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2005-02-09, 09:04 PM
Lord Skior is, was and will be the lord of all darkness. He rules the 666th layer of the Abyss with an iron fist and schemes endlessly to destroy all other powers in the Multiverse. To that end, he has created a number of items that he gives out to great champions of evil. However, most of these items don't acheive their full power unless in the hands of a powerful and absolutely evil being of darkness. Furthermore, most of those items change shape depending on the circumstances. Several mortal artificers have copied the lesser of those items over the ages but only one true complete set exists:

The Crusher (quarterstaff)

Robe of Adaptation

Skior's Dark Blessing (ring)
Rod of Unwritable Word

Wondrous Items:
Face of the Shadow (cloak)

Major Artifact:
Dark One's Own Blade (longsword)

I removed the questionable "Reaver" sword because it was too difficult to prize.

2005-02-10, 07:11 AM
I ran into the same problem with my trickster ring, which is similar but somewhat more modest in scope.

In the end I priced the ring as a competence bonus based on the number of levels of spells that the ring could cast (the ring could do one spell each of level 0,1,2 and 3, which I added together to get 6.5, squared and then multipled to get the cost). I'm open to suggestions for changing that, but it was the best I could come up with at the time.

Assuming that seems like the best way to do it.... As the sword knows well, a lot of spells (with metamagic) it starts to get very very expensive if you price using my model.

umm 99, squared = 88209 * 100
or just shy of 9million gp.
Then again, this is so obviously an epic weapon....

Actually, epic bonses cost even more. x10, so that would make it about 90 million gold. A sizeable chunk of cash for even an epic character. One could argue that these count as 'similar' bonsues and are thus somewhat reduced in price, but I'll leave you to work that out.

Caster level would be, hmm, 16th level slot
21st gives 10th, 23rd 11th, 24th-12, 26th-13, 27th 14, 29th 15, 30th level -
At least 30th level to have a 16th level spell slot available. Although I may have missed something in there.
You should probably add the appropriate metamagic feats into the requirements list as well.

That said, I thought the rules of the contest kept epic items out of it.

2005-02-10, 10:20 AM
The Crusher

The Crusher appears to be an ordinary, wooden, black quarterstaff. It is extremely light and weighs only a single pound meaning that even the weakest characters can lift it. However, when the staff strikes its weight is momentarily increased by three orders of magnitude resulting in a devastating hit. Furthermore, the staff is actually made of enhanced adamantium so it ignores the hardness of objects it strikes.
Strong Transmutation, Caster level 14, contingency, reverse gravity, craft magic arms and armor.
Weight: 1 pound
Actual weight: 100 pounds
Weight on hit: 1000 pounds
Damage per hit: 4d12