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2004-11-13, 12:43 AM
The Dream Gods
They are the type of Gods that only start in a very wierd dream.

Portfolio: Goddess of death, People, former earth goddess
Alignment: NG
Favored weapon: Light Mace
Domains: Death, healing, good

Quick Summary:
Once the mother goddess, and sister to Ukalele, she lost the war on death and moved to the underworld to be with her people once they became mortal. She dislikes undead, because they are taking away people from her. She is also the mother of Lorlee.

Portfolio: Generic sky god
Alignment: CE
Favored weapon: Dagger
Domains: Sun, weather, evil

Quick Summary:
Generaly he's just mean. He tried to kill off all life because they had to breath. Brother to Fatidada and her rival for the attention of people. He's also in control of the weather and therefore very dangerous. And he angers easily.

Portfolio: Oceans, Rivers, and streams
Alignment: N
Favored weapon: Short Sword
Domains: Water, Healing, Travel

Quick Summary:
The gender ambigious god/goddess of water. Was brought into creation by Ukalele when he flooded the earth because his sister had angered him. Negute dosen't really care about much other than what is going on in his/her realm. Only demands on mortals is that all seafaring persons pay at least some sort of respect, sea monsters do get hungry every once and a while.

Portfolio: The earth and all things on it
Alignment: CN
Favored weapon: Long bow
Domains: Animal, plant, healing, earth, chaos

Quick Summary:
Lorlee is the daughter of Fatidada and... some mortal. She took over her mothers job of watching over the earth and all living things on it when her mother went to the underworld to look over the dead. She met Ricatodat when he was on his adventure to remove his curse. They eventually got married and have yet to have any children, though not for a lack of trying.

Portfolio: The God of adventures
Alignment: CG
Favored weapon: Broad sword
Domains: Magic, choas, good, travel

Quick Summary:
Ricatodat started out life as a mortal with a curse, mortality and just bad stuff happening. He went on a very noble quest to remove this curse, and along the way, met Lorlee and fell in love. Fatidada removed his curse when they met her in the underwold and made him imortal so her daughter wouldn't have to suffer throught the heartbreak of having a loved one die. There can only be so many godesses of the underwold.

Spider Elephant Monkey, aka SEM
Portfolio: The Judge of the lake
Alignment: LN
Favored weapon: short spear
Domains: Law, water, trickery

Quick summary:
One day there was a big bad elephant. Who ate a spider monkey. And became Spider Elephant Monkey! SEM lives in a large lake in the middle of a large continent. There he sits and passes judgement for all who come and ask. But since he also used to be a monkey, he approves of tricking your way to the top.