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2004-11-15, 07:20 PM
Thought I'd post my old music pantheon for a lark. This was designed for a setting that took place in an extraplanar highschool. Think a cross between harry potter,planescape, and MTV.

Without further ado, the pantheon of music:

The pantheon of music is by far the most common group of gods prayed to by the members of Extraplanar High.

Each of its five members are actually composed of many smaller members, who, together, form a greater spiritual whole. For example, Rock is acutally an embodyment of many, many minor celestial powers or "rock gods". It is not uncommon to have followers of a single component of a god, for example, a follower of Rock might take Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness as his patron.


Rock is diverse, encompasing many differing celestial powers. The pantheon contains envisioned revolutionaries, as well as soulless corporate whores. It contains preachers of good and wholesome lifestyles, and hardcore drug addicts. As a whole Rock usually preaches inclusiveness and occasionally introspection. As such, the pantheon is neutral.
Rock's followers use the favored weapon of the axe, and pray for spells at midnight.

The domains associated with Rock are Animal (describes many of the members), War (because of Rock's history of opinion on war), Destruction and Fire.

2004-11-15, 07:35 PM
Hip Hop

Commonly known as Rap, Hip-Hop is among the most popular gods among the students at Extraplanar High. Hip-hop has a strong social concience, and strongly opposed tyranny in all it's forms. It also has an unfortunate number of criminals among it's ranks. As such, it is chaotic neutral.
Followers of rap wield daggers as favored weapons, and pray for spells at dusk.

Hip-Hop is associated with the domains of Chaos, Plant (because of what many of them smoke), and Death

2004-11-15, 07:40 PM

Pop is predominately popular among the younger females of Extraplanar High. Pop is relatively unchanging and sticks to the same, simple, reliable chords is has for ages. It's components consist of corporate sellouts and good role models. As such, Pop as a whole is Lawful Neutral.
Followers of Pop wield the Morning star (because it looks so much like a microphone), and pray for spells at noon (when the world is all pretty).

The domains Pop is assoiciated with are Law, Air (it's what it's members' heads are full of), and Sun (because they look so pretty in the sun)

2004-11-15, 07:51 PM
Easy Listening

Easy listening's followers number mainly among the teachers of Extraplanar High. Easy listening's components are old, dry living dead whose droning wails are worshipped as song by it's followers. Many components of Easy Listening were once glorious members of other Deities, before they were corrupted.
Followers of Easy Listening wield quarterstaffs (it helps many of them walk with their frail frames) and pray for spells at dawn with coffee, and often involve forcing youth to listen to the droning songs.

Easy Listening is associated with the domains of evil, travel (because it is when travelling that the followers of Easy Listening force their beliefs on others), and Plant (because it's as interesting as watching grass grow)

2004-11-16, 02:34 AM
Ohh, cool, cool. mind if I give it a try.


A small but old chruch dateing far back, almost to the origns of eternity. Their number of folwers waxes and wanes with time. Recently a null time affected the pargon, consderably weaking them, however they are slowly, if steadly regaining in folowers.
The Ska gods a joval and blissful lot, with hardly a sour face among them. Their folwers can be seen amongst the dregs of soceity spreading their good will, expecaly in areas that seem so far gone to shadows and dispair. For that is where their light is needed most.
Ska churches are almost totaly unheard of. Instead worshipers unify in groups often called "street crews" the average folwer is called a Rudie.
Ska is in a constant struggle aginst the pargon of Emo. A rival chruch with much more socal recogition for it's seemingly uncanny ablity to heal all the worlds ills (at what cost the Rudies ask).
Ska also walks the fine line of falling into Pop's line. Sold Out Rudies, still clameing to skaink in the light of Ska are a dangerious lot.

The domains accoiated with Ska are Chaos, Good, Luck, and Passion, with the Whirling (Skainking?) Frezy instead of a regular rage.
The most common weapon among the Street Crews is the Blow Pipe, reflecting the uncommonly high usage of wind instruments used by Ska.

2004-11-16, 04:09 AM
I like it man. :D

That's the fun thing about this pantheon. It allows alot of versitility and adaptability.

I gave the idea to my buddy and he spent the next hour coming up with alignments for his favorite artists.

Grey Watcher
2004-11-16, 03:48 PM
You forgot classical.

2004-11-16, 04:55 PM
Jazz too. I might make them now, but the four I had before were for use in a High School Campaign, and Classical wouldn't be as important as Pop.

2004-11-16, 11:13 PM
Yeah, this is fun. We did an entire setting based on 80s musians awhile back. Was a roit to make, we never played in however. As for this thing, now for the Emo.


A relativley recent church to arise on the scene that has been drawing folowers by the droves. Many are drawn to the pantheon's desire to protect, and prevent harm.
They are a somber, and stoic, sometimes even to the point of being mopey and winey. Prefereing to dwell on wounds that have been done, then to try and fix problems.
Often detached from the rest of humanity, they find themselves sometimes feeling moraly superior then others who prefre to forget what has happned to them. The panthon of Emo finds them shallow, and week. Unable to bear the truth of this world. That hurt, it's all that there really is, pain. Love is just the precurser, and cause of pain. Fun is merly a destraction. Pain is truth. Sorrow is strength. The ablity to accept that is power.

Favored Weapon: None. Fighting is the epitmy of pain, defending things that will fall anyway is pointless. No use in trying.

Alignment: Netural. Although not evil nor good, they advocate neither one. They fail to see the point in lost causes or worldly values. Being chaotic implys a willingness to voilate the norm and break out away from everything, exposeing oneslf to torment and sorrow. To abide and protect law means going out of your way to stop the unlawfull. Beings who often are willing to break you.

Domains: Protection, healing, ancestor, water (as in tears)