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2009-01-03, 11:08 AM
Name : The Brotherhood

Symbol : A black Moon with a tear drop of blood comming from the bottom of the moon , and in the background is the symbol of Eleline

Motto : By our Ancestor's Palms ! A motto that has endured throughout thousands of years , the motto itself is to regognize the ancient Highbourne mages would focused on Blood Magick alone, they are the ones who create the style of Blood Magick the Brotherhood uses , which is more arcane in nature not Divine or Natural .

Background : The BrotherHood was formed by the mages who develed into Blood Magick , the Rulers of Eleline thought this was a disgrace to their divine gifts of blood , and scoffed at these mages . The mages then went underground , censoring all that would use the blood Magicks , and killing any who succum to their addiction and go mad . The Brotherhood has hence , Spread throughout any nation that uses magick .

Goals : The Brotherhood would like to see the use of sacrifices to come to an end . They drive some of the greatest of people to kill for power , something the Brotherhood does not enforce . However , they enjoy the Blood Magicks to much , for all Brothers are in a way Addicted to the Arcane Blood Magicks and are only in LuCathla to find Arcane Fonts and ruins that would enable them to use the more powerful blood magicks without sacrifices .

Also , any mage or wizard who is not granted permission to use blood magick is usually given a "warning" to end their studies , and if the mage does not comply then they surprisingly go missing . The Brotherhood enjoys getting rid of greedy Humans who think they have more might than the ancients of Eleline , but in most cases they do not kill the mage , they simply relocate them into the wilderness or initiate them within the Brotherhood .

The Brotherhood also has goals as to reach several Council Members of LuCathla in aiding them to find a source of arcane power that would end the need for sacrifice , however they would need to make sure that the council member keeps this a secret so that the Brotherhood remains in most part a mystery and secret of LuCathla .

Dreams : The Brotherhood would like to see The need For blood Sacrificed Ended .

Enemies : Usually the Cabals of illegal Necromancers at times tend to kidnapp Brothers and either study them under imprisonment or kill them and try to harness their powers . The law states that all unsanctioned Necromancy is Illegal and Evil , although , the Brotherhood is not a necromantic organization , they do employ necromantic knowledge for their blood magicks and are (if found out) hunted down and killed . Also , the Celestile (an ancient order of "Knights" of Eleline, also known as the White Ride) are Hostile in most cases to Brothers , but the Brotherhood does not return the favor . Any Celestile killed by a Brother Results in the Death of that Brother .

Allies : The Brotherhood , since it is a secret organization has few true allies , Highbourne Scholars that are sympathetic to the Brotherhood , usually donating their own blood in hopes of some good will come of it . The Brotherhood Considers the Celestile their allies , although the feelings are not mutual . Also greedy necromancers often try to get their hands on the Brotherhood Blood Magicks secrets only to find that they are lead into a trap and killed by the Brotherhood , for the Brotherhood does not take kindly to either humans hoarding the heritiage that they gave up all those thousands of years ago , and They do not take requests to be taught the blood magicks unless deemed worthy .

Secrets : Wouldn't you like to Know ?

Type : Secretive Cabal

Category : Psedo-Racial , Arcane in Nature mostly a secretive Social Arcane Society that deals with the arcane blood magicks .

Scale : 14 Continental/seafearing Kingdom

8th lvl character = +2
Is not a Highbourne = -1
5 or more ranks in Knowledge Arcana = +2
Can cast Arcane Magick = +0
Helped the Brotherhood prior to initiation = +1
Is Human = -2
Friends with other races other than Highbourne = -2
(Affilitation Score Chart Incomplete as of yet)

Total = 0

Benefits 0 = (All new Members will have to Sign A Blood Contract , that enstates the OATHS of the Brotherhood)Members will automatically become vampires and will be tested in blood magick ( Takes one week (game time) to go through initial tests , succes results in a Knowledge(Blood Magic) of 1 and anytime thereafter , points can be added in as class skills as long as the Member does not leave the Brotherhood . )This Training opens up 4 Blood Rites or Spells to the Caster , that can be chosen from this list : Bloodrite : Blood Brotherhood , Bloodrite : Blood Tribe , Bloodrite :Bloody Chalice , Bloodrite : Blood Contract and Bloodrite : Blood Oath .
Automatic Duties :Unless otherwise Stated , all Bloodrites and Spells must be given to an Important Brotherhood Leader , so that these magicks do not get in the hands of undertrained Brothers , and other Mages will not unjustly dabble in them .
Must go through Initiate Blood Magic Training
Must give permission to go through Vamparic Transformation Ritual
Must Prove Worth to the Brotherhood
May have to travel to discover what the Brotherhood is , and may have to locate important members within the brotherhood to gain information .

Affiliation Score of 11 or higher :
Benefits : Given acces to 2 bloodrites or spells (Random)
+ 4 checks on blood magic
Blood magic cast at +1 caster lvl
1,000 gold every 2 weeks to invest in blood magick research
Duties for affiliation 11 or higher :
Must destroy 5 addicted brothers in one month or have affiliation score reduced by 2
must donate 10 % of treasure to the Brotherhood
Must travel with Brothers on Affiliation Quests .

Benefits of 21 or higher
Gain acces to 4 blood rites or spells (random)
Call in favor = - your affiliation score by 5 to gain acces to lvl 6 blood magick and necromancy spells for 1/4 standard prices .
can travel free on all brotherhood owned vessels .
+3 attack roll on addicted Brothers
Duties of 21 or higher :
Must assasinate a Important Brother Succuming to Addiction in Secret .
Must donate 20 % of treasure
Must recruit 3 new members without giving away Brotherhood Presesnce
Must donate 10 scrolls of Blood magic or Necromancy lvl 3-7 in one month or have affliation score reduced by 10 .

Benefits 30 or higher :
Can take prestege class Lord of Blood if meeting prerequisites
Gain exsanguinate , and bloody tongue as automatic feats
+3 to your knowledge (Blood Magic) score
can have honor gaurd of 5 lvl 6 Brothers of Lesser Titles
Gain Bloodrite : Steal Blood
Gain Permission to sire Approved Members and teach Blood Magic to others
Member can keep Bloodrites and spells to himself instead of being forced to hand them over to another Blood Lord .
Can use Executive Powers : Call Festival of Sacrifice , Excommunicate , can start a Brotherhood Group in an underdeveloped area of Arcane Power .
Duties 30 or Higher :
Must kill 3 rivals of the Brotherhood within 4 months
Must Destroy creatures that have taken part in a blood transfusion
Must Destroy wizards dabbling in Blood Magic (Unless otherwise stated)

Titles within the Brotherhood
- Affiliation Score 0-10 : None , often named Squire if the member in question is aspiring to greatness

Affiliation Score 11-20 : Initiate of the Brotherhood

Affilitation Score 21-29 : Brother

Affiliation Score 30+ : Brother of Blood , Blood Brother , Blood Father (If leader of a sect) , Bloodistrate( Blood Magic Master or High Scholar of Blood Magicks)

Oaths of the Brotherhood :
- No Innocent will be fed upon for Blood Magic
- Only a willing Highbourne may be Fed Upon
- Blood Magick is to be held secret to the Weak willed , greedy and Evil
- Any Brother That has succumbed to Addiction must be Killed for the greater Good
- Festivales of Sacrifices can only be taken part by other Brotherhood Member , and even then in times of Dire Peril
- No transfusions of Blood with another Sentient Creature shall take place
- A Brother Will not Harm Another Brother unless the Brother in Question has broken one of the Oaths
- A member of the Celestile will never be harmed
- A Blood Brother or Blood Father must give permission to another Brother Before a Sacrifice is made in the act of Blood Magick .
- All Members of the Brotherhood will take part in Brotherhood Missions , to censore , keep secret and collect ,blood magick and blood magick lore .
- All members will respect their fellow Brothers
- Evil Creatures will not be tolerated within the Brotherhood .
- All members will research and search for Books and Tomes of Blood Magick and Lore at all times when possible .