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2005-02-16, 02:07 PM
These 7 items have been created by the Great Master Pai Mei, who was a very powerful arcanist Monk.
Various copies have been done by other Sifus, but they are very rare, as is the path of arcane martial arts. However, these items are very prized by monks.

Gloves of the Fierce Tiger

These fine leather gloves are inactive until the wearer arc his fingers in a tiger-like style (a free action) : they then solidify and cover with tiger fur, and become +2 gauntlets with the Ki focus special ability.
When they are in this state, the wearer take a -10 circumstances penalty to all his manual skills rolls (that is : Disable Device, Forgery, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, Use Rope), as well as a -5 circumstances malus on his Swim check.
The gloves reverse to their inactive form when the wearer says the command word (a standard action).

Moderate transmutation ; CL 8th ; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be a monk ; Base Price 18,302 gp ; Cost 9,302 gp + 720 xp

Boots of the Nimble Monkey

These boots are enhanced Boots of Striding and Springing. They are covered by scattered monkey furs, and look odd.
They increase the wearerís base land speed by 10 feet. In addition to this striding ability (considered an enhancement bonus), these boots allow the wearer to make great leaps. She can jump with a +5 competence bonus on Jump checks.
The wearer also becomes very agile and dexterous, and gains an enhancement +4 bonus to Dexterity.

Moderate transmutation; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item, catís grace;longstrider, creator must have 5 ranks in the Jump skill; Price 37,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.

5 More to come ...