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2004-11-11, 05:10 AM
The below are the gods of my campaign setting based on west coast north american native mythology. The pantheon composes of numerous anamilistic deities, and the vast majority of the people on the continent of Darelle pray to the pantheon.

The Circle of Beasts
Theme: animals

PS. I'd like to add that my CS has 4 non-PHB races: Kenku (crow/raven people, mmIII), Lupin (Wolf people, Dragon 324), Asiols (owl people, homebrew), and Tadlins (Frog people, homebrew)

2004-11-11, 05:14 AM
Nankil'slas, the Raven

CG God of creativity, adventure, and heroism

Nankilíslas is said to wander the world in a thousand guises. He has no tolerance for tyranny and greed, and will often take action against those who push this onto the world. He advocates the use of subtlety and trickery over force.
The rest of the gods view Raven positively, as his actions have made the world a better place for them. Nankilíslas is especially close to Coyote, who shares his love of trickery.
Raven's followers are widespread, as he has the largest following among the circle, but his followers are especially numerous among adventurers and Kenkus.
Nankilíslasís clerics pray at noon, to honor the time Raven stole the sun from a greedy chief and tossed into the sky. They wear black with blue lining, and wield daggers resembling a ravenís beak, Ravenís favored weapon.

Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection, Trickery, Luck

2004-11-11, 05:19 AM
Akba-Atadia, the Coyote

CN God of games, travells and jokes

Like Raven, Akba-Atadia wanders the world. He does this for the sheer fun of the new experiences. On his way, he does everything he does to have fun. This usually involves being a pest, but he will actively oppose anyone who opposes his fun.
Raven takes great appreciation in the games Akba-Atadia plays, and often plays with him, both for enjoyment and to keep the godís games from causing too much damage. The rest of the gods save Raven usually view Coyote as a pest.
Coyoteís followers include wanderers, people who love to have fun, and many gnomes.
Akba-Atadiaís clerics are advocates of fun, occasionally to the extreme, which can be a problem when work isnít done. Many boast (some of them truthfully) that they have matched wits or played a trick with the great Coyote himself. They dress in tan with brown lining, pray for spells at dawn, and wield the favored weapon of the sickle.

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Trickery, Charm

2004-11-11, 05:20 AM
Wakinyan the great Thunderbird

N God of courage power and war

Wakinyan is a great, aloof bird. It is said that his every wing beat causes great gales, and his anger causes lightning storms and forest fires. The sheer power he carries about himself sets himself apart from the other gods. All gods respect him, but most fear him too much to develop any attachment. The Thunderbird is said to present himself before deserving armies, before they march off towards victory.
Wakinyan presents himself to followers based on strength alone. The bravest warriors, the strongest athletes, these are the types whom Thunderbird deems worthy of presenting himself to.
Clerics of Wakinyan often push themselves to great extremes to try and earn a glimpse of their patron. They wear gold and brown, wield the favored weapon of the guisarme, can be of any alignment, and pray for spells at dawn.

Domains: Air, Fire, War, Destruction

2004-11-11, 05:22 AM
That's it for now, I'll post five more, and add domains later. Input is appreciated.

2004-12-09, 06:51 PM
Chulyen, the Crow

CE god of greed and selfishness

Chulyen is a cowardly, selfish god. Legends have it that he stole the corn that Raven gave as a gift to the first people of Darelle. In his greed, he ate it quickly and messily. Doing so, high above the world, he spilt corn upon the earth and caused the plant to grow everywhere.
The other gods of the pantheon only tolerate Crow at the behest of Raven. Raven argues that crow does evil only out of self-preservation, and that despite his horrid personality, he has done the world much good my planting the corn.
Clerics of the Raven wear blue with black lining, pray for spells at dusk, and wield Shortswords for their favored weapons.

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Travel, Trickery, Feast (ebberon campaign setting)