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2008-12-30, 08:35 AM
I'm a big fan of the D10 system used in Legend of the Five Rings, so I've decided to work on modifying it to use in D&D.

So far, I've gotten rid of the ring system, and decided on 8 traits. Rolls will be either Roll skill + trait, keep trait or roll skill + higher of two traits, keep lower of two traits. Instead of a maximum of 10 insight ranks, I've broken it down to 20, with 15 points of insight between ranks (instead of 25).

In L5R, you roll (basically) level + ring, keep ring for casting... I've changed that to a skill roll, with a separate skill for each school of magic (using the 8 D&D magic schools). There will be 9 levels of spells, and learning them will be restricted based on insight rank - exactly like learning spells based on level in D&D.

What I'm not so sure about is spells per day. In L5R, they're based on your ring - but we don't have rings here. In D&D, you get a certain number of each level. I'm not sure I like that, because it seems like just too many spells at high levels, and too few at low levels. Any suggestions of how I can get around that?

2008-12-30, 11:07 AM
What does Lot5R use as a d10 system? :)

As an aside, my favorite d10 system was "roll a pool. If you roll 2 5s, that's a 25. If you roll 3 4s, that's a 34. Pick your best roll from the pool." I think that was from ... weapons of the gods?

You can toss on some nice extra action mechanics too -- roll, pick a set for an action, burn your highest individual die, then pick another set for an action, repeat.

2008-12-30, 11:21 AM
What does Lot5R use as a d10 system? :)

Nothing like what you mentioned.

Every roll is a Roll X, keep Y dice. Like, roll 6k2 would mean you roll 6 ten sided dice, and keep the two highest. Also, if you roll a ten on any one die, it explodes - ie, you reroll it and add the result. If you roll a string of 10s on one die, you can get some amazing rolls... rarely.

That's the basics of how it works, anyway.