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2004-07-17, 10:29 PM
I read this contest before I created a screen name, so the temptation to create a more appropriate screen name was strong. However, I am dbsousa everywhere else on the net, so dbsousa it is...

As the Dread Knight Malcolm surveyed the field of battle, an evil grin came unbidden to his face. The determination and spirit of the men who held this pass were no match for the sheer numbers of mercenaries Malcolm had assembled. Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, any creature that could hold a sword and swing it, piled upon the remaining hundred defenders. Each defender killed three beasts for every blow they received, but their hearts knew that time was not on their side. As the sun started to set, Malcolm smelled victory, and it smelled like the blood of heroes.

The sound was faint at first, but grew louder with each step. The rhythm of the drums reached the defenders ears first, but it was the horns that gave them hope. As the music grew louder, the defenders cheered. The Bandmates had arrived, and with them the strength to hold the pass. 76 trombones came to save the day, with 110 cornets right behind...

The Bandmates of D.B.Sousa are bards who have turned their backs on their chaotic pasts and now follow the path of the March Prince, D.B. Sousa. I wiill work out the details later, but suffice it to say that they will sacrifice bard spells for Lawful Cleric spells, plus the ability to summon bandmates, inspire troops to march faster and longer, and terrify enemy troops as they lift the morale of their allies

2004-07-18, 12:17 PM
Hit Die: d6
Requirements: 10 levels of bard, Leadership Feat, Lawful Alignment
Base Attack Bonus: as Bard

2004-07-29, 03:09 PM
Hit Die: d6
Requirements: 10 levels of bard, Leadership Feat, Lawful Alignment
Base Attack Bonus: as Bard

I like the flavor text (from the first post). Any chance you'll get this done before the deadline?

One quick suggestion... you should never require levels in a class as a pre-req. Instead, find something about that class and make that a pre-req. For example, you could go with:

Perform (Any): 13 ranks
BAB: +7
Special: Ability to use Inspire Greatness as a Bardic Music

Those three combined ensure you get to at least 9th level in Bard. You could make the requirements as a bard 9/Fighter 1 (or any other +1 BAB class), but that doesn't seem to be a big deal.

I hope you decide to finish the class!

2004-07-29, 10:23 PM
I really hope you finish this class as well, I enjoy bardic characters and this one could be a doozy. What exactly would you call a government controlled by musicians? A musocracy perhaps? Something to think about.