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2004-07-20, 05:38 PM
Z's Babes

"Good morning, babes."
"Good morning, Z!"

Such is the official greeting between a Z Man and his Babes. Babes work on top secret missions, as directed by a Z Man. These missions are often of great importance to the safety of the world. Z's Babes aren't afraid to get into combat, but often rely on their good looks and charm to get what they need instead.

Z's Babes always work in cells of 3 Babes, reporting directly to a Z Man. It is virtually unheard of for a Z's Babe to know another Z Man or other Babes outside her cell. Ocassionally, a Z Man's cohort - a trusted friend and companion - will assist the Babes with various tasks. A Babe is never allowed to see the face of her Z Man.

Babes come from a variety of backgrounds, including rogues, fighters, sorcerers and even ex-monks. A single cell often has a diverse set of skills at their disposal among the 3 Babes.

To qualify as a Z's Babe, a character must meet all of the following pre-requisites:

Alignment: Non-lawful, non-evil
Skills: Gather Information 3 ranks; Knowledge (Any) 3 ranks; Any two other skills: 10 ranks each
Ability Score: Charisma 13 or higher (without the aid of magical items)
Feats: Any 2 of the following:
Acrobatic Agile Alertness Athletic Combat Reflexes Deceitful Deft Hands Improved Initiative Investigator Negotiator Nimble Fingers Persuasive Self-Sufficient Stealthy
Languages: Must be able to speak common and one other language
Sex: Female
Special: Must be sponsored by another Z's Babe, and initiated by a Z Man.

Hit Points: d8 per level
BAB: Medium (as cleric)
Saves: a Z's Babe may pick any two to be good; the third is bad

The following are Class Skills for a Z's Babe:

A Z's Babe may choose a number of skills equal to 10 + her int mod (if positive) upon entering the class to be class skills. Once selected, they cannot be changed.

Skill Points Per Level: 6 + Int Mod

Level 1: Bonus Ability
Level 2: Bonus Feat
Level 3: Bonus Language; sneak attack +1d6
Level 4: Bonus Ability
Level 5: Bonus Feat
Level 6: Bonus Language; sneak attack +1d6
Level 7: Bonus Ability
Level 8: Bonus Feat
Level 9: Bonus Language; sneak attack +1d6
Level 10: Bonus Ability

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A Z's Babe gains no additional weapon, armor or shield proficiencies.

Bonus Ability: At first level, and every 3 levels thereafter, a Z's Babe gains a bonus ability. Once an ability has been choosen, it cannot be changed. She must choose from the following options, and must meet any special pre-reqs listed for those options:

+1 to existing Caster Level: When she selects this ability, the character gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in a spellcasting class she belonged to before adding the prestige class. she does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained, except for an increased effective level of spellcasting. If a character had more than one spellcasting class before becoming a Z's Babe, she must decide to which class she adds the new level for purposes of determining spells per day.

Crippling Strike: A Z's Babe with this ability can sneak attack opponents with such precision that her blows weaken and hamper them. An opponent damaged by one of her sneak attacks also takes 2 points of Strength damage. Ability points lost to damage return on their own at the rate of 1 point per day for each damaged ability. She must be at least a 10th level character to select this ability, and must already have the Sneak Attack ability (even if it has been gained from this class).

Evasion: As the monk and rogue ability

Favored Enemy: As the Ranger ability. If she has Ranger levels already, she gains a new favored enemy and may also increase a previous enemy's bonus by +2.

Hide In Plain Sight: a Z's Babe can use the Hide skill even while being observed. As long as she is within 10 feet of some sort of shadow, she can hide herself from view in the open without having anything to actually hide behind. She cannot, however, hide in her own shadow. A Z's Babe must have select Hide as a class skill to select this ability.

Improved Evasion: As the rogue ability. A Z's Babe must already have the Evasion ability.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: As the rogue ability; she must already have Uncanny Dodge.

Inspire Courage: As the Bard ability. She must have 3 ranks in a Perform skill and Perform must be a class skill for her to select this ability (though she need not have any levels in Bard).

Ki Strike: To select this ability, a Z's Babe must have the Ki Strike ability from another class, such as the monk. When she selects this ability, she may add her Z's Babe levels to her levels in the other class that granted the ability to determine the effectiveness of her ki.

Opportunist: Once per round, a Z's Babe can make an attack of opportunity against an opponent who has just been struck for damage in melee by another character. This attack counts as the Babeís attack of opportunity for that round. Even a Z's Babe with the Combat Reflexes feat canít use the opportunist ability more than once per round. She must be at least a 10th level character to select this ability.

Skill Mastery: A Z's Babe becomes so certain in the use of certain skills that she can use them reliably even under adverse conditions. Upon gaining this ability, she selects a number of skills equal to 3 + her Intelligence modifier. When making a skill check with one of these skills, she may take 10 even if stress and distractions would normally prevent her from doing so. A Z's Babe may gain this special ability multiple times, selecting additional skills for it to apply to each time.

Slow Fall: A Z's Babe within arms reach of a wall can use it to slow her decent. When gaining this ability, she treats any fall as if it were 20' shorter. If the character already has the Slow Fall ability (such as from the Monk Class), selecting this ability increases the distance she may fall by 10'. This ability may be selected multiple times. Each time after the first that it is selected, she adds 10' to the distance she can fall.

Trapfinding: As the rogue ability. She must have selected the Search skill as a class skill to take this ability.

Uncanny Dodge: As the rogue ability.

Wild Shape: A Z's Babe who selects this ability may add her class level to her level in another class granting the Wild Shape ability (such as druid) to determine the number of times per day she may use her Wild Shape, and also the size and type of creature she may Wild Shape into. She must already have the Wild Shape class feature to select this ability.

Bonus Feat: At 2nd level and every three levels thereafter, a Z's Babe may select a bonus feat. She must meet all the pre-requisites of the feat, and once selected it cannot be changed.

Bonus Language: A Z's Babe comes into contact with many exotic and interesting cultures. At 3rd level, and again at 6th and 9th, she may select a bonus language.

Sneak Attack: As the rogue ability.

2004-07-20, 06:13 PM
In all of my life. I never thought I would see Dungeons and Dragons combined in any element with Charlies Angel's. I would give advice but im not proficent with 3.5nesse.

2004-07-20, 07:06 PM
A PrC based on Charlie's angels. What's next? A human-looking construct that fights evil? A PrC class that gives you a nice amount of skill points and lots of abilities with a whip? Or a string instrument Bard with more hit dice, full BaB and Crossbow combat abilities? Guys that use small magical orbs to imprison creatures and later summon them as allies? Someone shifting between alternate realities using arcane power, being a weakling in one but a demigod in the other? A hellishly ugly assassin that kills people by infiltrating their mind and slaughtering them there?

All these references are to someone or a group of persons in some famous movie serie. Ten points for each correct answer. ;D

2004-07-20, 08:35 PM
human looking construct: Could be Armitage, could be robocop, could be Casshan....

Lots of skills and a whip.. Indiana Jones!

Crossbow bard... ???

Orbs.. Pokemon. :P

alternate realities guy... mm, know a couple series based on that, but not with the power shift you describe.

Assason: Duh... Freddy!

Anyway, Z, I liek yoru class! :) So of course the hade Babe of the Original Z Man would have the call sign of M, right? ;)

2004-07-20, 11:38 PM
Anyway, Z, I liek yoru class! :)

Thanks! I'm a little worried about the balance of this one. I think the Z Man is OK balance wise (though I wouldn't be surprised if somebody figures out a way to abuse it - somebody usually does ;) ).

So of course the hade Babe of the Original Z Man would have the call sign of M, right? ;)

But of course. ;D

2004-07-21, 12:40 AM
Glad you are fluent in typoese. :)

2004-07-21, 12:43 AM
heh - after reading stuff by Koga in VLH, yours was easy. ;)

2004-07-21, 02:10 AM
Good point.

want to know something REALLY scary?

I know some one who, When seriously writing, has spelling and grammar bad enough to make KtNT seem coherent.

2004-07-21, 02:22 AM
Holy crap, I have never laughed at something more hilarious then this PrC. Pure Genius. One Thing though...only females can enter this class.

2004-07-21, 07:40 AM
Holy crap, I have never laughed at something more hilarious then this PrC. Pure Genius. One Thing though...only females can enter this class.

Right. It was in my notes, but never made it to the document for some reason. Thanks. :)

And thanks for the compliments.

2004-07-21, 12:34 PM
40 points to Zagaroth!

I was thinking Terminator, but you're close enough with robocop ;)

The crossbow Bard was really vague on purpose, but that was a reference to El Mariachi.

The alternate realities guy is Neo from the Matrix.

2004-08-23, 12:48 PM
But dude, Neo doesn't use arcane power. He uses arcane tools.

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2004-08-30, 11:00 PM
I don't wanna sound pissy or anything (though I have a hunch it's gonna anyway) - but can we get back to posting about my class in this thread?