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2008-12-28, 07:40 PM
Okay...first off the only reason I'm not posting this in the fact is because I've looked through the books and apparently it isn't covered, even in the rules compendium so I guess this is more of an opinion question.<breathes>

I have an exotic catapult that does 2d12 damage and must be used by two people with exotic weapon proficienty to use. The problem is that 2d12 is the medium size damage. What happens to the damage dice when it enlarges. I know 1d10 just multiplies by 2 when it goes to 2d10 when it's size increases but dice like 1d8 when they go to 2d8 are different. So what do you think it should jump to? Should it go to 6d6 or something else?

2008-12-28, 08:25 PM
1d10 in Medium becomes 2d8 in Large, 2d10 in Medium becomes 4d8 in Large. Therefore, since 1d12 in Medium becomes 3d6 in Large, 2d12 in Medium becomes 6d6 in Large.

'course, there's no sense in catapults and other siege engines having size categories at all. A bigger catapult just launches a heavier load of projectile(s) and deals more damage. Trebuchets are pretty gigantic compared to mangonels, but both can be operated by Medium-size humanoids.