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2008-12-24, 05:43 PM
So after my thread asking about steampunk styled settings, Iron Kingdoms looked the most like what I was looking for. I'm just now skimming over the book and I am slightly confused by the mechanika section.
Is mechanika basically a different form of making magical items? So far it just seems that they have the same abilities and are built differently. But do they require the same magic spells to create? If someone could clear up how they work it would be great.

2008-12-25, 03:15 AM
Im AFB atm so i cant check the details, but yes.

To make a +1 Shocksword you would acquire a Masterwork long sword then an array of parts that will be put together (parts typically include Rune plates, Conduit, sockets and Accumulators)

Each of these costs Gold and XP to make but much much less XP and hence without the risk of permanent Hit point drain.

Mechanika Items all (for the most part) basically are battery powered by the Accumulators, depending on the item and its use, a item may drain a charge per day or in the case of weapons a charge (or more) per hit

Typically the same spells are used although some maybe different or have different limitations (Such as Bane magic needing Summons Spells and the related risk of Infernal attention)