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2009-01-06, 12:42 PM
I only just thought of this feat, and I'm not sure if it is balanced. I don't think debuffing your own attacks for an extended period of time in exchange for a round of 'free' PA or CE doesn't seem too unreasonable, although initially I considered banning any combination with Power Attack or Combat Expertise.

Tactical Expertise (Combat)
You delay your attack, waiting until just the right moment
Prerequisites: Intelligence 13+
Benefit: When you take the attack action in a round, you may take a -4 penalty on all attack rolls made that round. You may continue this for any number of rounds, but no more than your character's Limit, which is normally equal to 3 + your Base Attack Bonus.

For the round in which you stop taking the penalty (only), you gain a bonus on all attack rolls that you make equal to the number of rounds for which you took the -4 penalty.

Special: A fighter may take Tactical Expertise as a bonus feat, provided they meet the prerequisites

This feat looks most useful at mid levels, where your character can just about handle the penalty and will probably be able to milk the bonus reasonably well.

Improved Tactical Expertise (Combat):
You have learned to turn even the most malign magics to your advantage
Prerequisites: Intelligence 13+, Iron Will, Tactical Expertise
Benefit: Each round that you are subject to a hostile effect that effectively imposes a penalty of at least -6 to attack rolls or damage rolls counts as a round in which you are taking the penalty for using Tactical Expertise.

This feat does not take effect if you are claiming any other form of benefit from the attack or damage roll penalty - this prevents any cheese such as using Power Attack and Combat Expertise for an extended period of time in order to claim a large bonus.
Normal: Spells and abilities that weaken an opponent's damage rolls do not grant them the benefit of feats that grant bonuses when they take penalties to damage rolls.
Special: A fighter may take Improved Tactical Expertise as a bonus feat, provided they meet the prerequisites

2009-01-06, 01:57 PM
Seems to me you need the same "Special" line in the second one that you have in the first.

2009-01-06, 02:06 PM
Sorry, that's been clarified now. I'm trying to think of other feats to add onto this one - possibly an Epic feat which permits the Power Attack/Improved Tactical Expertise cheese?