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2004-12-07, 09:54 PM
This is my very first post here-been a lurker for some time now, time to make an appearance. Thought I'd enter the pantheon contest with the pantheon I created 8 years ago and have used in DnD and many other games. The pantheon is a bit outside DnD conventions but will try to keep them as much DnD as possible. The pantheon contains 20 gods, 120+ demigods and immortals equally shared among 4 "teams" but because this is too much to post and the contest has a limit of 8 I will only post the leading gods of each side:

Enroth, Lord of Order
Portofolio: Heaven and its denizens, light, guidance, good spirits, slaying of evil, protection of the Cosmos, order and balance among the gods of good and light
Domains: Healing, Time, Good, ( also Sun, Life, Protection, Luck as secondary domains)
Alignment: Lawful good
Weapon:Staff. Special ability is ranged attack despite being meele weapon (like some versions of mordenkainen's sword)
Description: Enroth was the first diety to give mortals the power to heal and protect themselves. He deemed this course of action nessecary to counter the growing influence for his brother Handros, the Lord of Chaos. Out of mortal men and women he made disciples that later became immortals of great power and influence. All gods of light and good follow him and come to him for council. Though he blesses mortals he never interferes in their lives directly and never appears as an avatar because he believes in free will. Because of that he has no mortal followers directly but he shares the followers of all the other good dieties. He likes seeing people-esp mortals-struggle and triumph over evil and darkness so he gives them that option when they want it but lets them decide what to do with that power. Always a pool of wisdom he shares it with other immortals and has established an elaborate senate ruling system in the high planes. He appears usually as an old man in white robes and silver staff with long gold hair, piercing blue eyes and the height of a quite tall human. He uses this avatar both among his immortal advocates and among mortals when he delves in the prime material for a day of fun and relaxation away from his endless war with his brother Handros.
Enemies/Friends: all dieties of light and good willingly serve him. Ramos, the Lord of the elements is a good friend of his even though some of Ramose's allies are less than good fellows. Sellana, Lady of Darkness is neutral to him-more in a state of polite disagreement. Handros, the Lord of Chaos is his sworn enemy.
Specials: People worshipping Enroth can learn languages at absurd ease and can communicate with all servants of the light. They get +1 to their sense motive and lore checks per character level as well.

Queen Sellana of the Shadow:
Portofolio: Night, Shadow, death, life beyond death, the Netherworld (Abyss) and its minions.
Domains: Death, Trickery, Shadow (new domain just for my campaign, replace with magic if normal DnD) and also Magic, Time, protection as secondary domains.
Alignment: true neutral
Weapon: Twin Longswords (uses them in two-handed mode obviously)
Sellana (means moon) is the direct opposite of Enroth in power but similar in philosophy. Night, death and the end of things is a natural part of the circle and life beyond death is accepted as well. Death does not discriminate between good and evil, weathy and poor or young and old. Sellana was the first to explain why we shouldn't fear death and gives this knowledge to mortals who serve her as well. Life from death was the creation of her father-now a deceased diety-that was destroyed for wanting to take over all of the Cosmos for his own. Her followers range from dark (but not evil) deva/planetars and neutral dieties of death and shadow to good and neutral undead creatures and powerful necromances. She reigns over the Abyss as a charismatic Monarch and usually uses her presence alone to convince/seduce others to follow her. You can't say no to a very beautiful, infinitely powerful and unaturally intelligent and wise seemingly young woman, can you? She appears regularly to her followers but stays away from the prime material plane and most mortals because she prefers seclusion and silence. She communicates with mortals through a magic voice not letting them knwo who she is. She looks like a 25 year old woman, tall and slim with broad shoulders and vely long silver hair. Bottomless green eyes and a pale skin along with a perfect face that reflects determination and sorrow complete her dark beauty. Appearance and manners change to accomplish various goals from seducing other immortals to appearing as a terrible banshee to frighten and scatter her enemies.
Friends/Enemies: all those who wish power over death are Sellana's willing or unwilling followers. Having established a charismatic monarchy over the abyss and the planes of shadow and astral all beings there worship her directly or indirectly. She has no sworn enemies but disagrees from time to time with Enroth and frequently makes war with Handros
Special: people worshipping Sellana can speak with the dead at will (at higher levels) and gain the handle undead skill (similar to the handle animal skill of druids)

Ramos-Lord of the Elements
Portofolio: Prime material Plane, all elemental/nature magic. Known to meddle in just about everything
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Magic, All elemental, secondary domains of animal, time, invention and trickery
Weapon: your choice of wizard staff or longsword-he uses both though (kind of like Gandalf)
Lord Ramos is the most active god in existence. All intelligent beings know of him (unlike the other gods) but only his followers can recognise him when they see him. He has mastery over the entire prime material plane and total dominance over all elemental planes-especially fire. His primary power is fire and all things fire related but uses the power of other elemental masters which are his friends, apprentices or wiling followers. He believes in free will and equality of opinion above all things thus never commands anyone to do anything. Instead he has organised the council of the elemental masters where democracy is the way of things. Now, if he is elected head of the council every single time is another matter. He was the first to master the control of the elements ad especially so fire. Since then he has granted power and dominion over the other elements to his apprentices-the other elemental dieties. He believes that all (well, most ;D) powers can live together harmoniously if everyone was to compromise a bit. He hates noone and accepts all into his ranks. He made the order of the dead-a secret order of immortals he personally saved from destruction at the hands of their enemies-that contains everything from planetars and archmages to archliches and archdevils but keeps this order secret and separated from his actual forces. The members of the order are free to consult him if they so wish but they are free to do whatever they wish after that. His mortal followers include all wizards of all races that base their power in elements or force (invocation/abjuration/transmutation), all elementals and demi/quasi elementals and all creatures that employ elemental or quasi-elemental power. He is known to work towards a cease-fire among the other 3 lords however his plans have been spoilt by the intervention of his sworn enemy Handros that opposes all free will and happiness. Ramos is also known to consort with mortals and travel in all planes in one form or another. His endless machinations and manipulations have always served to prevent the loss of life and initiation of conflict but he has gained enough allies to counter any single other lord in his domain. He has managed to bend the multiverse in such a way so that all passages among Selestia/Elysium, Abyss and Hell have to pass through the prime material or the elemental planes. This has served as an obstacle to any wars between the other powers and all say they hate him for this (though this is not real) because he is meddling in their affairs. This has also gained him and his followers the greatest share of wars but has prevented many a total war among the other powers that could bring about the end of all things.
Ramos appears as a 30-40 year old wizard in black robes and red cloak when appearing to anyone. He appears having brown long hair and a goatee. His eyes appear red or black depending on the situation and his voice deep and strong. He laughs alot and partakes in mortal and immortal parties and events for much of his time. He is the only lord that can conceal himself from the eyes of another lord by blending in the natural environment and is the only one that can (and has) traverse all the planes.
Enemies/Friends: Eldath is Ramos's friend ever since Ramos got rid of the first lord of Darkness who wanted to rule the Cosmos. Though the two almost always disagree they have agreed in one thing: The one will choose the disciples of the other. This has caused many a funny event that had me (as DM) rolling on floor laughing my a$$ off when I made a new campaign. Sellana is in Ramos's debt ever since he destroyed her father who had her imprisoned and helped her gain dominion over the Abyss, conincing Enroth it was the right thing to do. Their actual relationship varies-they usually argue like a married couple (even if they are just friends 8) ) Handros is his sworn enemy. Well, Handros is just about anyone's sworn enemy.
Special: followers of Ramos can speak with all the denizens of the elemental planes and all dragons. They gain +1 to knowledge and diplomacy checks per level

Handros the Destroyer.
Portofolio: Destruction, Evil, Hell and all Daemons despair, domination of the Multiverse
Alignment: Chaotic Evil-sometimes lawful evil due to twin personality ;D
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Trickery, all domains that could be considered evil as secondary domains
Weapon: Thundering Greataxe
Handros is the bad guy. He is the maker (and ruler) of Hell and all its denizens. He rules as an absolute monarch-a tyrant for all to fear. He despises free will (except for his own), love, order, balance, nature, beautiful things and all other immortals except Ramos. Hatred is a huge understatement in this case. He was the first immortal to learn how to undo laws set by nature ot other immortals. He does not share this knowledge but has chosen people whose personality was like his own and has given them dominion over all things deriving from the breaking of laws: war, famine, destruction, entropy you get the idea. He corrupted mortal entities into monstrous forms and made them immortal thus making all daemons as his troops and pets. He always fights against Ramos the one that always thwarts his machinations of turning the immortals the one against the other and the one that denies him passage into other realms. He hasn't won any of these battles up to now though he causes alot of mayhem and billions of deaths every few thousand years. Noone worships him in his own free will save the twisted and the mad but all evil beings that want power sell their souls to him to gain it. He also manages to corrupt other immortals (lesser though) to do his bidding so he has fallen planetars and arch-warlocks as followers in other worlds.
He appears as a hairless, tall,broad-shouldered warrior in full plate wielding a thundering axe. His face is shrouded and his characteristics can't be seen regardless of the angle it is looked at. He uses this avatar at various sizes (from human-size to mountain size) depending on the situaion.
Friends/Enemies: He has no friends and his willing followers are only the twisted and the mad. He has endless arrays of slaves and entities bound to him through daemon-pacts. He has sworn enmity to Enroth and Ramos and he wages war to Sellana occasionally.
Special: Followers of Handros gain +1 to intimidate and discipline checks per level and can speak with all daemons and denizens of the lower planes (but not abyssal or dark creatures and spirits)

This is hardly everything but is quite enough IMHO for the contest. The god names come from various sources and ppl may recognise it. Enroth is the name of a continent in M&M universe. Ramos is the name of a lesser diety in MTG-the god of the Cho-Arrim tribe but I thought I could use that name since it was a homebrew world. Sellana obviously means moon in ancient (very ancient) Greek. Handros I made myself.
Hope it was not too much and you ppl were not bored to death.