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2004-11-07, 09:04 PM
The Gods of the Gray Spirit

Gaili the Allfather
Ultimate God
Favored Weapon:Falchion
Symbol:A heart
Description:Gaili is the father of Sarmana the Queen of Enlightenment.He is the greatest and most powerful of the gods.It is unknown how he came into existence.It is said that he once slumbered in the Time Before Existence, a time where there was no time, and reality was the plaything of Those That Were.After aeons of slumber in the Great Heart, he burst forth, and created the multiverse.What was left of the Heart was a great, gray colored light,which is what the planet of Gray Spirit is named after.No one knows what the light is, it is said to be the source of the gods nurishment.After Gailie created the multiverse, he realized he could not be everywhere, so he pricked his finger with his sword, and a drop of blood landed on the ground of Gray Spirit.The blood soon formed into the Tree of Worlds, which looks after us while we are yet in the womb.Gailie ihas been true to his nature the moment he burst forth from the blood of the Heart.He despises evil and will destroy it if it should threaten the gods and wipe out all existence.
Dogma:Look to Gailie, look to Gailie for sustenance in your easy and hard times, oh children of the Heart.Hate not, and turn not your ways the soul of destruction.Love those who do evil, and love those who do good.Love those even who do not, for they are of the blood of Gailie.

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2004-11-08, 10:16 PM
Sarmana Queen of Enlightenment
:Supreme Power
Symbol:Blue Aura surrounding a fist
Description:Sarmana is the Queen of the gods.She is the patron of magic, wisdom, and mysticism.As such, she is supreme master of wizards, wisemen,scholars,priests, and even ordinary people seeking enlightenment.Sarmana may be enlightened, but she still has great anger welled within her against the forces of evil.She has sponsored countless arcane heroes against tyrants and villains throughout the ages.Being the Mother of Enlightenment, Sarmana is somewhat of a love goddess, so she is instilled with great passion.
Dogma:Whether magic or fist, wisdom or sword, let passion guide you.Follow not into the ways of darkness, let love be in your bones all of your days.If you do follow darkness, let no one follow into your ways, lest the wrath of the Goddess consume you.

2004-11-09, 05:00 PM
The Tree of Worlds
Supreme God
Domains:Good,Earth,Air,Fire,Water,Plant,Animal,Sun ,Moon
Favored Weapon:Scyth
Symbol:A Large Well
Description:The World Tree is the embodiment of all nature.He is the steward of all creation.He is often termed,"The Great Gaurdian".What the Gray Spirit is to the gods, the World Tree is to everyone else, but the World Tree is more than a tree.It is sentient, and one of the wisest beings in the universe.
Dogma:Respect Nature, and preserve it.Suffer the forests not to burn.Eat meat sparingly, and treat even the plants and ants as your neighbors.When you are hungry, and have no food, look to the World Tree.

2004-11-13, 12:56 PM
Supreme God
Domains:Destruction,Devastation,Thunder,Fire,Repos e,air,earth,water
Favored Weapon:Battle Axe
Symbol:Axe cutting a mountain in two
Description:Drakonis is the god of destruction.Bad tempered, moody, and always depressed, Drakonis is not evil, nor is he good.Drakonis is saddened by ancient events that seem to be forgotten by all other beings.Wizards and druids are his most common worshipers.
Dogma:Let all come to pass.Let no storm shake your calm.Fear nothing, for all that will happen has been happening since eternity began.