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2004-11-09, 02:17 PM
The lord of death is harrold killer the god who created gods and is incredibly powerful he is the chairman of the death council but he bearly has anything to do with the thing called death.
He is called the death chooser the lord of death and the bringer of evil and the killer of evil. His faveroit weapon is the long sword. The domains he is ascosiated with are death law destruction trickery.

2004-11-11, 03:10 PM
Clive cry.
Clive is a knowned master of poision and assasions and murders he hates people killing for no reason but he has nothing against killing for money he is a vice chairman of the death council.
He is called the poision lord and the godly assasion and the alchimest of dooooooooom. His faverioute weapon is the dagger. The domains he is ascoisiated are evil law death and plants.

2004-11-13, 09:14 AM
Cro necom.
Lord of the undead he created the first one he used to be a lich before seeing if he made all liches atack something he would have to atack as well he is now a gnome of pure evil.
He is another vice chair man and the domains he is ascosiated are healing, death evil trickery.

2004-11-17, 03:09 PM
Ion Assin
The god of assasions will kill foe money and created the first theives guild. He is a aprentice of clive and is a wild murderer.
He is worshipped by rouges assasions and murderers the domains he is ascosiated are chaos evil death trickery.