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White Blade
2005-02-02, 06:20 PM
This set centers around oriental characters and objects.
1. Ronin's Katan
2. Shadow Ki Sword

3. Bone Ring

Wondrous Items:
4. Emperorís robe
5. Soul Mask

Cursed Items:
6. Corrupted Mask

Minor Artifacts:
7. Serpent's Sword
Roninís katan
The roninís katan is the weapon of a samurai whose honor was taken from him. Kept and enchanted with special rites, this masterwork bastard sword is the semblance of chaos. It has a +2 Enchantment bonus, its anarchic, and enchanted with the following spells.
Break Enchantment (3/ Day)
Rage (user only) (3/ Day)
Darkness (3/ Day)
True Shadow (1/ week) True shadow, can mimic any sixth level or lower evocation, with 90% of it having real effects.
Strong Illusion, CL 15, 16000 GP. Break Enchantment, Rage, Darkness, Shadow Evocation Greater.
Shadow Ki Sword
This brilliant energy +1 Unholy Short Sword, it is forged thru the use of an evil soul for its forging using their ki to create a sword that is the essence of evil. It as the following special abilities:
1. Festering Soul, due to its special nature, the shadow Ki sword can take on the shape and traits of a bastard or great sword
2. Vampire Soul, may use vampire touch 4/Day
3. Ki Bind, The sword may use soul bind on one person who is held in the hilt of the blade.
4. Ki Break, the sword may cause someone to go insane for 2d6 turns, will save 25 will half the time. Insanity reduces the characterís wisdom down to one. (1/ Week)
Strong Necromancy, CL 17, Vampire touch, Soul bind, Limited Wish. Cost 22000 GP
Bone Ring
The fifth element in the oriental system (and I mean the real one not the oriental adventures one) is bone, the bone ring allows for manipulation of that element. Special abilities as follows:
1.Bone Breaker, in order to use this ability the wearer of the ring must succeed at a ranged touch attack. The following turn and for the next 2d4 turns the target takes 1d6 damage each round, on the attackers turn. Reflex save causes ability to deal half damage. (No Limit to uses per day)
2. Elemental Dead, Twice Per Day the wearer of the bone ring may call 1d4+2 undead to his/ her side they are first level warrior skeletons, carrying a short sword, a wooden shield and is wearing a suit leather armor.
3. Loss of feeling, 4 times per day the wearer of the bone ring may use ray of enfeeblement as a free action.
Moderate Necromancy, CL 12, Ray of enfeeblement, Create Dead, Cost 9000 GP
Emperorís Robe
A Beautiful robe, made of silk with emerald gems set in the robes hand cuffs.
This robe has the following traits.
1. Emperorís Appearance, +4 to charisma
2. Lawful, this cloak is considered lawful, and cause any chaotic being attempting to wear it to gain two temporary negative levels, these negative levels canít be restored in any way except by taking of the robes.
3. Mass Charm Person, Twice per day the wearer of the emperorís robe may use mass charm person as a free action.
4. Hearts View, Tells the wearer of a personís alignment upon use of a command word.
Strong Enchantment, CL 12, Detect Choas/Evil/Good, Mass Charm Person. 18000
Soul Mask
A simple white mask sits before you.
This mask takes up the slot of a helmet and is used to focus ki. It melds into the skin of its wearer. Traits as follows
1. White Ki: This item is good aligned and causes any evil being attempting to wear it to gain two temporary negative levels, these negative levels canít be restored in any way except by taking off the mask.
2. Rainbow Ki: As per color spray 6 times per day.
3. Bright Ki: Lights a ten foot radius, the light cannot b dispelled. Automatic may be turned off with a command word.
4. Dragonís Ki: As per fire ball, thee times per day.
5. Soulís Dance: As per Blink Twice Per Day
faint evocation, CL 7, Blink, Fire Ball, color spray, 40000 Gp
Cursed Mask
Most westerners assume that wearing one object with a conflicting ki balance has no affect other then the damage of your spirt until it is taken off. This is untrue, should an evil person wear a white mask for too long, the mask mutates into something hideous, a shadow bound mask that slowly eats away at the souls of a good hearted creatures.
1. Soul Eater, When worn by a good character, this mask eats a level a day should the mask be taken off, all levels are restored. However should all levels be taken then the creatures face shrivels and dies, while the body becomes corrupted. effectively their type changes to undead, they gain the evil subtype, they loss four points of wisdom, and a insight bonus of +4 on Knowledge (Religion) Checks.
2. Dark One's Heart the original wear is sucked into the mask as long as a person is wearing it he/she gains control of the body wearing the mask, this attempt can be negated by a will save (15 +The original wearer's wisdom modifier.)
Serpent's Sword
The serpent blades are forged by dragons (eastern ones, not western ones.) who were protectors of rivers, mountains, temples, valleys, and cities. they forged these blades for their champions before western dragons invaded and destroyed them. (reds and blacks. They are the opposite of nature.) They are forged to give the champions power like that of the dragons.
1. Flight At Will
2. Fuse with element, once per day the user may become part of a river, stream, mountain, or cloud (access gained via flight) allowing them to move thru it in mere instances.
3. Lung's Form, once per day for five minutes. the user of a serpent's sword may become the exact duplicate of the dragon who forged it. (If you have oriental adventure's an adult tie lung, if not bronze dragon with perfect flight maneuver ability.)
Strong Transmutation CL 20