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2004-12-09, 07:07 PM
This celebration is specific to the town of Copperclaw, but many cities have "copperclaw day" devoted to humour.

First Impressions: The town of Copperclaw is surrounded by a massive ring of tents and campsites. People of outlandish and faraway dress mingle about the small town. A great many of them bear musical instruments which mark them as bards. A large number of them are comparing jokes, most of which are terrible. Another large number is travelling the crowds attempting to eavesdrop on said jokes. In the background are those who are attempting to hawk numerous wares, mainly clothing and musical instruments, to many people in the town streets.

Cause for Celebration:
The town of Copperclaw wasn't always called such. It used to be called the Feifedom of the Great and Exhaulted Graglauch, a vain and self-important Black dragon. The town lived under the dragon's tyranny for generations. The town's fate was forever changed when a great Copper Caulraslanolth defeated Graglauch.
The fearful citizens of the Feifedom of the Great and Exhaulted Graglauch immediatly sought to ingratiate themselves to what they expected to be their new master. They asked the great copper what he'd have of them.
The copper was baffled at this response, but decided to have fun with the offer. He demanded the city change it's name to something nicer sounding, and shorter. He also demanded that every other year, the town would have to tell him one joke that he would find truly hilarious, or he would raze the town.
Not realizing that the dragon had no intention of razing the town, the people of Copperclaw put out an open call to all people of the nearby realms to bring jokes for the midsummer date of Copper Appeasement so that they may be spared his 'wrath'.

The person who sucessfully causes the dragon to leave the town is catapaulted to instant celebrity status, and bards come from far and wide to Copperclaw in order to get instant fame.

What Caulraslanolth finds most hilarious, is that the people of the town go to so genuine effort to defend their town from a dragon who wouldn't even entertain such a thought.

The people of Copperclaw genuinely believe their existance is in peril, and feel that they must do their best to attract jokesters from across the land. Durring the appeasement festival, the population of the town more than doubles. As a result, the people of the town save up food for this day for two years. All work on the town stops, and the people of the town spend the bulk of their time either participating in the revelry or working at the event. The town pays visiting spellcasters to cast light along the main boulevard of the town, where people line up to tell their best joke to the copper. Come midnight, the copper lands in the drained town fountain and listens to a long procession of jokes. This procession has been known to last a week before the copper finally is satiated.

2004-12-16, 08:47 PM
Oh this is great. I love the idea.

2004-12-21, 01:49 AM
As weird as this one sounds, I like it.

2004-12-21, 01:55 PM
Yes, weird. But I like how it sticks with the book description of the personality of copper dragons. Of course, this requires a game world where it's not known by every peasant that metallic dragons are good and chromatic dragons are evil. That's cool. I like game worlds like that.

2004-12-21, 10:22 PM
Yay replies!

Thanks for the input. What I had in mind was that the knowledge is uncommon but not rare. So well-learned people and citizens of metropolises would look at the event and laugh at the very thought of a town afraid of a copper dragon.