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2009-01-06, 02:43 AM

In theory, a DND character should expect 4 encounters per day. In practice, many DMs tend to provide one, and many characters optimize for it. Sometimes, the enemy isn't so considerate.

The challenge here is to provide a versatile character who can keep going indefinitely without any rest or resupply. If you use a bow, provide a source of arrows. If you expect to take damage, look for an unlimited source of healing. Spells, except long-duration buffs, are almost useless.

Aim for maximum versatility. Doing damage to enemies is just the beginning.

"Gestalt Build Challenge" General Rules

We'll follow Duke of URL's old rules plus with a few minor changes.

For numeric attributes with progressions (such as BAB and saves) first determine at each level which progression the attribute follows, then count how many levels of each progression you have, then index into the progressions, then add them together. This means that a fighter 1 / sorceror 19 // wizard 20 has 1 level of good BAB and 19 of bad, giving +1 and +9 respectively for a total BAB of +10. Similarly, a character with 20 different marshal classes gets a base fort save of +12, not +40. It's not addressed in the gestalt or multiclassing rules, but this tends to make the most reasonable builds.

Disregard the clause about multiclassing penalties. We could never figure out how to apply it anyway.

If you are using multiple templates, you may only do so in a way which makes sense with what the template means. For example, you may only use one template that represents one parent being of a different race unless your base race is one where more-than-two parent reproduction is normal.

Well known cheese (pun-pun, omnificer, etc.) is banned.

Here are Duke of URL's old rules, for those who have forgotten them. Spoilered because they're long

Unless otherwise specified in the specific challenge, the following rules and guidelines are always in effect:
Gestalt builds; 28-point buy; use any WOTC 3.5 product (including Dragon magazine) except where noted (only 3.0 products with an official upgrade to 3.5 are allowed)
Make all builds to ECL 20. However, indicate the minimum ECL the build is playable at (the level at which all LA and/or racial HD, if applicable, are accounted for) and label any level that indicates a "power break" where the build has a significant jump in power level. Provide a detailed description of how the build operates.
Any race with a listed level adjustment is allowed (no racial progressions from Savage Species, please). LA and HD each apply to one side of the gestalt; you may include LA and HD on the same side as each other, or on other sides. No LA buyoff. LA is applied before racial HD, which must be paid off before class levels on that side. Examples: LA X / RHD Y / class Z / ... // class A / ... -OR- LA X / class Y / ... // RHD A / class B / ...
Multiclass at will, but see "voting".
Up to two flaws are allowed, but see "voting".
Templates are allowed, but see "voting".
Voting: Upon the close of entries for each challenge, members of the forum may vote in-thread for the build that best represents the goals set out by the challenge. The voting criteria should consist of: Functionality: How well does the build do in its primary role as specified in the challenge? Weaknesses: Does the build have any glaring weaknesses that can be exploited? Playability: How much of the 1-20 level range can the build be played at and be effective? Creativity: Clever use of races, classes, and/or feats that may not be "typical" choices Cheese: Minimizing the number of cheese points Using flaws (1 point each) Ignoring mutliclassing penalties -- some DMs actually do enforce this in gestalt (1 point each) Single-level dips that would require several pages of justification to RP properly (1 point each) Templates that would require several pages of justification to RP properly (1 point per +1 LA) Attempting to use more than one PrC at any given level (1 point each) Attempting to use "dual progression" PrCs (1,000,000 points each) Over-dependence on items (1 point per indispensable item) Over-dependence on Diplomacy or Use Magic Device skills (1,000,000 points each)

2009-01-06, 03:10 AM
What about Reserve feats? (Complete Mage or Complete Arcane and I'm to tired to figure out which, Arcane I think)

Kurald Galain
2009-01-06, 03:56 AM
Yeah, yeah.

Warlock + Hellfire lock // Crusader.

Either use crusader for healing, or be necropolitan and use warlock's negative energy blast.


2009-01-06, 03:57 AM
Druid 20//Anything 20
You can go indefinitely with the wild shape

2009-01-06, 04:38 AM
Not exactly well fleshed out, I'll fix it up later:
Human/Strongheart Halfling/something that gets a bonus feat.

Warlock 10/Eldritch Disciple 10//Cleric 20

Extra Turning (To fuel Eldritch Disciple powers)
Extra Turning
Extra Turning
Extra Turning
Extend Spell
Persistant Spell
DMM: Persist

Given a decent CHA and WIS (Lets say at least 18 CHA, 18 WIS by level 20, other stats can safely be ignored), this person can persist any useful buffs (Say, Righteous Might, Divine Agility, things like that). If all their Warlock Invocations are of the 24hr Buff sort, this character becomes a magical powerhouse functioning all day long. With the Eldritch Disciple ability to do positive energy damage with an Eldritch Blast, they've also got near limitless healing. Given a few Nightsticks, a Reliquary Holy Symbol and a Codex Advocares or two, they become even stronger. The Nightsticks/Reliquary Holy Symbol make them capable of persisting four spells and retaining the Turn ability for other uses, and the Codex Advocares can take care of the low level 24hr Warlock Invocations, leaving slots for damage dealing ones. While damage output in a single turn isn't that impressive, the damage dealt per turn remains the same, eventually outpacing all other magical classes. Obviously since all their power comes from the Turn Undead ability, there's quite a big weakness in that (Should they be facing a Mordinkaniens Disjunction or similar dispelling effect) they have no ability to regain their most powerful buffs until the next day, and any AMF's they come across make them as weak as the proverbial kitten with 3/4 BAB... Come to think of it, not quite as weak as the proverbial kitten.

Quick question: Dual Progression PrC's are ones that improve two spellcasting classes at the same time, right? Does Eldritch Disciple count for this, as they advance one spellcasting class and add to the functionality of a spell-like ability using class?

I don't really have the time to finish this one, but I'll add more details whenever I can. If anyone else wants to take this and add to it, please do. Saves me from the effort!

2009-01-06, 04:40 AM
Human Divine Minion LA 1/ Master of Many forms 10/ War Shaper 4/ Crusader 5// Swordsage 20

Infinite healing per round thanks to at-will free action wild shape cheese. Regeneration, Fast Healing, DR, and SR in War Troll form, which can be switched into and out of at will as a free action. Hydra form via Frozen Wild Shape gets Fast Healing and a lot of AoOs every time it's attacked with Robilar's Gambit. Swordsage plus flying/small/air elemental/earth elemental wild shape forms gives it unlimited-use versatility for noncombat challenges, Crusader provides additional healing and enables spamming Stone Power.

Kurald Galain
2009-01-06, 05:16 AM
Quick question: Dual Progression PrC's are ones that improve two spellcasting classes at the same time, right? Does Eldritch Disciple count for this,

Yes, it does.

2009-01-06, 05:35 AM
Well with some basic thinking, I think this guy has most the bases covered.

Warlock 8/???//Dread Necromancer 1/???

Be a warforged, take the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat )

Warlock, blast all day. 6 levels so get fly and invisibility all day. Charnel Touch yourself for healing all day. No need to eat, drink breath or sleep.

12 levels on one side unused, 19 on the other. Three unassigned least invocations. And only one feat is taken
Have some charisma from warlock, so cleric 19 and DMM some fun.

2009-01-06, 05:41 AM
Technically, you can't get both invisibility and flight at level 6. Extra invocation let's you take Least invocation at level 6.

2009-01-06, 06:07 AM
Technically, you can't get both invisibility and flight at level 6. Extra invocation let's you take Least invocation at level 6.
Thats what I get for working from memory...

Edit: And now its fixed. Thanks for point it out.

2009-01-06, 05:55 PM
Evolved Gravetouched Ghoul Pixie
Factotum 2 / Warlock 20 // LA 7 / Factotum +1 / Marshal 1 / Rogue 13
Str 8 Dex 30 Con - Int 22 Wis 14 Cha 24 (boost Dex)

{table]Level | Class 1 | Class 2 | Feat(s) | Invocation/Feature
1 | Factotum 1 | LA 1 | Point Blank Shot
2 | Factotum 2 | LA 2
3 | Warlock 1 | LA 3 | Precise Shot | Eldritch Spear
4 | Warlock 2 | LA 4 || Baleful Utterance
5 | Warlock 3 | Factotum 3
6 | Warlock 4 | LA 5 | Darkstalker | See the Unseen
7 | Warlock 5 | LA 6
8 | Warlock 6 | LA 7 || Voracious Dispelling
9 | Warlock 7 | Marshal 1 | Craft Wand | Motivate Dexterity
10 | Warlock 8 | Rogue 1 || The Dead Walk
11 | Warlock 9 | Rogue 2
12 | Warlock 10 | Rogue 3 | Magical Artisan | Flee the Scene
13 | Warlock 11 | Rogue 4 || Vitriolic Blast
14 | Warlock 12 | Rogue 5
15 | Warlock 13 | Rogue 6 | Flyby Attack | Chilling Tentacles
16 | Warlock 14 | Rogue 7 ||
17 | Warlock 15 | Rogue 8 | | Wall of Perilous Flame
18 | Warlock 16 | Rogue 9 | Improved Precise Shot | Dark Foresight
19 | Warlock 17 | Rogue 10 || Slippery Mind
20 | Warlock 18 | Rogue 11 || Path of Shadow[/table]
Level 20 numbers:
HP 20d12
BAB +15/+10/+5
Base saves: Fort +8 Ref +11 Will +11
Unbuffed AC 27 (+12 Dex, +4 natural, +1 size), touch 23 flat-footed 15

Fight by attrition, because your enemy will get tired before you do. With Darkstalker and lots of Hide bonuses (Dex + Int + Cha + Invisibility), you should never be noticed, much less hit. If you do get hit, SR, DR, and/or fast healing should take care of it. Hit things from a distance with Eldritch Spear, or sneak attack up close. If things get tough, running away should be easy enough. Since you don't need to eat or sleep and have no limited resources, you literally never need to stop.

2009-01-06, 11:04 PM
Dread Juggernaut
Alignment: Any Non-Good

{table]Level | Class 1 | Class 2 | Feat(s) | Features
1 | Lion Totem Barbarian 1 | Half Fire Dragon LA 1 | Toughness, Troll-Blooded, Adamantine Body, 2 Flaws of choice (e.g. Shaky, Poor Reflexes) | Pounce
2 | Fighter 1 | Half Fire Dragon LA 2 | Fighter Feat: Power Attack |
3 | Dread Necromancer 1 | Half Fire Dragon LA 3 | Tomb Tainted Soul |
4 | Archivist 1 | Half Acid Dragon LA 1 ||
5 | Archivist 2 | Half Acid Dragon LA 2 ||
6 | Archivist 3 | Half Acid Dragon LA 3 | Improved Bullrush |
7 | Archivist 4 | Warblade 1 ||
8 | Archivist 5 | Warforged Juggernaut 1 ||
9 | Archivist 6 | Warforged Juggernaut 2 | Leap Attack | Immunity to Subdual
10 | Archivist 7 | Fighter 2 |Fighter Feat: Shock Trooper |
11 | Archivist 8 | Warforged Juggernaut 3 || Immunity to Mind Affecting
12 | Archivist 9 | Warforged Juggernaut 4 | Extend Spell | Immunity to Death Effects
13 | Archivist 10 | Warforged Juggernaut 5 | Archivist Feat: Persist Spell | Immunity to Ability Damage & Drain
14 | Archivist 11 | Warblade 2 ||
15 | Archivist 12 | Warblade 3 | DMM Persist Spell |
16 | Archivist 13 | Warblade 4 ||
17 | Archivist 14 | Warblade 5 ||
18 | Archivist 15 | Warblade 6 | Practiced Spellcaster: Archivist |
19 | Archivist 16 | Warblade 7 ||
20 | Archivist 17 | Warblade 8 || [/table]

Stats Modifications
{table]Stat | Warforged | Half-Dragon x2 | Net Total
Str | | +16 | +16
Dex |
Con | +2 | +4 |+6
Int | | +4 | +4
Wis | -2 | | -2
Cha | -2 | +4 | +2[/table]

BAB (without Divine Power): 11 High + 5 Med + 4 Low = 11 + 3.75 + 2 = 16.

Base HD: 12 + 1d4 + 3d6 + 2d10 + 13d12 ~= 12 + 2.5 + 10.5 + 11 + 84.5 = 120.5

Base Saves
Fort: 19 High / 1 Low:
Will: 18 High / 2 Low:
Reflex: 20 Low:

This is an improvement (I hope) over my previous submission for the invulnerable challenge: the Golden Saint of Mystra (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4804970#post4804970). This guns for invulnerability by level 12.

-Troll Blooded gives Regeneration 1, only Fire and Acid are lethal, but Fatigue in sunlight
-Warforged gives immunity to fatigue (as well as not needing rest or food)
-Warforged Juggernaut gives all the other construct immunities: mind affecting, ability damage/drain etc without negating Regeneration.
-In particular, subdual immunity combined with Regeneration means it is immune to damage that is not fire or acid.
-Half Fire Dragon gives immunity to fire (exact type will vary on alignment)
-Half Acid Dragon gives immunity to acid (exact type will vary on alignment)
-The net result is that it is immune to all damage other than "hotter than fire" attacks (e.g. Divine Fire, Hellfire).

-Self-Healing via Dread Necromancer Charnel Touch and Tomb Tainted soul
-Between that, Invulnerability, and not needing Food and Rest, this can function indefinitely, in virtually any environment.
-Achivist level 9 divine spells by ECL 20.
-Dread Necromancer also provides rebuke undead to qualify for DMM. Bring along lots of Nightsticks.
-It mainly only needs to Persist Flight, Divine Power, Freedom of Movement and Righteous Might. Most of the other Cleric defensive buffs are unnecessary given construct and half dragon immunities.
-If you are more meticulous, you can persist many other spells, including Greater Consumptive Field to boost caster level, Golem immunity for magic immunity, Delay Death/Beastland Ferocity so that Divine Fire won't kill you etc
-Able to execute basic Pounce-Leap Attack-Shock Trooper combo, invulnerabilty helps negate AC loss. High Strength and reasonable high BAB means it can execute this even without Divine Power.
-Effective Initiator level 14, access to level 7 Warblade Maneuvers

Break Points:
Level 6: LA complete, Regeneration + Fire/Acid Immunity, Selkf HEaling Charnel Touch
Level 10: Pounce/Leap Attack/Shock Trooper, and subdual immunity
Level 13: Full construct immunities, Persist Spell
Level 15: DMM persist spell

Edit: That should do, hopefully.

2009-01-06, 11:17 PM
If I remember right, Saint requires three exalted feats and can't be taken until level 6. And you certainly won't be qualifying for Ur-Priest with this.

2009-01-06, 11:57 PM
If I remember right, Saint requires three exalted feats and can't be taken until level 6.

I was checking Crystal Keep's list when I typed that out. That requirement isn't listed there, but is stated in the BoED in another section.

I guess I have to switch to half copper dragon. (Or half Red/Black Dragon for Ur Priest).

Edit: OK, I think that should fix it and flesh it out a little more.

2009-01-09, 01:53 AM
Mind over Body over Mind
Classes: Paladin 4 / Warblade 3 / Divine Crusader(Animal) 6 / Seeker of the Misty Isle 4 / Swordsage 3 // Wilder 20
Important feats: Divine MetaMagic (Persist), Body Fuel

How it works: Persist shapechange. Now you can turn into anything at will. This helps with being big/small/flying/swimming/immune-to-acid/etc. More importantly, you can assign to yourself new physical attributes. Whenever you run down your power points, you recharge them by draining your body, and then use magic to get a new body for yourself.

There's also lots of ToB manuevers from the martial classes, and decent skills (4+int for the first 13 levels, then 6+int for the final 7).