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2009-01-10, 11:05 PM
Now tonight my group is starting up a game of Mutants and Masterminds. Its not a really serious game, its more of a relaxed laid back game, so the characters are really goofy. We have The Huntsman(Freakazoid), A Trekkie(Star Trek), Captian Cultist(Warhammer 40K), Mr. Cosmic Charisma and his useless Minions(Not really his name, but he put Maxed out his charisma), my unknown character, and another Unknown Character.

So basically I've tossed around a few ideas of playing a man in green tights who wields a magic sword and Shield, and can only communicate through grunts. A Gestalt Character made up of 5 robotic felines who each control an element of power and combine to form the greatest hero in the Universe/5 teens who combine to form earth's greatest hero. Or a character who summons monsters through mysterious devices and issues them commands to do battle for him.(if you get my stupid references, have a cookie)

Mostly leaning towards the character who uses devices to summon monsters, aside from stating out the character himself I'm trying to think of how many points I'd have to put into device to create the proper minions, So I can have some of them different sizes and such

2009-01-11, 12:10 AM
Is there a power that allows you to freely change around a weaker subset of powers? If there is, you might want to just do that, and stat out the things that you summon within those constraints.

2009-01-11, 04:51 AM
So I managed to work out the issues I was having and I have designed Dash Gettum, Elemental Animal Handler Extraordinaire, Gotta Obtain the Lot of 'Em.

Power level 15, Spent 52(3 points/rank) points on Device to build 4 Devices used to summon my Elemental Animals.

2009-01-11, 05:00 AM
Can you use alternate power to reduce the cost of your devices? You can normally only have one pokemon out at a time.

2009-01-11, 05:56 AM
Its Technically 4 separate Devices, had to re-do some number crunching, turns out I figured the cost wrong since I want them Power level 10, and Heroic, so that's a total of 30 points each, so I have to either make them all indifferent, or make 2 of them unfriendly. Or Spend 72 points to get Devices 24 so I don't have to take the flaws. Or I could spend my last 3 points in device to get 18, and have one Unfriendly and one Indifferent

Green Bean
2009-01-12, 09:22 AM
I'm not sure if you own Ultimate Power, but there's an extra for Summon there called "Broad Type" (or something similar). The +1 version lets you summon from a narrow list of creatures (i.e. species of fish, animals native to Antarctica, etc), and the +2 version is a slightly broader version. It could save you from having to buy 5 copies of the same power.