spels the user by 2. This ability is usable five times a day. It also grants the user fire resistance 5.

Just something that I haven't spell checked or Proof read... But i will return when i'm not extreamly pressed for time. Just wanted to put something down... Thank you have a nice day.

2005-02-18, 01:20 PM
I like the idea of someone running around with a saucepan on their head! ;D