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White Blade
2004-12-07, 01:24 AM
The Festival Of The Sun
First Impressions:
The druids are speaking a rite centuries old around a prismatic glass orb, itís high noon and the sun shines brightly straight down on the orb it causes flashes of brilliance and the flash seers the eyes of on lookers.
Back Story: million of years ago when the sun was young and the people naÔve and foolish they believed the sun needed to be embraced by people in order for it to function, thus people of small farming communities began to wonder how they must do this. A man, came to one of the farming towns he was a elvin glass blower he had made small prismatic orbs that shined mildly in the sun, one day a young boy apprenticed to him, after years of hard work the boy understood it all. after this the now 30 year old man went to the sun druids and showed them how to make prismatic orb about twenty feet large in order to acknowledge the sunís radiance and beauty soon the ritual spread to the near by communities and has been a staple of farm life ever since.
The Activities of the festival: at the beginning of sunrise the druids go out and begin to blow glass in order to have it ready by noon, most people watch after they get started from around 7 to 9 and then tour the festivals many merchants shops and magic items from about 9 to 11:45 then every one heads off to see the ritual.
Modifications: On the day of the festival no one is allowed to work the fields, merchants must close their shops at 11:45 due to the rest of the day being spent hearing about the power of the sun its effect on crops ect.

To add to the flavor (and because I can) I will add a list of Items commonly sold (or sold more often then normal) on the day of the festival They may also be discounted.
Daylight 475 gp
Sunburst 2850 gp
Illumination 47000 gp
Brilliant energy is 4 times as common on traveling carts going to this town. Shields
Blinding Shields 4 times as common on traveling carts going to the festival.
All elemental resistances pertaining to fire water or cold twice as common
resistances pertaining to fire water or cold twice as common.
Neck Prismatic orb 750 gp +1 to charisma when dealing with sun druids.
clothing: sun druid clothes. Contains a gold trim yellow vest, a dark yellow under shirt, gray boots, a orange cloak, and a set of yellow tented white pants cost 10 gp (yes its allowed if you would like as a starter clothing set.)
Summer Scented Candles: They Smell like summer flowers and their candles 2 cp.
book of plants and the sun's affects on them (better name pending): +2 on knowledge: nature when dealing with the nurturing of plants 1 gp.

The rite its self (its spoken in igan)
Grand Gate Of Light
Embrace The World With Your Presence
Heal The Plants
Bring Us Food
Illuminate Our Days
Now Show Us Your Power
For It Is Everlasting.

Side Events
The Melting Dance: Category: dance
As the woman dances the the sun sets its self just behind her giving her extreme radiance and then sets she falls down faking death.
An interpretational dance about how the sun fuels all life. time from about 7:45 PM to 8:15 PM.
The Shining Valley: Category: Play
The child flaps the fake well painted wings and he begins floats away, its a spell Its a play, about a fenixborn who while a child banished to the mortal realm, he eventually is pardoned and allowed to return however he refuses. Time form about 4:00 PM to 5:000 PM

All comments welcome. yes you are welcome to nit pick my grammar and spelling.

2004-12-07, 09:29 PM
Try to keep all your info on the Festival in one post, it will make it easier to read come voting time and is more in tune with the boards posting policies.

White Blade
2004-12-21, 08:40 PM
Fixed it, Am I the only one who made a festival? becasue it looks like that.