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2005-02-11, 09:05 PM
After the Elven enchanter Gelmir of Dorthonion met the charming Half-Elven bard Cirnellë Nénharma the world as he knew it both exploded and collapsed at the same time. While she filled his mind and heart with fascination and obsession, she playfully threw off any of his attempts to court her. She left as gracefully and mysteriously as she arrived, leaving Gelmir behind. Hoping beyond hope she would ever return, he went into great lengths to create gifts for her. Gifts which would be so beautifull as to match the magnificence of who it was created for.

As obsession often leads to impatience, Gelmir eventually was curious how it would look on an Elven lady. After many years of waiting he picked a girl from a local inn and let her try on his gifts. While she marvelled at its beauty and quickly fell for Gelmir, it missed the key to it all, the innate magnificence of the wearer it was designed for. While he found superficial sexual relief with the girl, Cirnellë returned and found him ruining his love with someone else. She walked right in, smiled at him and then drew her rapier to pierce him perfectly through the heart. Letting the rapier go, stuck in the corpse, she shed only a single tear. Turning around, she forced the girl to don Gelmar's gifts and had her parade the streets while Cirnellë disappeared once more.

Regretfully, the gear has never been worn to its full splendor so far.

Pendant of the Perfect Voice
This elegant silver pendant hangs perfectly around the throat, giving a soothing vibe on the vocal chords.

When worn by a female bard, this pendant grants a +1 bonus to charisma*, +5 perform(sing), +5 persuade and +2 on all other verbal charisma-based skills and checks. As well, the wearer will never suffer from a sore throath.
To any other wearer, the pendant still grants +2 persuade and +1 to all other verbal charisma-based skills and checks.

Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, tongues; Price 4,680 gp.

Dancing Spirit of Nénharma
This mithral rapier has the lyrics of an Elven lovepoem carved and coloured in pure white on the hilt, the text spiraling upwards from the bottom to the blade along the beige leather. The final verse "Nae llie amin corm" is engraved and accented with white mithral on the blade itself. Whenever the owner performs music, the engravings on the blade light up.

While wielded by a female bard, this rapier acts like a defending keen mithral rapier +3, also granting a +1 bonus to charisma*.

When the bard sings a song of freedom, the blade also gains the dancing ability. With this ability, the bard can let the blade go and it will attack on its own as per the description of the dancing ability. However, the dancing of the weapon lasts for the duration of the freedom song and upto 5 rounds thereafter. While the blade dances and is not in combat, it can also make its own perform(dance) checks with an effective skillmodifier of +15.

Strong transmutation; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, shield, animate objects; Price 117,920gp

Mirror of Dorthonion
This small mithral shield +2 has been exceptionally crafted from a darkwood base with only on the front a perfectly flat and smooth layer of mirroring mithral. Just above the handle, part of the wood has been bleached and can be written on.
It is also ideal to just sing a song of freedom to the shield and have it face you, so you can use the mirror to apply your make-up or just gaze upon yourself.

In the hands of a female bard, this shield acts like a reflecting small mithral shield +2, also granting a +1 bonus to charisma*.

When the bard sings a song of freedom, the shield also gains the animated ability. This lasts for the duration of the freedom song and upto 5 rouds thereafter.

As long as the user is literate, any information not longer as one page may be written on the back of the shield. All writings on the shield, made by either magical or conventional means, are considered magical and can be erased / dispelled as such.
If the user has the scribe scroll feat, she may write one spell on the shield without the regular creation costs for writing a scroll. When a spell is cast from the shield in this way, the user still needs to make the usual checks as if casting from a scroll, though she would not need to decypher her own writing. As with a scroll, the text disappears after casting.

Strong transmutation; CL 14th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Scribe Scroll, spell turning, animate objects; Price 89,609gp

Suit of Shifting Perceptions
This mithral studded armor +3 consists of many pieces, each with silken lace over their entire lengths. One would need little imagination to work out it'll take a long time until this armor is properly laced up, especially when doing so alone. Once suited however, the fit is perfect and it'll accentuate the good curves and smoothen out the bad ones.
Worn by the right person, it does not only fit perfectly, but the studs, gesps, the entire fabric can rearrange itself to show as a dress or garment perfect for the occasion. It can adjust its colors and thickness to the surroundings and the mithral studs automatically relocate themselves to the most vulnerable areas.

When worn by a female bard, this armor acts like a glamered studder armor +3 with cold and heat resistance (10/-), improved shadow and moderate fortification properties. It also grants a +1 bonus to charisma*.

Strong abjuration; CL 13th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, resist energy, disguise self, invisibility, limited wish; Price 67,365gp

Gelmir's Token of Love
This thin silver ring was created by Gelmir as a final gift. The gift with which he would ask for her hand before putting it on his love's finger. Knowing his own curiousity, and that of others, for the innermost thoughts of a walking goddess, he took a silver Ring of Mindshielding as base for his work. It's beset with a pattern of finely cut tiny diamonds depicting a music note.

When worn by a female bard, this Ring of Mindshielding also grants a +1 bonus to charisma*. As well, each diamond responds to a certain tone, allowing her cast one of the following spells:
- Charm Person (1 charge)
- Comprehend Languages (1 charge)
- Hideous Laughter (1 charge)
- Ventriloquism (1 charge)
- Calm Emotions (2 charges)
- Enthrall (2 charges)
- Suggestion (2 charges)
- Tongues (2 charges)
- Glibness (3 charges)
- Speak with Animals (3 charges)
After 5 charges, the ring is depleted for the remainder of the day and will regenerate and offer 5 new charges the following day. This ring is not destroyed when it runs out of charges for the day.
The spells are cast with the wearer's casterlevel, effectively functioning as additional spellslots for only the mentioned spells.

Medium echantment; CL 11th; Forge Ring, nondetection, glibness, tongues, enthrall; Price 75,575gp

* The Set of Nénharma
The items in this set have an exception to the rule of stacking ability bonusses. When two or more items are worn, the charisma bonusses stack minus one (eg, wearing 3 of these items grants +2 cha in total). When the set is complete and all 5 items are worn simultaniously, they will stack in full, granting +5 cha in total.

Lyre of Uplifting
After Gelmir gave up on Cirnellë ever returning, he attempted to create yet another gift. The darkwood it's crafted from seems rugged as if it was never properly finished, but the strings make a happy sound for any who play it, no matter how dark their mood.

As a free action, any bard can play this lyre while performing their song by other means (if their hands allow it).
If the bard succeeds a perform(string instruments) check vs DC 18, all songs of inspiration (Inspire Courage, Inspire Competence, Inspire Greatness and Inspire Heroics) gain an additional +1 to all their bonusses. This additional bonus only applies as long as the bard is playing the lyre and only if the lyre is used as support instrument, which means the bard must use ranks in another perform skill as perform(string instruments) to access and use her songs. On a failed check, the bard can not attempt a new check for 10 rounds.

While playing, a perform(string instruments) check vs DC 25 may be made once a day in order to cast Irresistable Dance on one target.

Strong Enchantment: CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Item, Irresistable Dance; Price 142,560gp

So far my entry. This is the first time I'm participating (obviously) and never before made items by hand. As such as I have little to no clue what their prices / crafting costs should be, so if someone would be willing to lend me a hand, please ! :) Thanks in advance.

2005-02-12, 07:19 AM
So, I'm figuring out the cost for the pendant first. It should be easiest anyway. Now, since I have it behave different when a female bard wears it, should I first make a price for with the item does to all, then calculate the full price for all abilities, then apply the 30% class-only reduction only to this difference?

Like this: to none bards it gives one +2 skill bonus and 6 +1 skill bonusses. That's 4*100 + 1*75 + 5*50 = 725gp, since the skills are similar.
To (female) bards it gives two +5 bonusses and 5 +2 bonusses, so that's 25*100 + 25*75 + 5*4*50 = 5375gp. Add another 1000gp for the +1 charisma and I'ld be at 6375gp
Now the difference is 5650gp, 30% is 1695, so I could price the item correctly at 6375-1695 = 4680gp, right?

It also seems a bit alike to the Circlet of Persuasion, around the same price too, so this would do I suppose:
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, Tongues; Price 4,680 gp.

Using the same method (didn't think this one'ld be so easy), I did the rapier. To non-bards it's worth 1020, to bards it has a total of +9 enhancements, making 162000 + 1000 for charisma. Didn't add/substract anything for the cost of the slightly different dancing ability and didn't include anything for the dancing rapier being able to roll its own dance-check. That okay?
-edit- Added the cost for 10 ranks for intelligent weapons to account for the perform. -/edit-
Applying class-only and combining the cost for the properties I'ld end up with this I think:
Strong transmutation; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, shield, animate objects; Price 114420gp

Next up, shield. Treating the animation ability as full and ignoring the writeablity, I'ld end up with
Strong transmutation; CL 14th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell turning, animate objects; Price 59609gp
The cost of the animation should be less since it only works while under a freedom song, yet total should be more for it being writeable. I hope it's okay to just assume their price-effects cancel eachother out. Wouldn't have a clue otherwise how to correct it, but open for suggestions.
-edit- Added the cost from a spell storing ring to average out around the same power/cost as the writeable part. -/edit-

The ring.. I went out on a leg with this one and its spells. Figured you could cast one lvl 2 spell and one lvl 3 spell, or 5 lvl 1 spell with it, each day. So that's just a total of 5. calculated with a CL of 11, eventhough the spells scale along with its caster.
For the creation I just put all spells together and crossed out the ones I figured overlapped and ended up with this:
Medium echantment; CL 11th; Forge Ring, nondetection, glibness, tongues, enthrall; Price 58,750 gp

The lyre.. well, the lyre just had to go by feel. CL for the irresistabe dance spell-ability doesn't matter anyway as no CL-based duration, saves or effects are in it. But taking the minimum usually required to cast that spell would end up with a cost of over 200k already. So.. I just rolled 3d6 to get a Cl of 11 and figured that'ld include the other ability as well ;D

Strong Enchantment: CL 15th; Create Wondrous Item, Irresistable Dance; Price 142,560 gp