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Most people think of magical items as tools and nothing more. However, not all magic items think this way. Some magic items think of themselves as intelligent beings. Some were.

Often, wizards and sorcerers would find ordinary magical items quite mundane and far too easily lost. Many such wizards and sorcerers experimented in the field that would one day be an important part of spellcasting. Some manners of them created terrible consequences to those who were using them. Much of the time, these objects were nothing more than normal magic items with brains. So the occasional brilliant wizard or sorcerer would bind life to these objects in unique ways so as to gift them with unique powers.

Many such items exist, more than perhaps anyone alive knows. Some are weapons. Some are shields. Some are rings, it takes all types. Some magic items of this sort did not desire to be magic items. Not all of them had their intelligence generated at creation. Some had families, wives, children before they were taken away into a magic item. Some had power, warriors, those who obeyed them. Some were naught but animals. Some were not but plants. But it doesn't really matter in the end, save the unhelpfulness of some unwilling souls.

Blade of Transfer:
Bastard swords such as this are used to bind necromancy and life together. When a Blade of Transfer is used to attack a living creature, the creature attacked gets Con saving throw (DC 20). A failure means that it takes 1d8 extra damage. Half the damage taken by the creature is given to the wielder of the blade.

A blade of transfer has a constant thirst for blood. If it does not strike an enemy every few days, it becomes fierce and unwieldy. If the owner of the blade still is in possession of it after 1d4+2 days of not using it, the owner gets a -3 to attack rolls until the extra damage is inflicted by the blade again.

Making a Blade of Transfer is a simple act of enchanting a bastard sword.

Abilties: INT: 6, WIS: 12, CHA: 6. Mental Abilities: Empathy. 30 ft. vision/hearing. Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Moderate Necromancy; CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Enervation or Energy Drain; 9,000 gp.

Soul Ring:
This item is an intelligent ring containing the soul of some being who was put into a ring by a dark wizard. Such wizards had many, many rings like this. Depending on who was ensorcelled, they would have different powers, so often wizards would have large collections of rings with the same power and only one or two rings with another. Twice per day, a Soul Ring can increase one ability (determined at creation) by four for five minutes.

A Soul Ring is, however, quite disagreeable. However, they are for the most part either good- or neutral-aligned, so they do not attempt to fight their owners.

Crafting this is rather simple, summoning the soul of a dead person and binding it to the ring.

Abilities: As per original creature. Mental Abilities: Speech, 120 ft. vision/hearing. Alignment: As per original creature.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 8th; Forge Ring, Create Undead; 6,400 gp.

Statue of Souls:
This item is an object used to bind powerful demons. It is a small (8"), golden statue of an angel. At itís will, it can generate a combined Ghost Sound and Silent Image effect for an instant, at the cost of 1 point of health from the holder of the item. It can also cast Summon Monster V thrice per day to summon a demon or devil. The demon/devil summoned is selected by the statues holder. The summoned monster is controlled by the Statue rather than the owner of the statue.

Despite their power, these Statues are very difficult to use, as the demons bound to them are very unhelpful, and potentially dangerous.

The creation of a Statue of Souls starts with the creation of a Magic Circle Against Evil. At this point, the creator summons a Babau or Bone Devil, which he binds into the statue. If possible, the creator may just Magic Circle a Babau or Bone Devil if one is already present.

Abilities: As per Babau or Bone Devil. Mental Abilities: Speech (can read what it can speak), 60 ft. darkvision/hearing. Alignment: As per Babau or Bone Devil.

Moderate conjuration; CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, Summon Monster V, Magic Circle against Evil; 21,000 gp.

Totem Cloak:
On the front of this cloak is a picture of the head of the animal which the cloak transforms the wearer into.. The cloak is capable of shapechanging the user into a certain animal. The cloak itself contains the spirit of an animal of the same species that the user is transformed into. The Totem Cloak itself may as often as it likes transform the wearer into the animal of the cloak and back. This, in certain cases, may include alternate sizes.

Totem Cloaks are usually quite friendly, and very helpful to their wearer.

Making a Totem Cloak requires an animal of the type the creator wants to transform into.

Abilities: INT 10, WIS 13, CHA 13. Mental Abilities: Empathy, 60 ft. vision/hearing. Alignment: Any non-lawful non-evil.

Moderate transformation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, Polymorph; 28,000 gp.

Fire Glove:
Contained within this glove is a Fire Elemental. It is capable of generating a firey aura around the glove which can burn anyone hit by a touch attack for 1d4 damage. If a character is grappled with this glove, they take 1d4 damage per round.

The agreeability of Fire Gloves vastly varies, from hot-headed to warm-hearted.

To create a Fire Glove, the crafter must first summon a small Fire Elemental and get it to go inside the glove to be enchanted.

Abilities: INT 11, WIS 11, CHA 11. Mental Abilities: Telepathy, 60 ft. darkvision/hearing. Alignment: Usually Neutral

Moderaterate evocation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, Summon Monster III; 32,000 gp.

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Speaking Orb:
These objects tend to have very little personality, although some manifest eccentricities. They are primarily used to locate things. A Speaking Orb is a perfectly round metallic ball of varying color that floats between 3' and 6' above the ground. It can use Divination as often as the owner desires, but the player doesn't know if the spell failed, nor does the Speaking Orb. Additionally, the chance of such a Divination failing is 50%, rather than the 70% of a cleric.

Speaking Orbs try to be very helpful. They have almost no will of their own, and answer whatever questions their master asks of them with or sometimes without Divination. Such orbs will also obey the allies of it's master when it's master is unable to help, or follow the orders of someone their master tells them to.

The creation of a speaking orb is rather simple. It requires a perfectly round glass or metal ball.

Abilities: INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 10. Mental Abilities: Speech, 60 ft. vision/hearing. Alignment: Almost always Neutral.

Strong divination; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item; 16,200 gp.