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2004-07-14, 04:00 AM
I am entering: Lord Nathanel's Culinist

Description: Lord Nathanel established the most reputable culinary school in the land during the food surplus explosion of 302. Many a Duke and Duchess would travel from near and far to sample their delectable dishes. The food created by these chefs are prepared to such perfection that they take on magical qualities. Every royal ball, religious gathering, and knighting ceremony has been catered by these "wizards in the kitchen". Highly sought after, a graduate straight out of school makes in one week what other chefs make in a year. These casters tend to stand out in a crowd for they almost always wear bright white clothing and a dyed white leather apron (counts as leather armor).

Requirements: Wiz/Sor class w/ 4 ranks in each: Profession: Chef, Knowledge: Arcana, Royalty & Nobility, Religion, SpellCraft, Survival, 14 int & 14 dex

Feat: Grappling (for the heimlich manuever)
Tepenyaki (a whirlwind attack used with knives that add a +2 to base attack..slice and dice!)


Class Abilities:
1. Culinist's are considered proficient with all kitchen utensils and do not take the 4 penalty on attack rolls for improvised weapons when wielding any kitchen utensil.
2. +1 bonus projectiles (thrown spells)
3. May take Craft Item (foodstuff) at no char point cost.
4. +2 con, -2 dex (they eat well, however tend to be a lil chubby).
5. Resist Heat (gained due to exposure to hot stoves)
6. Cook: forage and create delicious food in any terrain.
7. Poison Identification and Brewing
8. Craft GingerBread Golem at 2nd lvl.
9. Assault & Pepper (throw attack that blinds & sneezes the enemy, check atk against con.)

Starting Gear:
Sack of flour, jar of honey, Cooking pot, flint and steel, Backpack, Recipe book (like wizard spell book only filled with recipes, these "spells" have various effects depending on components (see below); butcher knife, cleaver, or rolling pin (mace), water skin, bottle o' wine. Leather armor (chefs apron), 20d10 starting gold due to high pay, Silver ladel (purifies water 3x per day).

Halflings excel at this class therefore their Dex penalty is reduced to -1 instead of -2

Spell casting works as thus: Food is prepared(similar to "memorizing" spells) Then eaten and spell is gained. Others can partake in the dishes and gain the spell. As level increases, then you cast spell multiple times on just one dish instead of many. Level denotes how many dishes you can eat at one setting. Regardless, other party members get one "casting" only of spell. Recipes call for "components" similar to wizard spell only with food.

Activation: takes one round with the following action being performed: Ingested, Thrown, Served.
Ingestion is when the food is eaten to active effect such as; Carrots (Identify for the eyes), taco (for fire breath) or beans (stinking cloud).
Thrown: Muffins (turns to missile), cream pie (blind), snow cone (cone o cold), tomato (firball)
Serve: you place the order on the ground such as hotdog (summons hell hound and it eats food), fudge (stone 2 mud), Honey (poured on ground to summon bees), be creative for various effects.
Spells/Level at Int 13: Gained thus ; level 1=1 level 2= 2,1 level 3= 3,2,1 level 4= 4,3,2,1 and so on. +1 for every two point of INT over 14

Examples of Recipe Spells:

Muffin: Magic missile Cream of Mushroom: Poison
Coffee: Haste Fudge: Stone 2 Mud
Cream pie: Blind Tomato: Fireball
Spicy taco: Fire Breath Carrots: Identify
Jerky: Summon Animal Peppers: Flame touch
Bacon: Grease Donut: Slow
Honey: Insect Swarm Steak: Strength
Meatballs: Meteor swarm Beans: Stinking cloud
Angelfoodcake: Smn Deva Salad: Prismatic Spray
Devilfood cake: Smn Fiend Noodles: Summon Snake
Snow cone: Cone of Cold Chicken: Invisibility
Hot Dog: Smn Hell Hound Fruit(any): Armor
Bear Claw: Bears Endurance Rock Candy: Stone skin

These are just some of the Recipes. One thing of note is that adding "extras" to your recipe can either add or hinder your spell. Ex: adding mustard to a hot dog would summon a stronger version of a hell hound, where as adding mustard to Devilfood cake could summon a fiend that you can't control! It's totally up to the DM. example of components for an item: Muffin= flour, water, for dough, then honey added. Makes basic muffin, Throw it at target. Magic Missile cast. Want a stronger missile? Try adding a bit of blueberries. That would add +1 to the damage. Any food may be ingested without harm, they just may not activate a spell. Ex: Pie eaten will not blind you as its effect when thrown but you won't be able to cast blind on opponent as the spell wasn't properly executed (thrown at target).

2004-07-17, 11:13 PM
interesting premise.

2004-07-17, 11:16 PM
I read it again, and the phrase "Craft Gingerbread Golem" is one of the best things I've ever read. :)

2004-07-18, 01:38 PM
I'm using this the first chance i get. Magic and food!

2004-07-18, 02:01 PM
Flavor wise you are complete! But technical issues need to be addressed:

Your prerequisites need to be clearly seperated from everythggn else. I'm assuming that what the feats are supposed to be, but how many ranks in Proffesion:Cook ar eneeded, what other skills, does he need some levels in knowledge: Arcana and/or spellcraft?

For class abilities, you need to tell us what the BaB is, as well as the progression for the 3 saving throws.

What sort of action is needed to consume the food? ie standard, move, or full round?

What is their skill list and how many skill points do they get each level?

2004-07-20, 01:11 AM
I agree with Zaragrath, good concept but you need allot of technical fixes.

For example:

1. +1 bonus to hit base, +1 increase every 3rd level when using Rolling Pins, knives, cleavers (hand axe)

Replace with a Poor BAB and: "culinist's are considered proficient with all kitchen utensils and do not take the 4 penalty on attack rolls for improvised weapons when wielding any kitchen utensil."

2004-07-20, 06:15 PM
A wise man (that had a big part in creating the DMG) once said something like this: "Do not include neccesary ability scores as requirements for a Prestige Class."
Rather, make someone have to take a feat with an ability score requirement. Two-weapon fighting sounds cool. I mean, you use a fork AND knife when eating meat, fish and other stuff...that would count as using two improvised weapons...anyone? C'mon, don't tell me you eat soup with your hands...please, don't screw me on this...oh for crying out loud, have you no manners?

2004-07-20, 06:59 PM
Thanx for the help guys, I used your suggestions to help stitch up the gaps.

Yeah, I thought about knife and fork dualing. I think it would be hilarious. Obviously a good way to roleplay him is to be like:

meets the rest of the party: "Hello children",

"Hey chef"...."whats the matter?"...."We can't slay the ogre in the cave"..."Ogre in the cave, why thats an easy one, listen to my song" Cue sexy background music from minstrels as he breaks into a deep voice sexy song.... ;D

2004-07-26, 05:43 PM
Any chance you could clean up the formatting as Zag suggested? I'm finding it very hard to decipher exactly what is flavor text, what is pre-reqs for the class, and what is abilities. The table goes from levels 2 through 9 - what about levels 1 and 10? What about class skills and skill points per level? What about saves?

2004-07-30, 08:57 PM
I think all the kinks are worked out, I sure hope so. Everyone feel free to let me know if its not. thanx