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2004-11-19, 01:06 AM
Gods of the Soul

God of Jovalty

Symbol: A grinning mouth, clerics use a chain of black and white prayer beads
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Joy, laughing, jokes, dancing, celebrations
Worshipers: Revelers and party goers, optimists
Domains: Luck, Protection, Good
Favored Weapon: Sap ("Gleeful Strike")
Preferred Vestments: A gaudy bright tunic of any color and combination. With trousers, usually yellow or red.

Tone is the joy and celebration. He teaches the virtues of optimism and draws strength from high spirits. When others may give in to despair, those strong in Tone "keep on carting" as they like to say. Tone takes the light side in any situation and shows the wisdom of looking out for the best of things.
From weddings to birthdays to victory celebrations the clerics of Tone are called on to oversee the proceedings. Tone only calls from the brightest and boldest, for it is a harsh life. Far harder then anyone could imagine. The constant party going, reveling, and drinking can really wear a cleric down. Many young accolites come looking for a good time and leave in a few months tired and sick.
But the endurance is not the only hardship of the life. Even in darkest times, the clerics of Tone must keep up their high spirits. It is those times of need where they are need, and neglected most. But when their numbers dwindle the usually bumbling church often unites and finds a strength that most people do not expect in ones so blissful.

Goddess of Love

Symbol: A Seven Pointed Star
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Romance, Love, Revenge
Worshipers: Lovers, fighters, hopeless romantics, poets
Domains: Passion, Chaos, Liberation, Treachery
Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike ("Passionate Touch")
Preferred Vestments: Red silk, with a darker sash

Agita symbolizes all the aspects of romantic love, good and bad. Not to be confused with love of life, friends, and fellow man (a role more fitting of Tone), she deals with the chess game that is romance. She incites all the finer aspects of life. From the moment that her clerics call the "Thunderbolt" the shock of love at sight alone, to the bitter hatred insighted at seeing ones lover with another.
Clerics of Agita work their way into the affairs of almost every aspect of life. They take controll over arangeing marages, and deciding how a divorce should work out. Often her clerics are called in to handle disputes between couples and families. At times their influence can even reach further. Their reputation on personal levels often grants them positions of great prestige as negoeators and diplomats. However placeing them in such situations can be dangerous, for they are as fickle as the goddess they serve. More than one diginatry has been betrayed by his trusted Agitain Adviser.

Core, Strom, and Drang to come.

2004-11-19, 11:31 PM
God of Sorrow

Symbol: The Tattoo of a black tear on one eye.
Alignment: Lawful Netural
Portfolio: Sorrow, Mourning, Death
Worshipers: Pesmists, Undertakers, Mourners, Cnyics
Domains: Law, Death, Magic
Favored Weapon: Flail ("Moaning Misery")
Preferred Vestemnts: A tight brown tunic with black slacks

Core is a rather depressing god. In every way Tone's opposite. He is the first to look on the down side to everything. At more or less all times completly unable to see any good that can come from anything, it's all going to be erased by time anyway.
His clerics often adopt a similar view on life, yet twisted. They latch onto what will outlast themselves, as if stuck in some futle quest for imortality.
The most common aspect sought out by those clerics being controll of death and magic. Many form tight cults cut off from the rest of soceity, mocking those that live lives that will fade away.
More socalable clerics often become undertakers or magic dealers, proveideing the world with a necerary suply of devine magical items.