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2008-12-23, 10:59 PM
Before all... i want to say Happy New Eve and Christmas to all. And i search a lot on the subject of the gestalt. I'm planning doing a wizard/cleric gestalt but i don't know how it's work.

Do I have the 2 spells progressions and the 3/4 BAB and stuff that each class have separately(not the things that are similar...)?

What are the things i have to know to make a gestalt character...

2008-12-23, 11:01 PM
Take a look here (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/gestaltCharacters.htm) for gestalt rules.

2008-12-23, 11:05 PM
So all the players need to do that way...

2008-12-26, 10:39 PM
Wizard//Cleric isn't too great of a gestalt build. What you normally want to do in Gestalt is to cover multiple bases but depend on few ability scores.

Beguiler//Archivist is a better arcane caster/divine caster combo, for example. But even combining two casters mainly just expands your options -- you're still limited to one action per round. Paladin//Sorcerer is an example of a build that combines spellcasting with a bunch of passive benefits from another class. Monk//Cloistered Cleric is another.