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2008-12-26, 11:37 AM
Unfortunatly I am believe I lose Nymph's Kiss[Exalted] when entering UR-Priest[stealing from the gods=evil]

Necropolitian Human

STR13 CON-- Dex08 INT17 WIS13 CHA10
every four levels increase int

1st Able Learner, Nymph’s Kiss, Versatile Spellcaster, Combat Casting (need)
3rd Iron Will (prerequisite)
6th Spell Focus (Evil) (prerequisite)
9th Practiced Spellcaster (needed to boost cls)
12th Arcane Strike (+x attack/+xd4 damage)
15th Touch of Healing (needed)
18th Improved Combat Expertise
Fighter Feats
2nd Combat Expertise
3rd Martial Study (1st level stone manuever)
7th Stone Power (+10temp hp per round, duration one round) like DR10/-
Pathetic (Con)

Can you think of better defender/tank feat combos than
Combat Expertise->Improved Combat Expertise
Martial Study->Stone Power

I can use any WOTC book
Thanks in advance

2008-12-26, 11:53 AM
You can't even take Nymph's Kiss if you're not exalted, so don't bother. Just take Open Mind (5 Skill Points)

Other than that, the build isn't viable. The break I see is that you take Sublime Chord, which you don't qualify for. You're treated as either a Beguiler 4/Bard 1 for casting OR Beguiler 2/Bard 3 when you enter it, neither of those classes have access to 3rd level spells, which Sublime Chord requires. I think your mistake is that you think Practiced Spellcaster increases casting capability, but it doesn't - It boosts the caster level of one of your classes for the purpose of Caster Level Checks, checks to get past SR, and things like duration and damage, but you don't gain the ability to cast spells of a higher level through this feat.

Also, your DM would be a fool to let you take Pathetic (Con) as a flaw, because it's NOT a flaw, it doesn't do anything. Furthermore, you can't lower something that doesn't exist, so this flaw shouldn't apply to you at all.

2008-12-26, 01:45 PM
Versatile spellcaster allows beguiler 4 to use two 2nd level slots to cast one 3rd level spell (# of 2nd level spell slots)/2 times per day (about 2-3).

If the character starts Exalted it can have the Nymph's Kiss feat. If it ever loses its exalted nature it then loses the feat. Nymph's Kiss(8skill points) is crucial to this heavy skill build. As will be Tomes of INT.

Necropolitian can only be applied at 4th level or later. Until then it is a normal human useing the Pathetic (Con) flaw to house the Nymph's Kiss feat. The fall from exalted would coincide with becoming undead. Thus not quailifing for either feat nor flaw. This character is meant to be played levels 1 through 20 not start in the middle. If it did start in the middle I would choose another flaw.

Additonally the character will need to find a ex druid to teach it Speak Language (Druidic) and will need to wear a ring a evasion constantly.

The goal of this build is to create a jack of all roles that can instantly replace fallen allies in battle or in skill encounters using WOTC material.

2008-12-26, 02:24 PM
Well, if you can get a DM to roll with all those horrendously cheesy rulings, you're going to need something alot more optimized than this. Also, you're going to need to do some super heavy roleplaying to get a reasoning as to why an exalted character would willingly turn undead and become evil.

Also not that skill points don't get added retroactively - A Tome of Intelligence will only increase skills at the next level up and beyond, but won't touch your old one.

2008-12-26, 04:40 PM
Can you think of better defender/tank feat combos than
Combat Expertise->Improved Combat Expertise
Martial Study->Stone Power
I have only four feats to work with