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2004-11-15, 05:34 PM
House of the Diminutive

This pantheon can be placed pretty much anywhere, as long as smaller races are there (seeing as itís a pantheon of small gods).
Most of them see themselves as charged with the sacred task of keeping balance in the Multiverse. They view larger folk as brutes for the most part, simple and boorish. However, there are a few exceptions to this general rule, and the pantheon readily accepts the aid of any who are true to their cause.

-Gnome God of Balance
-Favoured Weapon: Short Sword
-Domains: War, Luck, and Healing
-Holy Symbol: An even balance.

Since the beginning of time, the Gods have been in an eternal struggle, and those who emerge victorious will rule the cosmos. Whether they admit this or not, their actions reveal their agenda. Only a certain few realize that if one side conquers the other, the multiverse will be thrown into disarray. Hleruus, being one of the Chosen, has set forth on a mission to keep balance in the multiverse. He and his disciples have sworn to the powers that be that they will not rest until a perfect balance is brought into being. If that balance needs to be brought by the blade, so be it. His weapon of choice, the short sword, represents the balance he seeks: the double blade of good and evil, law and chaos.
Most followers of Hleruus are Clerics, though some are Wizards

-Lawful Neutral
-Halfling Goddess of Wisdom and Discretion
-Favoured Weapon: Club
-Domains: Trickery, Law, and Protection
-Holy Symbol: An hand stretching outwards.

Jeilonis and her followers believe that discretion is indeed the better part of valour. While they strive for the well-being of all halflings, they believe that the betterment of their race can be brought through acts other than those directed towards halflings. They walk the lands, far and wide, in search of those in need, of any race. Only through acts of kindness and generosity can a halfling become a true believer and follower of Jeilonis.
When they believe it necessary, followers will be extremely discrete, to the point of invisibility, polymorph, and charm spells.
Most followers of Jeilonis are Bards or Clerics, but she also has a devout contingent of Rangers to call upon when needed.

-Neutral Good
-Fey Goddess of Sanctity
-Favoured Weapon: Dagger
-Domains: Good, Protection, Air, and Healing
-Holy Symbol: A leaf-bladed dagger.

Having charged herself with the protection of all woodland creatures, Jeomyn can be found wandering alone in a forest, looking for usurpers of the peace. In corporeal form, she appears as an attractive member of the viewerís race, usually garbed in a worn, dark green cloak. She encourages her followers to hold every bush sacred, to hold every leaf above their own life. For without the verdant, how can the rest of the world strive?
Most of her followers are Druids and Rangers. It is very rare to have a follower of a different class, especially arcane spellcasters.

-Chaotic Evil
-Kobold God of Unruliness and Thrill
-Favoured Weapon: Small Rapier
-Domains: Evil, Chaos, Trickery, and Luck
-Unholy Symbol: A glass tornado encircled by a steel ring.

Usually seen as more of a burden to the world than a boon by the rest of the pantheon, Aakesh and his followers seek to promote random chaos wherever possible, and they do so with extreme fervor. They often disregard their own safety simply for the Ďthrillí of potential injury. Many claim that they are simply insane, but they know that they are driven by force: the fun of causing the chaos that follows them.
Most of his followers are Sorcerers and Rogues, with the occasional Barbarian thrown into the mix. Law-abiding followers are all but unheard of.

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